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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Frolenkova Mariy Valerevna
Dissertation idias: Examination of a pulsing method of the solution of problems of diffraction of scalar waves and its application for the analysis of operation of various optical systems ... more in detail 2008
Krilov Mihail Konstantinovich
Dissertation example: Examination of a pulsing transmission of energy from the inductive stores with magnitosvjazannymi sections ... more in detail 2004
Rybushkin Dmitriy Sergeevich
Doctoral dissertation: Examination of pulsing responses of a nuclear magnetic resonance in solid bodies with the molecular mobility ... more in detail
SHarov Vasiliy Vasilevich
Dissertation abstracts: Examination of pulsing spectrums of protons of a fragmentation of a deuteron at 8,9 Gev/with and an estimate of parametres of an impurity shestikvarkovogo states in a deuteron ... more in detail
Buturlimova Marina Valerevna
Dissertation sample: Examination of an induced absorption spectrum in field fotodissotcionnogo continuum Gertcberga of oxygen and its binary intermixtures with buffer gases ... more in detail 2004
Gledenov YUriy Mihaylovich
Dissertation thesis: Examination of the responses induced by neutrons with a start of charged particles ... more in detail 2003
SHmeleva Dina Vladimirovna
Phd dissertation: Examination of the structures induced by shift fluxion of mesomorphous bodies, Oriented by an electric field ... more in detail 2005
Kulish Olga Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: Examination of integralno-optical devices for quantum cryptography with phase coding ... more in detail 2005
Vaskez Beserra Huan Antonio
Dissertation topics: Research of integrated approach of a problem about point traffic in a solid gravitational field ... more in detail 2007
Demskoy Dmitriy Konstantinovich
New dissertation idias: Research of an integrability of 3-component fields kiralnogo type in two-dimensional space - time ... more in detail 2004
Ustinov Aleksey Borisovich
Dissertation idias: Examination of intensive spin waves in the ferromagnetic films and non-linear SVCh an interferometer on their bottom ... more in detail 2004
Margamov Irik Gayzovich
Dissertation example: Examination of infrared and X-ray photoelectric spectrums kvaziodnomernyh carbon materials ... more in detail 2004
Sokolov Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: Examination of radiants of ions platino-palladievoj groups for an electromagnetic classification of isotopes ... more in detail 2004
Koldanov Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Dissertation abstracts: Examination of radiants of nonequilibrium plasma on the basis of SVCh discharges, The diamond films intended for sedimentation ... more in detail 2006
Potashov Pavel Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: Examination of cations-radicals branched out alkanov and ehlementoorganicheskih analogues in solutions a method vremjarazreshennogo magnetic effect ... more in detail 2008
Stepanov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: Research by qualitative methods of dynamics of discrete systems with ambiguous nonlinearities ... more in detail 2006
Torilov Sergey YUrevich
Phd dissertation: Examination kvazimolekuljarnyh states of kerns ^40,42Ca a gamma spectroscopy method ... more in detail 2003
Goldvarg Tatyna Borisovna
Dissertation proposal: Research kvaziperiodicheskih processes in active areas of the Sun ... more in detail 2005
Lyubushkin Vladimir Viktorovich
Dissertation topics: Examination of quasi-elastic interaction nejtrino vZnZZ-p and antinejtrino v-ZpZZ+n in experiment NOMAD (CERN) ... more in detail 2008
SHestermanov Konstantin Evgenevich
New dissertation idias: Examination of quasi-elastic dispersion nejtrino and antinejtrino at energy 3-30 GehV ... more in detail
Tretykov Denis Borisovich
Dissertation idias: Examination of a quantum interference and an interaction dipole-DIPOLE ridbergovskih atoms for application in quantum computers ... more in detail 2008
Efremov Aleksandr Petrovich
Dissertation example: Examination kvaternionnyh spaces and their interrelation with frames of reference and physical fields ... more in detail 2005
Snitnikova Olga Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Examination of a kinetics and mechanisms of photochemical responses with participation triptofana and nukleotidov methods of chemical polarisation of kerns and a laser pulsing photolysis ... more in detail 2004
Stepanov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: Examination of a kinetics of the molecular processes in solutions of biopolymetric compounds methods of optical spectroscopy and holography ... more in detail 2008
Rusinov Aleksandr Petrovich
Dissertation sample: Examination of a kinetics of the molecular processes by methods of photothermal spectroscopy and nonsteady holography ... more in detail 2004
Surovtcev Ivan Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: Examination Kinetics of formation of the superficial complexes an antigene-antibody by means of the scanning flowing cytometer ... more in detail 2003
Baysova Bibigul Tulegenovna
Phd dissertation: Examination of a kinetics of processes of settling of metastable states of atoms and molecules in plasma of discharges through gases ... more in detail 2006
Kiselev Vitaliy Anatolevich
Dissertation proposal: Examination of a kinetics of flaws in devices of engine installations at creep ... more in detail
Lavrikov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Examination of boil of water solutions at the raised pressures and betterment of a design procedure of evaporators of boilling type at zakriticheskoj mineralizations ... more in detail 2008
Magomedov Magomed Alievich
New dissertation idias: Examination of classical and quantum models of magnetics by Monte-Carlo methods ... more in detail 2004

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