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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Andreeva Mariy Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: the Estimation of a condition of environment in plantings in zones of industrial emissions by means of indicator plants ... more in detail 2007
SHaymyrdynov Nail Ahmytovich
Dissertation example: a tolerance Estimation to a brown rust of breeds Soft spring wheat on reaction on pintcirovku an ear for selection ... more in detail 2005
YUrlova Evgeniy Vasilevna
Doctoral dissertation: Estimation of tomatoes on resistance to noncontrollable abiotic factors with use of signs gametofitnogo and sporofitnogo generations ... more in detail 2006
Butkovskay Lidiy Kuzminichna
Dissertation abstracts: the Estimation of level of adaptation of breeds of grain crops at various technologies of cultivation on seeds in the conditions of forest-steppe of Krasnoyarsk region ... more in detail 2001
Kitambala Vangehany Martin
Dissertation sample: the Estimation of a fytosanitory condition of crops of corn and optimisation of protective measures against a complex of pests and diseases in the conditions of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic ... more in detail 2004
Vasilev Andrey Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: the Estimation of economic valuable signs of a winter wheat taking into account interaction a genotype X Wednesday ... more in detail 2007
Kulyev Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: the Estimation of economic-biological features of breeds of summer barley in the conditions of the northwest of Central Black Earth region ... more in detail 2008
Romanov Mihail Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: the Estimation of economic-biological properties krasnolistnyh and zelenolistnyh forms of some kinds of plants ... more in detail 2008
Mishkina Mayy Sergeevna
Dissertation topics: the Assessment of economic-useful signs of hybrid young growth of pigs at otkorme to various weight standards ... more in detail 2007
TCdashiev Vladimir TCdashievich
New dissertation idias: the Assessment of economic-useful signs of a transbaikalian horse and technology of conducting tabunnogo horse breeding in Aginsky Buryat autonomous region ... more in detail 2006
Ipatova Nadezhda Borisovna
Dissertation idias: the Assessment of economic-useful signs of cows of the Moscow phylum of black-motley breed at different means of the maintenance ... more in detail 2006
Ravenko Vera Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: the Assessment of black-motley cows of different selection to the basic economic-useful signs ... more in detail 2008
Bobrishev Dmitriy Andreevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Estimation of elite seeds of commercial parties of a winter wheat on typicalness, a varietal purity and efficiency in the soil control of Stavropol Territory ... more in detail 2007
Gruzdov Aleksey Gennadevich
Dissertation abstracts: the Assessment of effect of selection in a breeding loud-speaker on delution of black-motley breed with use golshtinskih sires ... more in detail 2004
Pozdnykova Nataly Ivanovna
Dissertation sample: the Assessment of efficacyy of cultivation and use kozljatnika of east young growth in rations of large horned livestock: In the conditions of the Central Chernozem region ... more in detail 2008
Havronin Dmitriy Nikolaevich
Dissertation thesis: the Assessment of efficacyy of application of complex biostimulant ferrosila at cultivation of chickens-broilers ... more in detail 2007
Ignateva Larisa Pavlovna
Phd dissertation: the Assessment of efficacyy of phylums and kinds of selection for efficiency and relationship in breeding herd of black-motley breed of cattle ... more in detail 2006
Ivanov Aleksandr Mihaylovich
Dissertation proposal: the Estimation of efficiency of dot planting of seeds of a pine and a spruce at carrying out of reforestation measures on clean cuttings down of the Northwest of Russia ... more in detail 2007
Ivanov Aleksandr Mihaylovich
Dissertation topics: the Estimation of efficiency of dot planting of seeds of a pine and a spruce at carrying out of reforestation measures on clean cuttings down of the Northwest of Russia ... more in detail 2007
Ilinskiy Andrey Valerevich
New dissertation idias: Clearing and a detoxication opodzolennyh and vyshchelochennyh the chernozems polluted by heavy metals (On an example of the Ryazan area) ... more in detail 2003
Magomedov Magomed Magomedaripovich
Dissertation idias: Clearing of irrigation canals of plant residues ... more in detail 2004
TCvgmid Haliunaa
Dissertation example: Palinologichesky analysis and its value at the characteristic of quality of honey ... more in detail 2006
CHukov Serafim Nikolaevich
Doctoral dissertation: Paramagnetic activity of a soil humus and its change at anthropogenous influence (on an example of grey forest soils) ... more in detail
YUst Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Steam ameliorations, Providing reproduction of fertility of soils of the ameliorated earths of southern zone Priamurja ... more in detail 2004
Muradasilova Nadezhda Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Pathogenic mikoflora seeds of sunflower in the conditions of the Western Ciscaucasia and ways of decrease in its injuriousness ... more in detail 2007
Parfenyuk Alla Ivanovna
Dissertation thesis: Pathogenicity of causal organisms white and grey gnilej and working out of methods of an estimation of resistance of sunflower to diseases ... more in detail
Kobilskiy Gennadiy Ivanovich
Phd dissertation: Pathogenicity dejteromitcetov: On an example of the causal organism of a septoria spot of wheat - mushroom Septoria nodorum (Berk.) Berk. ... more in detail 2005
Nikitina Svetlana Mihaylovna
Dissertation proposal: pathogenic mikromitcety and optimisation of a fytosanitory condition of onions in forest-steppe Priobja ... more in detail 2008
Makeeva Galina YUrevna
Dissertation topics: Pathogenic mikromitcety, the basic diseases and ways of protection against them on cultivated berry low bushes of a subfamily Cowberry (Vaccinioideae) ... more in detail 2003
Komissarova Tatyna Nikolaevna
New dissertation idias: Perevarimost and use of a corn silo with preservatives - obogatiteljami by milk effecting ... more in detail 2007

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