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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Kuznetcov Aleksandr Anatolevich
Dissertation idias: Management in tax potential and the influence account on it of a "shadow" sector of economic activity at regional level ... more in detail 2006
Titkova Nataly Mihaylovna
Dissertation example: Management of tax obligations of the organisation ... more in detail 2008
Elkanov Rustam Hanafievich
Doctoral dissertation: Management of tax resources of development of region (On materials of Karachaevo-Circassian Republic) ... more in detail 2003
Nadezhdina, Svetlana Dmitrievna
Dissertation abstracts: Management of the taxation (the Theory and methodology ... more in detail 2000
Pirogov Stanislav Vitalevich
Dissertation sample: Management of a science social and economic aspect ... more in detail 1983
Voropanova Irina Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Management of scientifically-innovative activity of a technical college as the factor of efficiency of industrial development ... more in detail 2003
Petrov Grigoriy YUrevich
Phd dissertation: Management of scientific and technical development of agrarian and industrial complex on the basis of use Innovations ... more in detail 2004
Kushnir Irina Borisovna
Dissertation proposal: Management of the immovable property of municipal unions: models and mechanisms ... more in detail 2001
Hvaleva Nataliy Vasilevna
Dissertation topics: Property administration (a property complex) industrial enterprises in the conditions of state regulation ... more in detail 2004
Kukolev Arkadiy YUrevich
New dissertation idias: Property administration of a large city on the basis of estimated technologies (On an example of Chelyabinsk) ... more in detail 2004
Zaharchenko Vladimir Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: corporate giant Property management (On Open Society "Gazprom" example) ... more in detail 2004
Molokova Arina Viktorovna
Dissertation example: Property management on the basis of its estimation ... more in detail 2004
Gavrilina Olga Valerianovna
Doctoral dissertation: Management of not complete building in market conditions ... more in detail 2004
Dimnikova Anna Iosifovna
Dissertation abstracts: Management of culture nonprofit institutions in market economy ... more in detail 2001
Purnik, Anton Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: Management of noncommercial projects in library sphere ... more in detail 2005
Kolesova Tatyna Gennadevna
Dissertation thesis: Management of non-material resources of subjects of Internet economy ... more in detail 2004
Kalakin, Oleg Anatolevich
Phd dissertation: Management of the insolvent agricultural organisations and their financial improvement: On materials of the Moscow and Ryazan areas ... more in detail 2006
Glazirin Sergey YUrevich
Dissertation proposal: Management of a partial employment of workers of the enterprise in the conditions of astable economic environment ... more in detail 2003
Garibov Vladislav Vagifovich
Dissertation topics: Management of an inconsistency of the agricultural enterprises (On materials of agrarian and industrial complex of Stavropol Territory) ... more in detail 2002
Binetckiy Aleksey Eduardovich
New dissertation idias: Management of the insolvent enterprise ... more in detail 2001
Atayn Nikolay Hristoforovich
Dissertation idias: Management of oil and gas financial and industrial group (Metodol. And a method. org. ehkon. Aspect) ... more in detail 1997
Tonisheva Lyubov Leonidovna
Dissertation example: Management of oil-extracting structures in corporate system ... more in detail 2001
SHahtin Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Doctoral dissertation: Management of the oil companies as integration formations ... more in detail 2004
Alekseev Andrey Anatolevich
Dissertation abstracts: research and development Management in development of industrial enterprises: The process approach ... more in detail 2007
Rustamov Hikmatullo Mahmanazarovich
Dissertation sample: Management of innovations in a business bank (On an example of the Russian Federation) ... more in detail 1999
Malinin Sergey Viktorovich
Dissertation thesis: Management of work rationing in an economy occupational sector ... more in detail 2000
YAnok Asker Ishakovich
Phd dissertation: Management of maintenance of material resources in Republic Adygea agrarian and industrial complex ... more in detail 1999
Karpov Evgeniy Alekseevich
Dissertation proposal: Management of maintenance of social and economic stabilisation in small cities of Russia ... more in detail 1998
Kamenskiy Andrey YUrevich
Dissertation topics: Management of maintenance of economic safety in conditions institutcionalizatcii shadow economy in Russia ... more in detail 2004
Esetova Aida Mahmudovna
New dissertation idias: Management of maintenance of economic stability of the enterprises in the conditions of transition to the market ... more in detail 1999

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