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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Savin Igor Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Sotciokulturnyj shape of the Russian intelligency in days of civil war ... more in detail 1917
Frolova Tatyna Anatolevna
Dissertation example: Sotciokulturnyj shape of officials of Western Siberia in the end of XIX - the beginning of XX centuries ... more in detail 2006
Pisetckiy Denis Aleksandrovich
Doctoral dissertation: Sotciokulturnyj a portrait of the military man of the Austrian army in the beginning of XIX century: Under certificates of the Russian contemporaries ... more in detail 2006
Pahomov Sergey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation abstracts: Sotciokulturnyj a portrait of the businessman of the season nehpa and its reflectance in propagation and mass consciousness ... more in detail 2005
CHernishev Vladimir YAkovlevich
Dissertation sample: Sotsioekonomichesky history of Murom XVII century ... more in detail 2006
Natolochnay, Olga Vasilevna
Dissertation thesis: Sochi and sochintcy after the Great Patriotic War: problems of social and economic and cultural development of a resort: 1945-1953 ... more in detail 2005
Gadzhiev Tamerlan Vladilenovich
Phd dissertation: Composition Gamba "Travel to Southern Russia..." As a historical source on history of the people of Northeast caucasus ... more in detail
Vodneva Oksana Anatolevna
Dissertation proposal: Composition Muhammada of the Hajat-khan "Hajat Afghani" ("Life of Afghans") as a source on history and ethnography of Afghanistan ... more in detail
Vodneva Oksana Anatolevna
Dissertation topics: Composition Muhammada of the Hajat-khan "Hajat Afghani" ("Life of Afghans") as a source on history and ethnography of Afghanistan ... more in detail 2004
Harkova Elena YUrevna
New dissertation idias: Compositions Muge Samtehna Gjatco (1914-1993) as a source of studying of history tibetobuddijskoj cultures ... more in detail
Pokrovskay Svetlana Viktorovna
Dissertation idias: the Union of militant atheists of the USSR: the organisation and activity: 1925-1947 ... more in detail 2007
Stepanova Sahayy Vasilevna
Dissertation example: "the Union of foreigners-Yakuts" ... more in detail 2003
Voronina Tatyna YUrevna
Doctoral dissertation: the Union of societies of the Red Cross and the Red Half moon in the USSR, the basic directions of activity in 1930th ... more in detail 2004
Laptev Aleksey Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: Allied attitudes in days of the Great Patriotic War and a problem lend-liza ... more in detail 2004
SHamhalov Kurban Ibragimovich
Dissertation sample: the Unions of rural communities Top Kajtaga (Gank, Gapsh and Mujra) in XVIII - first half XIX century (Research of social and economic development and is administrative-political system) ... more in detail 2003
Gasanov Abdusalam Abdulgamidovich
Dissertation thesis: the Unions of rural communities Tabasarana in XVIII - first half XIX century ... more in detail 2007
Pechatnova Larisa Gavriilovna
Phd dissertation: the Spartan policy on boundary V-IV centuries BC ... more in detail
Laydinen Eynar Petrovich
Dissertation proposal: Special services of Finland and their prospecting activity in the Northwest USSR in 1914 - 1939: On materials of archives RK ... more in detail 2000
Goltcev Aleksandr Valerevich
Dissertation topics: Specificity of the germano-American attitudes in political, economic and military spheres ... more in detail
Vinogradov Boris Vitalevich
New dissertation idias: Specificity of the Russian policy in the North Caucasus in 1783-1816 ... more in detail 2006
Suslov Andrey Borisovich
Dissertation idias: Spetckontingent in the Perm edge in the late twenties - the beginning of 50th of XX century ... more in detail 2004
Borkova Elena Vladimirovna
Dissertation example: Spetckontingent in Northwest Siberia in the 1930-e-beginning of 1950th ... more in detail 2005
Ignatova Nadezhda Maksimovna
Doctoral dissertation: Spetcpereselentcy in 30-50th years of the XX-th century: On materials of Komi ASSR ... more in detail 2001
Saganova Larisa Pavlovna
Dissertation abstracts: Spetspereselentsy-Germans to Buryatiya, 1941-1956 ... more in detail 2001
Zberovskay Elena Leonidovna
Dissertation sample: Spetcposelentcy in Krasnoyarsk region: 1940-1950th ... more in detail 2006
Zemskov Viktor Nikolaevich
Dissertation thesis: Spetcposelentcy in the USSR ... more in detail 1930
Zemskov Viktor Nikolaevich
Phd dissertation: Spetcposelentcy in the USSR: 1930-1960 ... more in detail 2005
Gurshoeva, Tuyna Valerevna
Dissertation proposal: Spetcposelentcy from the Western Ukraine in Irkutsk range: 1940 - 1960th years ... more in detail 2006
Semin Nikolay Leonidovich
Dissertation topics: Special services of the USA in 2001-2006: problems of mutual relations with other institutes of the state and a society ... more in detail 2008
Kurbanov Ahmed Dzhabrailovich
New dissertation idias: Medieval state formations of varnishes, VIII - HVII centuries ... more in detail 2003

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