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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
CHernousova Anastasiy Stepanovna
Dissertation idias: the Lexical unit and its storing: sotciolingvisticheskoe research ... more in detail 2008
Ermilova M. L.
Dissertation example: Lexical and grammatical compatibility of phraseological units of modern Russian ... more in detail 1994
Igonina Anna Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: the Lexical category "a place of labour activity" in the German languages ... more in detail 2007
Berdnikova Ekaterina Vadimovna
Dissertation abstracts: Lexical lakunarnost in aspect of intercultural communications ... more in detail 2006
Ladisova Olga Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Lexical lakunarnost a dialect: On a material of the dictionary of a modern Russian national dialect d. Deulino ... more in detail 2000
Toporova Elena Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Lexical motivation in dialects of Russian North ... more in detail 2001
Ushakova YUliy YUrevna
Phd dissertation: Lexical napolnjaemost and structural-semantic features komparativnyh tropov in Russian ... more in detail 2005
Zavylik Marina Nikolaevna
Dissertation proposal: the Lexical nomination in youth sotciolektah English and Russian of languages: Kontrastivnoe the description ... more in detail 2006
Ivanova Nataly Dmitrievna
Dissertation topics: the Lexical nomination in fiction products (on an example of the Kazakh Russian-speaking prose) ... more in detail
Biryukov Roman Aleksandrovich
New dissertation idias: the Lexical nomination of external forms of behaviour of the person in a context of a communicative situation ... more in detail 2006
Antonova Marina Borisovna
Dissertation idias: the Lexical nomination on the basis of small word-formation models in modern English language ... more in detail 2006
Zlobina Lidiy Ivanovna
Dissertation example: Lexical polisemija and a homonymy of nouns in the Belarus language ... more in detail
Nuzhdova Elena Nikolaevna
Doctoral dissertation: Lexical reprezentatcija kontcepta "love" in transfers of lyrics A.S.Pushkin into English and French languages ... more in detail 2008
Oreshko Mariy Anatolevna
Dissertation abstracts: Lexical reprezentatcija art kontceptosfery Victor Pelevin: kontcepty "person", "space", "time" ... more in detail 2006
Timchenko Nadezhda Mihaylovna
Dissertation sample: Lexical semantics and the pragmatist of modern English is epistolary-political texts ... more in detail 2003
Rimar Svetlana Viktorovna
Dissertation thesis: A.S.Pushkin's Lexical synonymy: the qualitative and quantitative analysis: on a material synonymic slovnika and numbers with different number of synonyms ... more in detail 2008
Sadikova Elvira Ravilevna
Phd dissertation: Lexical system of the Tatar literary language in elementary school textbooks ... more in detail 2006
YUdina Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: Lexical compatibility in kognitivnom aspect ... more in detail 2006
Evdokimov Aleksandr Petrovich
Dissertation topics: Lexical compatibility and problems of a translation lexicography (on a material of German conformity to combinations of lexemes of type "an adjective + an abstract noun" Russian) ... more in detail
Ovsynnikova Valentina Ivanovna
New dissertation idias: Lexical compatibility and semantic structure of group of English adjectives with value of mental faculties (clever, intelligent, wise, reasonable, sensible, shrewd, witty) ... more in detail
Musalaev Anvar Kanbulatovich
Dissertation idias: Lexical stylistics kumykskogo language ... more in detail 2005
CHernih Nataly Dmitrievna
Dissertation example: Lexical structure of a poetic diction of writers of the Silver age: comparison experience ... more in detail 2005
Bichkova Tatyna Vasilevna
Doctoral dissertation: Lexical typology of original and translation texts: on a material of poetic products of J. M.Hopkins: Rather-comparative aspect ... more in detail 2008
Bogdanova Nataliy Viktorovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Lexical explication kontcepta "Nature" in I.A.Bunin's early creativity ... more in detail 2007
Marshina Mariy Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: the Lexical explication of conceptual system of F.I.Tyutchev ... more in detail 2004
Lebedenko Svetlana Alekseevna
Dissertation thesis: Lexical (appellative) bases and word-formation types antroponimov of Dnepropetrovsk ... more in detail
Burova Ella Anatolevna
Phd dissertation: Lexical gallitcizmy in modern Russian: pragmalingvisticheskij aspect ... more in detail 2004
Sinkina Evgeniy Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: Lexical units as epoch markers: on a material of German language ... more in detail 2008
Domenko, Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Lexical units with again-nominative value in an associative field of the Russian language person ... more in detail 2005
YAsinskay Milena Borisovna
New dissertation idias: Lexical loans during the Petrovsky epoch and the language person (On a material of istoriko-biographic prose of prince B. I.Kurakin) ... more in detail 2004

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