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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Budaeva Ssg Sultimovna
Dissertation idias: Agriculture Buryat-Mongolian ASSR in days of the Great Patriotic War: 1941 - 1945 ... more in detail 2007
Dalgatova Naida Abulaevna
Dissertation example: Agriculture Dagestan in days of the Great Patriotic War: 1941-1945 ... more in detail 2003
Koshkina Olga Anatolevna
Doctoral dissertation: Agriculture and collective-farm peasantry Mari ASSR in days of the Great Patriotic War: 1941-1945 ... more in detail 2008
SHipilina Galina Vycheslavovna
Dissertation abstracts: Agriculture and peasantry of Tomsk area in the mid-forties - the beginning of 1950th ... more in detail 2008
Karaeva Altin Abdurzakovna
Dissertation sample: Agriculture Karachaja and Circassias the day before and in days of the Great Patriotic War: 1939-1943 ... more in detail 2008
Hromova Tatyna YUrevna
Dissertation thesis: Agriculture of Kuzbas in days of the Great Patriotic War ... more in detail 1941
Belolipetckiy Vladimir Viktorovich
Phd dissertation: Agriculture of the Penza range in days of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 ... more in detail 2005
Mesherykova Anzhela Valerevna
Dissertation proposal: Agriculture of Stavropol Territory in days of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) ... more in detail 2004
Zemtcov Aleksey Leonidovich
Dissertation topics: Agriculture of the Central Chernozem region in 1985-1991 ... more in detail 2007
TCelovalnikova Irina Ivanovna
New dissertation idias: Agricultural cooperation on the average the Volga region in 1906-1917 (On stuffs of the Samara and Simbirsk provinces) ... more in detail 2005
Rakacheva YAroslava Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: Agricultural cooperation of Kuban in new economic policy (1921 - 1927) ... more in detail 2000
Kablyuk Vasiliy Sergeevich
Dissertation example: the Agricultural production in Mordovia in the conditions of modernisation: 1928-1941 ... more in detail 2008
Filatov Vladimir Viktorovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Agricultural production in Urals Mountains in the late twenties - the beginning of 1940th ... more in detail 2006
SHeveleva Oksana Viktorovna
Dissertation abstracts: Agricultural development of a great Russian province and stolypinskaja an agrarian reform in days of I world war: on materials of the Tula province ... more in detail 2008
Sviridov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Agricultural societies of the Tambov province ... more in detail 2006
Mamedov Eldar Kara ogli
Dissertation thesis: Agricultural workers of Azerbaijan in the educed socialism (1966-1970) ... more in detail
Redkina Olga YUrevna
Phd dissertation: Agricultural religious labour collectives in 1917-1930th: on stuffs of the European part of RSFSR ... more in detail 2004
Lipina Larisa Ivanovna
Dissertation proposal: Semantics bronze zoomorfnyh ornaments prikamskogo a suit ... more in detail
Musaev Timur Abdulzagirovich
Dissertation topics: Semantics of cult images in ancient and medieval culture of mountain Dagestan ... more in detail 2004
Egorova Lyudmila Ivanovna
New dissertation idias: Semantics mifologemy a wolf in traditional culture of Yakuts ... more in detail 2004
Denisova Irina Mihaylovna
Dissertation idias: the Semantic context fito-antropomorfnyh modes of Russian national embroidery ... more in detail 2006
Abbas Ali Hasson
Dissertation example: Family ceremonialism of Tatars-misharej of the Mordovian edge in the end of XIX - the beginning of XX century ... more in detail 2007
Azizova Naily Ruslanovna
Doctoral dissertation: Family ceremonialism jurtovskih Tatars (Istoriko-ethnographic research) ... more in detail 2004
Bolurova Aminat Niyzbievna
Dissertation abstracts: Family-household culture karachaevtcev in XIX - the XX-th century beginning: transformation of standard system ... more in detail 2008
Listova Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Family ceremonies of the Russian-Belarus border zone in a context of ethnopolitical history. XIX - the beginning of XXI centuries ... more in detail
Vinogradov Andrey Evgenevich
Dissertation thesis: Simeon Leontevich Maslov - the organizer and the theorist of co-operative movement in Russia ... more in detail 2000
Polovinkina Marina Leonidovna
Phd dissertation: Simeon Romanovich Vorontsov ... more in detail 2007
Ananev Vitaliy Gennadevich
Dissertation proposal: Semibojarshchina (1610 - 1612) . Structure and political destiny ... more in detail 2007
Nikishina Nadezhda Vasilevna
Dissertation topics: Monogynopaedium gornozavodskogo the population of Altai of second half XVIII - first half XIX century ... more in detail 2004
Gadzhieva Marym Islamovna
New dissertation idias: Monogynopaedium of Dagestan in a traditional and modern society:XIX-XX centuries ... more in detail 2004

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