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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Odemish Zeynel
Dissertation idias: the Tjurko-Mongolian elements in Turkish and Turkic languages of Southern Siberia ... more in detail 2004
Kamaletdinova Zulfiy Salihynovna
Dissertation example: Tjurko-Tatar georgaficheskaja terminology and toponymy of Tomsk area of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 1997
Timonina Lyudmila Georgievna
Doctoral dissertation: Turkic loans in the Yenisei languages in comparative-historical illumination ... more in detail
Burzhumova Sedefhanum Nezurovna
Dissertation abstracts: Turkic loans in tabasaranskom language ... more in detail 2006
Tadinova Roza Abdumanapovna
Dissertation sample: Turkic lexical loans in system of North Caucasian languages ... more in detail 2006
Karimullina Guzel Nurutdinovna
Dissertation thesis: Turkic lexical elements in Russian lingvografii XVIII - the XX-th centuries ... more in detail 2007
Zorin Aleksandr Valerevich
Phd dissertation: At sources of the Tibetan poetry: hymns stotra in the Tibetan literature ... more in detail 2006
Dorofeeva Nataliy Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: Surprise as emotional kontcept: On a material of Russian and English of languages ... more in detail 2002
Pchelovodova Irina Vycheslavovna
Dissertation topics: the Udmurt lyrical songs: sources and tradition formation ... more in detail 2006
Pugach Vladimir Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: Evasion from the direct answer to a question as type of speech reaction ... more in detail 2002
Rusnak Ivan Stepanovich
Dissertation idias: the Ukrainian Soviet lampoon. Genre history ... more in detail
Moskalenko Vitaliy Anatolevich
Dissertation example: the Ukrainian-Bulgarian literary and scientific communications of the end XIX - the XX-th century beginnings ... more in detail
Zakrevskay YAroslava Vasilevna
Doctoral dissertation: the Ukrainian dialect word-formation in arealnom aspect (substantive suffiksatcija) ... more in detail
Frolova Vera Vycheslavovna
Dissertation abstracts: Dodge as speech reception of achievement of the purpose in household and public dialogue ... more in detail 2009
Kopot Liliy Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Univerbatcija as a kind kompressivnogo word-formations in modern Russian ... more in detail 2005
Zarubina Dary Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Universalii in V.O.Pelevin's novelistic creativity ... more in detail 2007
Kolicheva Vera Borisovna
Phd dissertation: Universal and cultural-specific in functional style of the English scientific text ... more in detail 2004
Melnikova Marina Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: Universal and national-specific in lexicon of an education sphere in the light of globalisation processes ... more in detail 2006
Valieva Rauza Harisovna
Dissertation topics: Universal and national-specific in a professional sublanguage ... more in detail 2006
Larina Olga Anatolevna
New dissertation idias: Universal and national in an is functional-semantic category of definiteness/uncertainty ... more in detail 2006
SHayhislamova Zagira Gibadullinovna
Dissertation idias: Universal and idioehtnicheskie components makrokontcepta to "move" in Russian, French and Bashkir languages ... more in detail 2004
SHayhislamova Zagira Gibadullinovna
Dissertation example: Universal and idioehtnicheskie components makrokontcepta to "move" in Russian, French and Bashkir languages ... more in detail 2004
Zaharchuk Oksana Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Universal characteristics and national-cultural specificity of a military slang ... more in detail 2007
Kuzhim Galina Grigorevna
Dissertation abstracts: the Universal linguistic law of a triad, land improvement and deterioratcija in modern English and Russian languages, the phenomenon ehvfemii in the light of the triad law ... more in detail 2003
Iosifova, Vera Evgenevna
Dissertation sample: Common use in natural dialogue of direct and indirect speech certificates, Expressing prompting: On a material of oral speech of inhabitants of of Kaluga, to problems of studying of language of a city ... more in detail 2005
Rozhkova Ekaterina Borisovna
Dissertation thesis: the article Use in German verbal steady verbal complexes (USK) ... more in detail 2006
Boyko Anna Andreevna
Phd dissertation: the Use of verbal aspects in the form of an infinitive in modern Russian ... more in detail
Galchenko Elena Valerevna
Dissertation proposal: the Use of pretexts with frazeologizovannym value in language of the modern press ... more in detail 2004
Nguen Thi Kuin Hiong
Dissertation topics: the Use of Russian passive designs from a position of the carrier of the Vietnamese language ... more in detail 2004
Dang Thi SHam
New dissertation idias: the Use of forms of a verbal inclination as the basic way of expression of a modality in Russian:S From a position of the carrier of the Vietnamese language ... more in detail 2005

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