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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Abdalla Mohamed Abdalla
Dissertation idias: Hydrological structure and circulation of waters of Red sea ... more in detail
Abdullaev Abdul Abdulla ogli
Dissertation example: the Radiatsionno-thermal mode and evaporation in South taiga and forest-steppe geosystems of Western Siberia ... more in detail
Abdullaev Ismihan Veli ogli
Doctoral dissertation: Ruslovye processes in ustjah the rivers of the western coast of Caspian sea ... more in detail
Abramov Vycheslav Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: Working out of ecologically safe system of gathering, Transportations and neutralisations of a waste of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments in large cities ... more in detail 1998
Abramyn Tatyna Ovanesovna
Dissertation sample: Laboratory modelling of evolution plotnostnyh neodnorodnostej at formation of thin structure of hydrophysical fields of ocean ... more in detail
Averkiev Aleksandr Sergeevich
Dissertation thesis: Seasonal variability top kvaziodnorodnogo a layer in ehnergoaktivnoj to a zone of Northern Atlantic (a pas to results of numerical modelling) ... more in detail
Alduhov Oleg Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Methods of complex automatic quality assurance of the information on a geopotential and temperature isobaric Surfaces on a global network of aerologic stations ... more in detail
Aleshin Vladimir Dmitrievich
Dissertation proposal: Applied dynamic models vlago - and heat exchange on an agricultural field ... more in detail
Aliev SHarafudin Magomedovich
Dissertation topics: Shifts in moving in the countries of Maghrib after the Second World War ... more in detail
Alizade Elbrus Kerim ogli
New dissertation idias: Morfostrukturnyj the analysis of a relief of a southern slope of Southeast caucasus with application of materials deshifrirovanija kosmofotosnimkov ... more in detail
Alimallaev Fagil Rafailovich
Dissertation idias: Geography of the industry of China: Historical forms and development modern lines ... more in detail 2000
Andreev Nikolay Igorevich
Dissertation example: Water fauna of Aral sea in the conditions of ecological crisis ... more in detail 1999
Androsenko Vitaliy YAkovlevich
Doctoral dissertation: Research of processes of homogeneous and heterogeneous crystallisation in supersonic strue peresyshchennogo water steam ... more in detail
Antipova Lyudmila Petrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Climatic characteristics of kuchevo-rain clouds as meteorological factor, Complicating aircraft activity ... more in detail
Antonova Svetlana Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Conditions of formation and calculation of a drain of the weighed deposits of the rivers (on an example of Ukraine) ... more in detail
Aseev Vladimir Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: Lake natural complexes of the south of Eastern Siberia (vodnobalansovaja the characteristic and use possibilities) ... more in detail
Ataev Saparmamed Ataevich
Phd dissertation: Forecasting of changes of prirodno-meliorative conditions of southwest Turkmenistan in connection with development ... more in detail
Atcagortcyn Garnik Gevorgovich
Dissertation proposal: Questions of optimum irrigational use nezaregulirovannyh water resources on an example of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic ... more in detail
Babaeva Tilla Agadzhanovna
Dissertation topics: Application of remote methods for studying of processes of desertification in Turkmenistan ... more in detail
Babenko Zoy Efimovna
New dissertation idias: Conditions of education of a fog and a technique of its forecast in separate areas of Central Asia ... more in detail
Babkin Vladimir Ivanovich
Dissertation idias: Water balance of river pools (the theory, Methods and practice of calculations) ... more in detail
Bedritckiy Aleksandr Ivanovich
Dissertation example: Meteorological forecasts as the factor of decrease in a damage from the weather phenomena ... more in detail 2000
Beradze Nikolay Iraklievich
Doctoral dissertation: Statistical structure of fields of the semidiurnal sums of deposits and its application at the short-term forecast of deposits during the cold period of year in territory of the Western Georgia ... more in detail
Boguslavskiy Evgeniy Iosifovich
Dissertation abstracts: the Theory and calculation of efficiency of means obespylivanija and working out on their basis of designs with vortical an operating mode ... more in detail
Bolgov Mihail Vasilevich
Dissertation sample: the Rain drain in territory of the Mongolian National Republic and a technique of its calculation ... more in detail
Buy Van Dik 0
Dissertation thesis: Formation and forecasting of an aestivo-autumnal monthly drain of the rivers of Primorye Territory ... more in detail
Burdina Lyubov Gennadevna
Phd dissertation: Ekologo-economic aspects of management of the industrial enterprise ... more in detail 1999
Burkin Valeriy Petrovich
Dissertation proposal: the Landscape environment of inundated territories as a basis of spatial structure of cities ... more in detail 2000
Valeev Sergey Ildusovich
Dissertation topics: Sewage treatment in hydrocyclone separators of systems of circulating water supply ... more in detail 2000
Valesyn Armen Lemvelovich
New dissertation idias: Synchronism in spatial evolution of systems of moving and transport networks ... more in detail 1995

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