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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Zarbaliev Sahavat Mail ogli
Dissertation idias: Limiting theorems for casual convex broken lines ... more in detail 2004
Krikun Maksim Andreevich
Dissertation example: Limiting theorems for casual counts and maps ... more in detail 2003
Permykova Elena Evgenevna
Doctoral dissertation: Limiting theorems for casual processes with casual replacement of time ... more in detail 2008
Kulikova Anna Alekseevna
Dissertation abstracts: Limiting theorems for a case of convergence of probability distributions to a rectangular distribution ... more in detail 2003
Mnatcakanov Robert Mushegovich
Dissertation sample: Limiting theorems for statisticians, The rare events connected with the big number ... more in detail
Visotckiy Vladislav Vadimovich
Dissertation thesis: Limiting theorems for stochastic models of co-operating particles ... more in detail 2008
CHernyk Aleksandr Ivanovich
Phd dissertation: Limiting theorems for conditionally independent schemes of summation ... more in detail
Orlova Nina Gennadevna
Dissertation proposal: Limiting theorems for number of intersections of a band random walk trajectories ... more in detail 2006
Kozlov Andrey Mihaylovich
Dissertation topics: Limiting theorems and the big evasion for increments of random walks ... more in detail 2004
Volodko Nadezhda Vladimirovna
New dissertation idias: Limiting theorems and probability inequalities for canonical U - and the V-statistican from dependent observations ... more in detail 2008
Sagatelyn Vaagn Karenovich
Dissertation idias: Limiting theorems and harakterizatcionnye relations for the ordered aleatory variables ... more in detail 2008
Klepnev Dmitriy Eduardovich
Dissertation example: the Passage to the limit under the sign of an integral and diagonal properties of measures ... more in detail 2008
Tahanov Rustem Serikovich
Doctoral dissertation: Predicate exposition of additional restrictions in pattern recognition problems ... more in detail 2007
SHukin Pavel Valerevich
Dissertation abstracts: Predissotciativnye processes in gazofaznyh negatively ionised atoms ... more in detail 2006
Slydnikov Evgeniy Evgenevich
Dissertation sample: the Pretransitive states and collective excitation in strukturnoneustojchivyh crystals ... more in detail 2005
Kazakov Konstantin Vycheslavovich
Dissertation thesis: Representation angarmonichnosti the molecular oscillations in a formalism of multinominals of quantum numbers ... more in detail 2006
Malih Anton Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Representation of knowledge and semantic programming ... more in detail 2005
Andreeva Tatyna YUrevna
Dissertation proposal: Representation of natural numbers by the diagonal square form of a special aspect ... more in detail 2006
Karakozov S.D.
Dissertation topics: Representation of semigroups of Lie in locally convex space ... more in detail
May Van Min
New dissertation idias: Representation of explosive functions of several variable integrals of Fourier ... more in detail 2006
Rindina Svetlana Valentinovna
Dissertation idias: Representation of solutions of one class of the relaxational kinetic equations by integrals of type of Cauchy ... more in detail 2003
Kuranova Nataly YUrevna
Dissertation example: Representation comes from square forms of a codimension two ... more in detail 2005
Silinin Anton Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: Representation of the difficult crystalline structures by plurality of sublattices Braveh ... more in detail 2007
Ivanov Mihail Stepanovich
Dissertation abstracts: Representation of entire functions by rows of exponential curves with indicators on a finite number of rays ... more in detail
TCeytlin Anton Mihaylovich
Dissertation sample: Representations quantum Superalgebras and integrable structures of a superconformal field theory ... more in detail 2007
Boyrintceva Nataly Sergeevna
Dissertation thesis: Representation of martingales and their application to calculation of options of the European type ... more in detail 2004
Tihomirov Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Representation of a constant Gaussian curvature for kinematicheski the integrable equations of mathematical physics and their application ... more in detail 2005
Butko YAna Anatolevna
Dissertation proposal: Representation by functional integrals of solutions of nachalno-regional problems for the evolutionary equations ... more in detail 2005
Obrezkov Oleg Olegovich
Dissertation topics: Representation by functional integrals of solutions of the regular and stochastic evolutionary equations ... more in detail 2005
Pecheritcin Aleksey Anatolevich
New dissertation idias: Transformation Darbu of the one-dimensional stationary equation of Dirac ... more in detail 2003

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