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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Skachko Olga Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: the State information policy of Russia in sphere of mass-media: theoretical aspects and modern practice ... more in detail 2006
CHzhan Hfn
Dissertation example: the State periodicals of Chinese National Republic about problems of modernisation of a Chinese society in 1970 - 90th ... more in detail 2001
Slastushinskay Magdalena Miroslavovna
Doctoral dissertation: the State support kinoteleproizvodstva in Finland as the tool of strengthening of national identity ... more in detail 2007
Kovalkova Tatyna Mihaylovna
Dissertation abstracts: Gothic tradition in the American prose of 1920-30th years: novellistika H.F.Lavkrafta ... more in detail 2001
Polykova Aleksandra Alekseevna
Dissertation sample: the Gothic canon and its transformation in the Russian literature of second half XIX century ... more in detail 2006
Grigoreva Elena Valentinovna
Dissertation thesis: the Gothic novel and an originality fantastic in prose of English romanticism. ... more in detail 1988
Ganina Nataliy Aleksandrovna
Phd dissertation: Gothic language relicts ... more in detail 2008
Zubayraeva Marina Uvaysovna
Dissertation proposal: Gradatcionnost a qualitative sign: On a material of the Chechen and English languages ... more in detail 2008
SHerbakov Andrey Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Gradation as the stylistic phenomenon of a modern Russian literary language ... more in detail 2004
Luntcova Olga Mihaylovna
New dissertation idias: the Gradient-kontsept friendship-world-enmity in Russian and English lingvokulturah (on a lexicon and phraseology material) ... more in detail 2008
Isaeva Irina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation idias: Gradualnaja semantics of a verb in modern Russian ... more in detail 2008
Prekina, Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation example: Gradualnaja semantics of Russian proverbs ... more in detail 2005
Beloglazova Elena Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Gradualnaja function raznourovnevyh language means in formation diktumnogo offer maintenances ... more in detail 2003
Nesterova Nataly Anatolevna
Dissertation abstracts: Gradualnost in compound sentences with atributivno-secretory additional ... more in detail 2005
Slyusar Nataliy Anatolevna
Dissertation sample: Grammar and an offer actual division: research on a material of Russian and of some other languages ... more in detail 2008
Tomberg Olga Vitalevna
Dissertation thesis: Grammar and poetics of an English folk song: historical development and transfer problems ... more in detail 2003
Gakova Viktoriy Valerievna
Phd dissertation: Grammar and rhetoric of characterising statements about the interlocutor (On a material of the Canadian variant of English language) ... more in detail 2005
Nefedov Sergey Trofimovich
Dissertation proposal: Grammar of modal components: diahronicheskij aspect (on a material of German language) ... more in detail 2008
Kondrateva Elena Nikolaevna
Dissertation topics: Grammar of a predicative in rannenovokorejskom language: From srednekorejskogo to novokorejskomu ... more in detail 2005
Husnutdinov Arsen Aleksandrovich
New dissertation idias: the Grammar of phraseological unit ... more in detail 1996
Reznikova Tatyna Isidorovna
Dissertation idias: Grammatikalizatcija designs with a verb to "do" (Typology and semantics) ... more in detail 2003
Ovchinnikova Elena Viktorovna
Dissertation example: Grammatikalizatcija an uncertain pronoun "one": on a material of Macedonian language ... more in detail 2008
Boeva Nataly Borisovna
Doctoral dissertation: Grammatical antonimija in modern English language ... more in detail 2001
Samohvalova Irina Vladimirovna
Dissertation abstracts: Grammatical and semantiko-pragmatical structure of compound sentences with izjasnitelno-estimated value ... more in detail 2005
Kasimova Sanavbar Dzhamalovna
Dissertation sample: the Grammatical interference in Russian speech of Tadjiks (on a verb material) ... more in detail
Kulakova Karina Anatolevna
Dissertation thesis: the Grammatical category in aspect of the frame analysis (On a material of scientific theses) ... more in detail 2004
Morozov Valeriy Edgartovich
Phd dissertation: the Grammatical category of a kind of Russian verb and its functioning in the communicative certificate ... more in detail 2003
Agrova Olga Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: the Grammatical category of time: substantcionalnye characteristics and lexico-semantic interpretations ... more in detail 2005
Morozova Elena Vladislavovna
Dissertation topics: the Grammatical category of an existential continuum in the art text (on a material of English language) ... more in detail
Kislova Ekaterina Igorevna
New dissertation idias: Grammatical norm of language of the sermon of the Elizavetinsky period: 1740th ... more in detail 2007

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