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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Iskrzhitckay Irina YUrevna
Dissertation idias: Estetiko-cultural urological problems of the literature of Russian symbolism ... more in detail 2000
Suvorova Irina Mihaylovna
Dissertation example: the Aesthetic picture of the world and a problem of its formation ... more in detail
Barikina Galina Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Aesthetic a culture component in system of cultural wealth of modern Russian student's youth ... more in detail 2006
Orlova Inga Borisovna
Dissertation abstracts: Aesthetic concept Rolfa Ehkmana (the critical analysis) ... more in detail
Gosudareva, Olga Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Aesthetic Culture as an existential potentiality of the person ... more in detail 2005
Ilin Konstantin Valerevich
Dissertation thesis: Aesthetic legitimation computer meaning ... more in detail 2003
Storublevtceva Dary Anatolevna
Phd dissertation: the Aesthetic nature of a proper name ... more in detail
Aliev Farad Ganbar ogli
Dissertation proposal: the Aesthetic nature of philosophical lyrics in the Azerbaijan Soviet poetry ... more in detail
Ovcharova Dionisiy Androklievna
Dissertation topics: the Aesthetic problem of genesis of antique classical tragedy and it katarticheskogo influences ... more in detail
Nechaeva Nadezhda Alekseevna
New dissertation idias: the Aesthetic theory of Russian modernist style ... more in detail 2006
Setdikova, YUliy Borisovna
Dissertation idias: Aesthetic aspects of vokalno-performing creativity: genesis and modern lines ... more in detail 2006
Sinyvskay Anzhela Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Aesthetic aspects of development of choral art in Russia ... more in detail 2004
Kolbasova Elena Anatolevna
Doctoral dissertation: Aesthetic aspects of philosophy of F.Nitsshe: a problem massovizatcii arts and cultures ... more in detail
Zaharova Iy Germanovna
Dissertation abstracts: D.Juma's Aesthetic views ... more in detail
Ayvazyn Mihail Aramisovich
Dissertation sample: aesthetic view I.E. Grabarja (About the art nature) ... more in detail 2004
Drugova Olga YUrevna
Dissertation thesis: Rudolf Shtejnera's Aesthetic views and their embodiment in art ... more in detail 2003
Magalashvili YUriy Sergeevich
Phd dissertation: Aesthetic laws of art interpretation of picturized works of art (on an example of a screen version of products of the classical literature) ... more in detail
Harlamov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Aesthetic researches. M.Ejhenbauma in 10 - 20th years of the XX-th century ... more in detail 2004
Malinin Andrey Viktorovich
Dissertation topics: Aesthetic concepts of a modernism in Germany (the critical analysis) ... more in detail
Nayman Evgeniy Arturovich
New dissertation idias: The Aesthetic bases philosophical ontologii ... more in detail 2004
Karelskiy German Borisovich
Dissertation idias: Aesthetic features of experiences in the changed conditions of consciousness ... more in detail 2001
Garmiza N.V.
Dissertation example: Aesthetic principles of modern Soviet amateur theatre ... more in detail
Sinkova Irina Anatolevna
Doctoral dissertation: Aesthetic problems of German humanism ... more in detail 2003
SHavgulidze Eteri Nodarievna
Dissertation abstracts: Aesthetic problems of an applied art (on an example of art of ceramics) ... more in detail
Verle Art#m Viktorovich
Dissertation sample: Aesthetic rhythms of history ... more in detail
Verle Artem Viktorovich
Dissertation thesis: Aesthetic pace of history ... more in detail 2005
Sokolova YUliy Vladimirovna
Phd dissertation: the Aesthetic analysis of creativity of Evgenie Svetlanova ... more in detail 2008
Valeev Ily Georgievich
Dissertation proposal: the Aesthetic analysis temporalnoj expressiveness of a photo ... more in detail 2003
Olimova Saodat Kuzievna
Dissertation topics: Aesthetic S.Ajni's sights ... more in detail
Koneva Anna Vladimirovna
New dissertation idias: aesthetic sense of individuality ... more in detail 1996

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