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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Gavlovskiy Vitaliy Anatolevich
Dissertation idias: the Initial stage of investigation of serial group thefts, made with illegal penetration into a premise (storehouse) ... more in detail 2007
Parshikov Vladimir Ivanovich
Dissertation example: the Initial stage of investigation of situational murders ... more in detail 2007
Goncharova Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: the Initial stage of investigation of terrorism ... more in detail 2006
Sidorov Anatoliy Stanislavovich
Dissertation abstracts: the Initial stage of investigation of the murders made on a railway transportation ... more in detail 2003
Romanov Aleksandr Ivanovich
Dissertation sample: the Initial stage of investigation of criminal cases about the organisation of the criminal society (the Criminal organisation) ... more in detail 1999
Lyh Larisa Anatolevna
Dissertation thesis: the Initial stage of investigation of deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, Dangerous to a life ... more in detail 2005
Kapustina Inna Valerevna
Phd dissertation: the Initial stage of investigation of plunders of fire-arms, an ammunition, explosives and explosives ... more in detail 1999
Gayduk YUriy Nikolaevich
Dissertation proposal: Delegation in civil matters ... more in detail 2002
Kotuhov Mihail Petrovich
Dissertation topics: Transfer of results of operatively-search activity in proofs ... more in detail 2001
Rotar Aleksandr Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: Negotiations on conditions of commercial treaties ... more in detail 2001
Kaminskiy Vladimir Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Transfer of copyrights under the contract ... more in detail 2006
Migranov Salavat Dzhonovich
Dissertation example: Change of persons in the obligation: theory and practice questions ... more in detail 2004
Gladkih Anna Gennadevna
Doctoral dissertation: Moving of the goods to the international items of mail:TbS-Ubuu Customs-legal aspect ... more in detail 2005
Merzlykova Marina Viktorovna
Dissertation abstracts: Revision of the sentences which have entered validity, definitions and decisions in the exercise of supervisory powers ... more in detail 2008
Zavriev Sergey Sergeevich
Dissertation sample: Revision on again opened circumstances of decisions, definitions, decisions of presidium of court of the supervisory authority, entered validity in civil procedure ... more in detail 2008
SHevchuk Gennadiy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation thesis: Revision of decisions and decisions on affairs about administrative violations ... more in detail 2003
Orlov Mihail Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Revision of the decisions which have not entered validity, in the Russian arbitral procedure ... more in detail 2002
Rezunenko Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Dissertation proposal: Revision of the judicial certificates which have entered validity, On again opened circumstances as a civil procedure stage ... more in detail 2001
Rehtina Irina Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Revision of judicial decisions in the exercise of supervisory powers in civil procedure ... more in detail
Lobanov Andrey Viktorovich
New dissertation idias: Transition to NEhP and reorganisation of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of RSFSR ... more in detail 1998
Kolesnikov Oleg Aleksandrovich
Dissertation idias: liability law Transition in tcessionnom legal relation ... more in detail 2000
Rudenko Aleksandr Viktorovich
Dissertation example: Transition from probability to reliability in proving on criminal cases ... more in detail 2001
Vasilev Gennadiy Sergeevich
Doctoral dissertation: Transition of the property right to chose transitories under the contract ... more in detail 2006
Plehanov Vadim Viktorovich
Dissertation abstracts: property right Transition under the contract of the international purchase and sale of the goods ... more in detail 2008
Kastryulin Denis Fedorovich
Dissertation sample: Transition of risk of accidental loss or casual damage of the goods under the contract of the international purchase and sale ... more in detail 2003
Ogorodnikov Vycheslav Valerevich
Dissertation thesis: Transitive conditions of a political mode in the state theory ... more in detail 2005
Kilmashkina Tatyna Nikolaevna
Phd dissertation: Personification of intersystem administrative relations as the factor of increase of efficiency of office activity of employees of law-enforcement bodies ... more in detail 2000
Labigin Andrey Nikolaevich
Dissertation proposal: Prospects and separate problems of development of the right of the municipal property in the light of municipal reform in Russia ... more in detail 2008
Kudryvtceva Elena Serafimovna
Dissertation topics: Prospects of use of confidential management of property in the special economic areas of the Russian Federation: on an example of experience of offshore zones ... more in detail 2008
Gaboev Soslan Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: Prospects of legal regulation of commercial concession ... more in detail 2008

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