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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Sichev Aleksey Evgenevich
Dissertation idias: the Database as object of a right protection in the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2003
Kornelyuk Oksana Vladimirovna
Dissertation example: Balance of remedial statuses sustained and convicted by pre-judicial manufacture ... more in detail 2003
Hadzegov Artur Valerevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Gang and gangsterism structure in criminal law of Russia ... more in detail 2004
Achmiz Lilit Gurgenovna
Dissertation abstracts: Gangsterism: legal, kriminologicheskie and pravoprimenitelnye aspects ... more in detail 2006
Bichkov Vasiliy Vasilevich
Dissertation sample: Gangsterism: criminally-legal and kriminologicheskie aspects ... more in detail 2005
Moroz Svetlana Borisovna
Dissertation thesis: Bank as the party in the contract of the bank account with legal bodies and the businessmen who are carrying out activity without formation of the legal person ... more in detail 2005
Popov Vasiliy Valerevich
Phd dissertation: Banks as subjects of the fiscal law ... more in detail 1998
Voloshina Mariy Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: the Bank guarantee ... more in detail 2003
Baygusheva YUliy Valerievna
Dissertation topics: the Bank guarantee ... more in detail 2008
Petrovskiy YUriy Viktorovich
New dissertation idias: the Bank guarantee in the Russian civil law ... more in detail 2001
Fedorov Mihail Mihaylovich
Dissertation idias: the Bank guarantee as a version of the guarantee ... more in detail 2006
Soboleva Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation example: the Bank guarantee as a way of maintenance of execution of obligations and expert of its application in bank activity ... more in detail 2005
Soyko Roman Petrovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Bank guarantee as a way of maintenance of execution of obligations under the credit contract ... more in detail 2004
Kapaev Aleksey Anatolevich
Dissertation abstracts: Bank system as object of economic function of a lawful state: teoretiko-legal aspect ... more in detail 2006
Andronova Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Bank secret ... more in detail 2008
Baraeva Olga Valentinovna
Dissertation thesis: Bank secret in criminal law ... more in detail 2004
Lisitcina Nataly Vasilevna
Phd dissertation: Bank secret as object of legal regulation ... more in detail 2003
Markelova Karina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: Bank secret legal aspects ... more in detail 2000
Andronova Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation topics: Bank secret: legal regulation problems ... more in detail 2008
Efimova Lyudmila Georgievna
New dissertation idias: Bank transactions (actual problems) ... more in detail
Kurbatov Aleksey YAnovich
Dissertation idias: Bank accounts in the Russian right: Concept, kinds, legal regimes ... more in detail 2006
Kazakbieva Liliy Tavluevna
Dissertation example: Bank supervision of activity of the credit organisations as a financially-legal category ... more in detail 2004
Artemova Anna Olegovna
Doctoral dissertation: Bank crediting in the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2007
Berkovich Nataly Viktorovna
Dissertation abstracts: Bankruptcy (Criminally-legal and kriminologicheskie aspects) ... more in detail 2002
Ageev Aleksandr Borisovich
Dissertation sample: Bankruptcy in civil law, theory problems ... more in detail 2001
Mihalev Igor YUrevich
Dissertation thesis: Bankruptcy and the criminal law ... more in detail 2000
Belolikov Aleksey Igorevich
Phd dissertation: Bankruptcy as a way of protection of the broken rights ... more in detail 2004
Avdeev Sergey Stanislavovich
Dissertation proposal: Bankruptcy as a way of liquidation of the legal person ... more in detail 2003
Suvorov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Bankruptcy of the credit organisations ... more in detail 2002
Gershanok Lev Valentinovich
New dissertation idias: Bankruptcy of the organisations and a social inconsistency of the employer (the Right and a duty of the parties of the employment contract) ... more in detail 2002

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