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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Fedyushin Vladimir Gennadievich
Dissertation idias: Maintenance and protection of a legal status of the person in the Russian Federation (Teoretiko-legal aspect) ... more in detail 2000
Voloshkina Nataly Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: constitutional law Maintenance on inviolability of a private life by preliminary investigation manufacture ... more in detail 2000
CHechenov Alim Magomedovich
Doctoral dissertation: Maintenance of the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen institute of returning of criminal case for additional investigation ... more in detail 2000
Grigoreva Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Appeal as the form of a legal protection of the rights and legitimate interests of participants of criminal trial in pre-judicial manufacture ... more in detail 2000
Kremnev Petr Petrovich
Dissertation sample: Formation and the termination of existence of the USSR as international subject ... more in detail 2000
Dolzhenko Nataly Igorevna
Dissertation thesis: Samples for comparative research and tactics of their reception ... more in detail 2000
Barkanov Andrey Nikolaevich
Phd dissertation: the criminal law Retroactive effect ... more in detail 2000
Antonov Vladislav Fedorovich
Dissertation proposal: Circumstances of application of institute of emergency in activity of law enforcement bodies ... more in detail 2000
Soboleva YUliy Viktorovna
Dissertation topics: Public associations as subjects of administrative law ... more in detail 2000
Akkuratov Igor YUrevich
New dissertation idias: General-theoretical and civil-law problems of privatisation of the municipal property ... more in detail 2000
Zumakulov Dalhat Mazanovich
Dissertation idias: Obshcheekologichesky crimes in sphere of industrial activity: Qualification problems ... more in detail 2000
Gavrilin Gennadiy Gavrilovich
Dissertation example: Obektivizatcija proofs as the factor of increase of efficiency of a jury ... more in detail 2000
Huzhin Alfir Mishatovich
Doctoral dissertation: Objectively-illegal behaviour in the Russian right ... more in detail 2000
Popov Viktor Viktorovich
Dissertation abstracts: Usage pravoprimenitelnoj activity ... more in detail 2000
Slesarev Arseniy Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Obligations owing to unjust enrichment ... more in detail 2000
Poroyko Miroslava Sergeevna
Dissertation thesis: Obliging and permissive rules in criminal law ... more in detail 2000
Kamishanskiy Vladimir Pavlovich
Phd dissertation: property right Restrictions (the Civil-law analysis) ... more in detail 2000
Firsov Vitaliy Viktorovich
Dissertation proposal: the Operatively-search prevention and operatively-search support of investigation of plunders in credit-bank sphere ... more in detail 2000
Ushakov Sergey Ivanovich
Dissertation topics: Organization-legal maintenance of an estimation of shots in law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2000
Kostilev Aleksey Olegovich
New dissertation idias: Organization-legal aspects of work with shots of police and gendarmerie of Russian empire, 1880 - 1917 ... more in detail 2000
Gotovtcev Aleksandr Valentinovich
Dissertation idias: Organization-legal questions of interaction of militia and internal armies in public order protection ... more in detail 2000
Kitin Evgeniy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Organization-legal Questions of retraining and improvement of professional skill of civil servants of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2000
Dibel Vasiliy YUrevich
Doctoral dissertation: Organization-legal questions of realisation of rules of passport system (On materials of capital region) ... more in detail 2000
Tyumentcev Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: Organization-legal and tactical questions of use of mass media at investigation and crime prevention ... more in detail 2000
SHapovalova YAna Vitalevna
Dissertation sample: Organization-legal bases of revival of the Russian Cossacks during the Post-Soviet period ... more in detail 2000
Lishankov Nikolay Evgenevich
Dissertation thesis: Organization-legal bases of protection of objects private security divisions at law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2000
Gabidullin Ilgiz Fanirovich
Phd dissertation: Organization-legal bases of formation and formation of militia of Bashkiria, 1917 - 1941 ... more in detail 2000
CHetvertakova Elena Sergeevna
Dissertation proposal: Organization-legal features of local government in small cities of the Russian Federation (On materials of the Ural region) ... more in detail 2000
Ivanov Vladimir Ivanovich
Dissertation topics: Organization-legal problems of interaction of heads OVD with religious associations in strengthening of the law and order and moral education of employees ... more in detail 2000
YAstrebkova Olga Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Organization-legal problems of preservation of the environment from pollution by a waste mining and the processing manufactures connected with it ... more in detail 2000

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