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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Antonov Anton Gennadevich
Dissertation idias: Active repentance as the basis of clearing of the criminal liability ... more in detail 2000
Hamaganova Antonina Hon-Irovna
Dissertation example: Active repentance the theory and practice of clearing of the criminal liability ... more in detail 2007
Lustova Olga Sergeevna
Doctoral dissertation: Active repentance. Efficiency of application of incentive norms about active repentance ... more in detail 2004
Krilova Marina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Activity of the lawyer on rendering of legal aid to participants of the stock market ... more in detail 2002
Karahanyn Samvel Gurgenovich
Dissertation sample: Activity of the lawyer on representation and protection of tax bearers in the affairs connected with disputes with tax organs and bodies of tax police ... more in detail 2002
YArtceva, Lyubov Sergeevna
Dissertation thesis: Activity of the lawyer-defender on affairs, considered in court with participation of jurymen ... more in detail 2005
YAselskay Veronika Vladimirovna
Phd dissertation: Activity of the lawyer-defender on collecting of proofs at a stage of preliminary investigation ... more in detail 1999
Ageeva Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: Activity of the Supreme Court of the USA under E.Uorrena's presidency, 1953-1969: Istoriko-legal research ... more in detail 2009
Buvaeva Nataly Ernestovna
Dissertation topics: Activity of the world customs organisation on rapprochement of national legal systems in the field of customs business ... more in detail 2007
Konovalova Irina Anatolevna
New dissertation idias: Activity of city and regional law-enforcement bodies under the prevention and suppression of administrative violations, Encroaching on a public order and the public safety ... more in detail 2004
Gudilko, Irina Evgenevna
Dissertation idias: state Activity on maintenance of realisation of constitutional freedom of work and labour potential of the person in the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2006
Osman-zade Sadretdin SHamilevich
Dissertation example: Activity of the European Court under human rights and its influence on national legislations of member states of the Council of Europe ... more in detail 2001
Reznikov Anatoliy Nikolaevich
Doctoral dissertation: Activity of the defender at application of detention and taking into custody in the Russian criminal trial ... more in detail 2003
Rybtceva Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Dissertation abstracts: Activity and court position in sostjazatelnom the criminal trial ... more in detail 2005
Zaytceva Elena Sergeevna
Dissertation sample: Interpol Activity on counteraction to terrorism as the contribution to strengthening of the international law and order ... more in detail 2008
Tomachinskiy Aleksey Alekseevich
Dissertation thesis: Activity local Covetov People's Deputies on comprehensive planning of economic and social development of territory (organisation-legal questions) ... more in detail
YUnina Oksana Nikolaevna
Phd dissertation: Activity of local Councils of People's Deputies on maintenance of the right of citizens of the USSR on dwelling ... more in detail
SHatilov Sergey Petrovich
Dissertation proposal: Activity of militia of Western Siberia in the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945 (Istoriko-legal aspect) ... more in detail 2001
Sisoev Andrey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation topics: Activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on preparation and carrying out of country reform of 1861 ... more in detail 2007
Kotova Nataly Sergeevna
New dissertation idias: Activity of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on maintenance of unity of legal space (On an example of Central administrative board of Ministry of Justice of Russia on the Moscow area) ... more in detail 2004
Pirin Andrey Nikolaevich
Dissertation idias: Activity of law-enforcement bodies of Petrograd (Leningrad) on struggle against crimes against a management order in economic sphere in NEhPa (istoriko-legal aspect) ... more in detail 2003
Smirniy Aleksandr Mihaylovich
Dissertation example: Activity of law-enforcement bodies on maintenance of the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen in the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2001
Puchkova Viktoriy Viktorovna
Doctoral dissertation: Activity of public authorities of Russia on realisation of a constitutional law of citizens on health protection ... more in detail 2005
Kudryvtceva Mariy Vladilenovna
Dissertation abstracts: Activity of public authorities of the Russian Federation on the organisation and realisation of protection and state ownership protection ... more in detail 2004
Olenyuk Nikolay Romanovich
Dissertation sample: Activity of agencies in charge of preliminary investigation in customs service of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2002
Vakka, Aleksandr Borisovich
Dissertation thesis: Activity of enforcement authorities in sphere of financial improvement and bankruptcy ... more in detail 2006
SHeblykov Viktor Viktorovich
Phd dissertation: Activity of enforcement authorities on observance and protection of the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen in the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2001
Smirnova Nataliy Vasilevna
Dissertation proposal: Activity of bodies of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs-Ministry of Internal Affairs in struggle against homelessness and neglect of minors in Leningrad and Leningrad region, 1941-1949 (Ist.-legal aspect) ... more in detail 1997
ZHerdeva Nataly Ivanovna
Dissertation topics: Activity of organs of the Prosecutor's Office on legality maintenance in charity sphere ... more in detail
Hrulev Dmitriy Anatolevich
New dissertation idias: Activity of organs of the Prosecutor's Office on maintenance of economic safety of Russia ... more in detail

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