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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Alekseev Sergey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation idias: Regulation of use of not tariff measures in EU right ... more in detail 2003
Perfilev Aleksandr Valentinovich
Dissertation example: Regulation as government function ... more in detail 2004
Konstantinov Kirill Borisovich
Doctoral dissertation: Regulation of publishing activity in a context of politiko-legal evolution of Russia ... more in detail 2006
Haratyn Artak ZHirayrovich
Dissertation abstracts: Regulation of a turn of currency values ... more in detail 2000
YAkusheva Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Regulation of relations of the author with publishing house under the copyright of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2002
Sichev Oleg Mihaylovich
Dissertation thesis: Regulation of relations with participation of a private notariate in Russia: Civil-law aspect ... more in detail 2008
Ishanova Marina Valentinovna
Phd dissertation: Regulation of an order of award of scientific degrees during the pre-revolutionary and Soviet periods ... more in detail 2007
Merkulov Aleksey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation proposal: fishery Regulation in the international and Russian right ... more in detail 2005
Lidak Maksim Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Reguljativnaja function of modern sense of justice ... more in detail 2006
YAkovlev Valeriy Ivanovich
New dissertation idias: Reguljativnye and Guarding legal relations in securities market sphere in Russia ... more in detail 1998
Ibragimov Ahmed Muslimovich
Dissertation idias: the Mode of refugees in international law ... more in detail 1999
Hristoforova Elena Igorevna
Dissertation example: the Mode in correctional labour camps of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the USSR, 1929 - 1941 ... more in detail 2002
Olhovik Nikolay Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: a test Mode at probation ... more in detail 2003
Nelyubin Sergey YAkovlevich
Dissertation abstracts: a licensing Mode in the Russian Federation: is administrative-legal aspect ... more in detail 2004
Ustinova Tatyna Semenovna
Dissertation sample: the Most favoured nation treatment in modern international law ... more in detail 2000
Talynin Valeriy Viktorovich
Dissertation thesis: the Mode pravozakonnosti (Teoretiko-legal aspect) ... more in detail 1999
Kushenko Vitalina Viktorovna
Phd dissertation: the Mode of frontier trade in the Russian Federation ... more in detail 1999
Ketov Albert Hamidovich
Dissertation proposal: the Mode of the free economic area: International legal and national-legal aspects ... more in detail 2001
Izmaylov Damir Salihovich
Dissertation topics: public service Modes in the Russian Federation and their role in realisation of law-enforcement function ... more in detail 2006
Izmaylov Damir Salihovich
New dissertation idias: public service Modes in the Russian Federation and their role in realisation of law-enforcement function ... more in detail 2006
Arakelyn Robert Grantovich
Dissertation idias: Reservation and withdrawal of the ground areas in the mechanism of legal regulation of relations of the property ... more in detail 2007
Salieva Ekaterina Valerevna
Dissertation example: Reserve letters of credit in the right of the USA and the international practice ... more in detail 2006
Oganesyn Arsen Napoleonovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Reserve letter of credit in the Russian civil law ... more in detail 2006
Usoltceva Svetlana Valerevna
Dissertation abstracts: Results of intellectual activity as a legal category ... more in detail 1997
Voronin Nikolay Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Advertising (Sociohistorical and criminally-legal aspects) ... more in detail 2001
Sviridova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: Advertising as individualising creative representation ... more in detail 2007
Medvedeva Nataly Mihaylovna
Phd dissertation: Advertising activity in system of legal objects of management science ... more in detail 2006
Minekaeva Alsu Flyurovna
Dissertation proposal: Religious hatred or enmity as motive of committing a crime ... more in detail 2005
Valyvina Elena YUrevna
Dissertation topics: the Religious organisation as the subject of civil law ... more in detail 2004
Kozlov Timur Leonidovich
New dissertation idias: Religious legal tradition: theoretical aspect ... more in detail 2008

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