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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Bondareva Nataliy Alekseevna
Dissertation idias: Leonid Andreeva's Creativity and a German expressionism ... more in detail 2005
Feygina Ekaterina Vitalevna
Dissertation example: Creativity Luchana Blagi: a method Problem ... more in detail 2000
Rikova Dary Viktorovna
Doctoral dissertation: Lyudmila Petrushevskoj's Creativity. A problem of an author's ideal in a context of Christian cultural tradition ... more in detail 2007
Laskova Rezeda Azatovna
Dissertation abstracts: M.Agljamova's Creativity: subjects, genres and poetics ... more in detail 2008
Dubnova Nataly Vycheslavovna
Dissertation sample: Creativity of M. Ju. Lermontov in a context of the Euroasian dialogue of cultures ... more in detail 2007
Zonova Elena Vycheslavovna
Dissertation thesis: M.J.Kozyreva's Creativity: poetics of satirical stories and stories ... more in detail 2007
Musaev Huseyn Mutcalhanovich
Phd dissertation: M.A.Mamakaeva's Creativity and problems of socialist realism in the Chechen Soviet literature ... more in detail
Komissarova Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: M.S.Zhukovoj's Creativity: traditions and innovation ... more in detail 2007
Korotkiy Vladimir Georgievich
Dissertation topics: Creativity Meletija Smotritsky ... more in detail
Borlakova Leyla Adeevna
New dissertation idias: Creativity Mousses Batchaeva ... more in detail 2006
Sinohina Irina Viktorovna
Dissertation idias: N.I.Kolokolova's Creativity: the Originality of the art world of the writer ... more in detail 2002
Bitkinova Valeriy Viktorovna
Dissertation example: Creativity N.M. Karamzin 1780 - the middle of 1790th years (To a preromanticism problem in the Russian literature) ... more in detail 2004
Raeva Aleksandra Vasilevna
Doctoral dissertation: Creativity N.M. Olejnikova in a context of official poetry 1920 - 1930th years ... more in detail 2006
Zagrieva Olga Evgenevna
Dissertation abstracts: Nicolas Rowe's Creativity and formation of a genre of a sentimental drama in England of the end XVII - the beginnings of XVIII century ... more in detail 2006
Mashkova Diana Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: O.C.Suinberna's Creativity in a context of the English-French aesthetic interactions ... more in detail 2001
Bochenkov Viktor Vycheslavovich
Dissertation thesis: P.I.Melnikova-Pechorskogo's Creativity and the image staroobrjadchestva in the Russian literature of XIX century ... more in detail 2005
Lange Evgeniy Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: P.Karpova's Creativity in a context of literary-aesthetic and religious-philosophical searches of the XX-th century ... more in detail 2005
Kaufman Liy Solomonovna
Dissertation proposal: Creativity of writers-anti-fascists in Germany in days of nazism. A problematics. Poetics ... more in detail
Lipich Olga Viktorovna
Dissertation topics: Creativity of protopriest Avvakuma in a context of publicism of second half XVII century ... more in detail 2005
Pahomova Iy Vasilevna
New dissertation idias: Creativity of the River of M. Rilke in aspect of communications with the Russian literature of "silver age": the love concept ... more in detail
CHernisheva Olga Viktorovna
Dissertation idias: early V.Majakovskogo's Creativity in a context of Russian avant-guard ... more in detail 2003
Kazmirchuk Olga YUrevna
Dissertation example: early Pasternak's Creativity and symbolism poetics ... more in detail 2003
Keramova SHovket Alikeram kizi
Doctoral dissertation: Creativity of Russian writers of Azerbaijan 1960-70th years (in aspect of problems of the modern Azerbaijan literature) ... more in detail
Vozhdaeva Marta Nikolaevna
Dissertation abstracts: Creativity S.V. Anikin in a context of formation of the pre-October Mordovian literature ... more in detail 2004
Skripkina Vera Alekseevna
Dissertation sample: S.M.Soloveva's Creativity (1885-1942) in the light of cultural urological tendencies of an epoch ... more in detail 2005
Brizgalova, Elena Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Creativity satirikontcev in a literary paradigm of a silver age ... more in detail 2005
Rodionova Oksana Petrovna
Phd dissertation: Creativity of modern Chinese writer Chzhan Sjanljana ... more in detail 2003
Mahanova Rezeda Ravilovna
Dissertation proposal: Creativity Sufi Allajara and its traditions in the Tatar literature ... more in detail 2008
Lukina Elena Borisovna
Dissertation topics: Creativity Sehridzavy Kodziro (Evolution of an art method) ... more in detail 2004
Tyurina Nataliy Vladimirovna
New dissertation idias: T.I.Filippova's Creativity in literary process of second half XIX century ... more in detail 2006

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