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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Mazina Olga Evgenevna
Dissertation idias: Political life of Republic of Germans of the Volga region in "building" and socialism "consolidation" in the USSR (1929-1941) ... more in detail 2003
Haritonova Galina Borisovna
Dissertation example: M.M.Speransky's Political and state activity, 1797-1838 (Historical aspect of research) ... more in detail 2003
Bolshakov Vladimir Anatolevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Political and kultovo-ceremonial role of the Egyptian tsarinas of an epoch of new kingdom ... more in detail 2006
Volkova Mariy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: L.I.Petrazhitskogo's Political and scientific and pedagogical activity ... more in detail 2005
Trifonova Viktoriy Valerievna
Dissertation sample: Political and M.T.Yelizarov's public work in 1885-1919 ... more in detail 2008
Bandura Nikolay Vasilevich
Dissertation thesis: Political and is social-psychological evolution of a national teaching of Vjatsky province: 90th of XIX century - 1914 ... more in detail 2003
SHaginyn Viktoriy Vycheslavovna
Phd dissertation: Political ideology of Bolshevik party in mass consciousness of the population of the European part of Russia in 1921-1929 ... more in detail 2006
Popova Olga Andreevna
Dissertation proposal: Political ideology Ulriha background Guttena:1488-1523 ... more in detail 2005
Arhipov Ily Sergeevich
Dissertation topics: Political history of the Top Mesopotamia in days of board Zimri-Lima, tsar Mari ... more in detail 2004
Panchenko Mihail YUrevich
New dissertation idias: Political history of the Euroasian movement 1926-29 Fractional struggle and klamarskij split ... more in detail 2006
Vul Nikita Aleksandrovich
Dissertation idias: Political history of Tibet during board of the Dalaj-llama XIII ... more in detail
SHukin YUriy YUrevich
Dissertation example: Political history Ehginy ... more in detail 2006
Kolikov Roman YUrevich
Doctoral dissertation: Political culture of the middle class of the population of a city of Petrograd in days of February revolution of 1917 ... more in detail 2003
Grechko Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Political opposition as the phenomenon of social history of Russia of the end XIX - the XX-th century beginnings ... more in detail 2001
Nosova Ekaterina Sergeevna
Dissertation sample: the Political organisation of Iceland and its feature hristianizatcii in IX - XII centuries ... more in detail 2007
Arakelyn Marina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: Political police of Russian empire in struggle against a revolutionary underground in 1881-1905 ... more in detail 2008
Bochkareva Anna Stanislavovna
Phd dissertation: the Political propaganda and propaganda of the partijno-Soviet authorities on Kuban in 20th of XX century ... more in detail 2007
Gurynchik Vitaliy Nikolaevich
Dissertation proposal: Political work in Red Army (1939 - June, 1941) ... more in detail 2004
ZHarkov Vitaliy Viktorovich
Dissertation topics: Political work in RKKA ... more in detail 1929
Behterev Sergey Lvovich
New dissertation idias: Political system of modern Russia: experience of historical research: Regional aspect ... more in detail 2004
Zemlykov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: the Political exile in Western Siberia. Istoriko-legal aspect (1905 - February, 1917) ... more in detail 2003
SHulbaev Oleg Nikitovich
Dissertation example: the Political exile in Minusinsk district, 1825-1895 ... more in detail 2000
Dementev Ily Olegovich
Doctoral dissertation: Alexis's Political theory de Tokvilja and the French liberalism of first half XIX century ... more in detail 2004
Podluzhnay Alla Mihaylovna
Dissertation abstracts: Political censorship in the Penza region in 1920 - 1930th ... more in detail 2007
Klepikov Nikolay Nikolaevich
Dissertation sample: Political censorship in European North RSFSR/SSSR in 1920-1930th ... more in detail 2005
Kruchinina Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: Political superstrain of the Great Britain in social reforms of liberal offices G.Campbell-Bannermana and G.G.Askvita (1905-1914) ... more in detail 2004
Zolotov Viktor Alekseevich
Phd dissertation: Political superstrain of the USSR: a social composition, educational and cultural level ... more in detail 1953
Rodin Anatoliy Mihaylovich
Dissertation proposal: Political, military and state activity of Ampere-second. Bubnova in 1905-1937 ... more in detail 2003
Getmanskiy Aleksandr Eduardovich
Dissertation topics: Political views and P.A.Valueva's state activity, 70-80th of XIX century ... more in detail 2001
Tishkova Mariy Vladimirovna
New dissertation idias: Political views Lui de Bonalda at French sources traditcionalizma ... more in detail 2006

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