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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Kudryvtcev Vitaliy Andreevich
Dissertation idias: Monitoring of harmful mutations in system of large-scale selection ajrshirskoj breeds ... more in detail 2007
Karelina Olga Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Monitoring of genetical structure of population of horses of pure-blooded Arabian breed ... more in detail 2007
Pynih Georgiy Mihaylovich
Doctoral dissertation: Monitoring of fertility of soils and quality of vegetative production in a taezhno-wood zone of Western Siberia ... more in detail 2004
Hyutti Aleksandr Valerevich
Dissertation abstracts: Monitoring of populations of the causal organism of a potato cancer and revealing of sources of resistance ... more in detail 2008
Kochneva Marina Lvovna
Dissertation sample: Monitoring of populations of agricultural animals in different ecological conditions ... more in detail 2005
Kvashnina YUliy Anatolevna
Dissertation thesis: Monitoring of soils and vegetative production under the content of heavy metals in the south of the Tyumen area ... more in detail 2007
Thol Bun Than
Phd dissertation: Monitoring of a fytosanitory condition of the grain crops cultivated at different levels of chemization ... more in detail 2005
Ermolina Galina Mihaylovna
Dissertation proposal: the Morfo-biological characteristics sortoobraztcov of a Sudanese grass and their use in selection ... more in detail 2001
Kesaev Hetag Estaevich
Dissertation topics: Morfo-biological and productive features krossbrednyh sheep of a different parentage in the conditions of the Central Ciscaucasia ... more in detail 2004
Golubeva Anastasiy Pavlovna
New dissertation idias: Morfo-biological features of plants of a winter rye and their communication with resistance to lodging ... more in detail
Vedenikova Galina Anatolevna
Dissertation idias: Morfo-physiological and ecological features of formation of efficiency of breeds of a lupin uzkolistnogo in the conditions of the Oryol area ... more in detail 2003
Kerimov Vagif Rahmetovich
Dissertation example: the Morfobiologichesky characteristics of sources of high quality of grain of a winter wheat ... more in detail 2004
Lazareva Elena Konstantinovna
Doctoral dissertation: Morfobiologichesky and biochemical Features sortoobraztcov beans ordinary (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in the conditions of the Oryol area ... more in detail 2006
Tetdoev Vladimir Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: Morfobiologichesky features blue tiljapii (Oreochromis Aureus) at intensive cultivation ... more in detail 2004
Martinenko Galina Efimovna
Dissertation sample: Morfobiologichesky features of the determinant form grechihi and prospects of its use in selection ... more in detail
Fedoryka Nadezhda Ivanovna
Dissertation thesis: Morfobiologichesky features and mathematical interpretation of parametres of leaves of breeds of wild strawberry in the conditions of TcChR ... more in detail 2004
Fadeeva Tatyna Mihaylovna
Phd dissertation: Morfobiologichesky features of flax cultural (Linum usitatissimun L.) And their use in selection at an introduction on the average the Volga region ... more in detail 2008
Skotnikova Evgeniy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: Morfobiologichesky features of lentil in connection with selection on high seed efficiency ... more in detail 2005
Dogurevich Olga Aleksandrovna
Dissertation topics: Morfobiologichesky signs and elements of efficiency of selection samples of a potato in the conditions of Srednevolzhsky region ... more in detail 2008
Moshnenko Elena Valentinovna
New dissertation idias: the Morphological and cytogenetic characteristics of forms of a soya with lowered fertilnostju in the conditions of the Western Ciscaucasia ... more in detail 2007
Danilin Igor Mihaylovich
Dissertation idias: Morphological structure, Productivity and distance methods of estimation of forest stands of Siberia ... more in detail 2003
Malashkina Mariy Sergeevna
Dissertation example: Morphological parametres, biochemical and technological properties of a naked barley for selection in the conditions of the Kemerovo area ... more in detail 2008
YAkimov Oleg Alekseevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Morphological substantiation of application of agrominerals a mammal for correction of a metabolism and efficiency increase ... more in detail 2006
Ermolina Svetlana Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Morphology and biological chemistry of an offal of a nutria of a cage keeping ... more in detail 2007
Suhanov Boris Igorevich
Dissertation sample: the Morfologo-biological and economic estimation of long-term kinds of a stem a lucerne (Medicago L.) on natural and sejanyh lands of the Northwest of Russia ... more in detail 2004
Afinogenov Anatoliy Zosimovich
Dissertation thesis: Morfometrichesky and economic-useful signs of Far East bees, strange to Western Siberia ... more in detail 2008
Ladatko Nataly Aleksandrovna
Phd dissertation: Morfofiziologichesky features of breeds of the rice, causing their resistance to a salinization of soil, In connection with working out of methods of an estimation of selection samples on a salt-endurance ... more in detail 2006
Bukina Svetlana Nikolaevna
Dissertation proposal: Morfofiziologichesky features of breeds of summer barley of different years of selection in TcRNZ ... more in detail 2004
Skazhennik Mihail Aleksandrovich
Dissertation topics: Morfofiziologichesky signs of breeds of the rice, defining their efficiency, In connection with working out of methods of an estimation and selection for use in selection ... more in detail 2004
Krasnova Liliy Ilinichna
New dissertation idias: Morfofiziologichesky potential of a local agroecotype of a winter wheat and its selection perfection in a steppe zone of Southern Urals Mountains ... more in detail 2003

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