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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Trubchaninova Margarita Evgenevna
Dissertation idias: the Language person in inokulturnoj to environment: According to the Russian-speaking technically mediated communications of carriers of the Chinese language ... more in detail 2008
Ivanova Evgeniy Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: the Language person in the conditions of formation of norms of Russian literary language: first half XVIII centuries: on a material of letters and A.N.Demidov's orders ... more in detail 2008
Levonenko Oleg Andreevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Language person in the electronic hypertext (On a material of expressional syntax of leading electronic genres) ... more in detail 2004
Panova Marina Nikolaevna
Dissertation abstracts: the Language person of the civil servant: diskursivnaja practice, typology, formation mechanisms ... more in detail 2004
Kazakova Olga Anatolevna
Dissertation sample: the Language person dialektonositelja in genre aspect ... more in detail 2004
Popova Oksana Vycheslavovna
Dissertation thesis: Language person Ivan Groznogo (On a material of business messages) ... more in detail 2004
SHevchenko Olga Nikolaevna
Phd dissertation: the Language person of the translator:Na a discourse material. V.Zakhoder ... more in detail 2005
Bogomolov Aleksey YUrevich
Dissertation proposal: the Language person of the character in aspect of psychopoetics (On a material of the novel of L.N.Tolstoy "Anna Karenina") ... more in detail 2005
Menkova Nataly Nikolaevna
Dissertation topics: the Language person of the writer as a source of speech characteristics of characters (On materials of products of B.Akunina) ... more in detail 2004
Sokolovskay Tatyna Borisovna
New dissertation idias: the Language person of the political leader: On a material of newspapers of the newest time ... more in detail 2002
Aniskina Nataliy Vasilevna
Dissertation idias: the Language person of the modern senior pupil ... more in detail 2001
Tarasenko Tatyna Petrovna
Dissertation example: the Language person of the senior pupil in aspect of its speech realisations: on a material of data of associative experiment and sotciolekta schoolboys of Krasnodar ... more in detail 2007
Baisheva Zily Vagizovna
Doctoral dissertation: the Language person of judicial orator Anatoly Fedorovicha Koni ... more in detail 2007
Parsamova Veronika YAkovlevna
Dissertation abstracts: the Language person of the scientist in epistolary texts (On a material of letters Ju. M. Lotman) ... more in detail 2004
Zalogina Elena Matveevna
Dissertation sample: the Language person: linguistic and psychological aspects (On a material of the novel "Demons" and "the Diary of the writer" F. M.Dostoevsky) ... more in detail 2004
SHoysoronova Elena Stepanovna
Dissertation thesis: the Language person: ethnic aspect: on a material of the Buryat language person ... more in detail 2006
Papulinova Irina Evgenevna
Phd dissertation: Language demonstration of gestures of hands in a dialogical discourse: On a material of Russian, German and English languages ... more in detail 2003
Tameryn Tatyna YUlevna
Dissertation proposal: Language model of the polycultural world: interlingvokulturnyj aspect ... more in detail 2004
Lobanova YUliy Sergeevna
Dissertation topics: the Language nomination of spatial signs in modern English language ... more in detail 2007
Ivanova Marina Mihaylovna
New dissertation idias: Language obektivatcija kontcepta "businessman" in Russian ... more in detail 2008
Strybkova YUliy Ivanovna
Dissertation idias: the Language policy in young multi-national states ... more in detail 2007
Pavshuk Anna Vladimirovna
Dissertation example: the Language nature and epithet functions in the art text ... more in detail 2007
Kurahtanova Inna Sergeevna
Doctoral dissertation: the Language nature and the functional characteristic of stylistic reception of a hyperbole ... more in detail 1978
Ilinskay Olga Georgievna
Dissertation abstracts: the Language nature of conversion and types konversivov in modern Russian and English languages ... more in detail 2006
Kozmina Vera Nikolaevna
Dissertation sample: Language realisation of flexible communicative tactics in English dialogue ... more in detail 2001
Sorokina Olga Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Language realisation of an image of China as information model in mass media of the USA ... more in detail 2007
Medvedeva Diana Igorevna
Phd dissertation: Language reprezentatcija kontcepta "interdiction" in public signs ... more in detail 2008
Abletcova Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: Language reprezentatcija kontcepta ANGST ... more in detail 2005
Zakirova Luiza Rifgatovna
Dissertation topics: Language reprezentatcija kontcepta CONFIDENCE/UVERENNOST in English and Russian language consciousness ... more in detail 2008
Evtushok YUliy Grigorevna
New dissertation idias: Language reprezentatcija kontcepta Crime (On a material of the American variant of English language) ... more in detail 2004

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