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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Maslov Vycheslav Vasilevich
Dissertation idias: Enrichment of speech of schoolboys by means of expressional syntax as a way of perfection of skills tekstoobrazovanija ... more in detail 2002
Grigoreva Lyudmila Evgenevna
Dissertation example: Enrichment of Russian speech of students-foreigners of building HIGH SCHOOL by terminological verbal-nominal non-predicative word-combinations ... more in detail
Beysebaeva Lyudmila Viktorovna
Doctoral dissertation: Enrichment of Russian speech of students-Kazakhs by legal lexicon ... more in detail
Gaynbihner Tatyna Nikolaevna
Dissertation abstracts: Enrichment of a lexicon of younger schoolboys at Russian lessons in polyethnic conditions of the North (On a material onomasticheskoj lexicon) ... more in detail 2003
Razakova Oly Zokirovna
Dissertation sample: Enrichment of a lexicon of law students by words with international prefixes as means of perfection of language competence ... more in detail 2007
Kupetckova Elena Fedorovna
Dissertation thesis: Enrichment of the maintenance of an image of the world at preschool children ... more in detail 1997
Gruba Nataly Aleksandrovna
Phd dissertation: Enrichment of ethnocultural orientations of the future The linguist-translator in the course of formation of its tolerance ... more in detail 2004
Epihina Nataly Olegovna
Dissertation proposal: Enrichment of the language competence of the student in educational process of high school ... more in detail 2001
Evskiy Petr Ivanovich
Dissertation topics: Defense of the Soviet Polar region in 1941 g ... more in detail 1983
YAnshin Anatoliy Irkunovich
New dissertation idias: the Equipment and visual aids as means of activization of training to special disciplines of students of is art-graphic faculties of teacher training Universities ... more in detail 2000
SHilkina Alla Nikolaevna
Dissertation idias: the Substantiation and use integrativnoj training techniques in perdprinimatelskoj to preparation of students of college ... more in detail 2008
Dvorkin Vladimir Mihaylovich
Dissertation example: the Substantiation integrativnoj techniques of selection of children in groups of initial preparation on a judo ... more in detail 2008
Goncharov Mihail YUrevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Substantiation of a complex technique of fizkulturno-improving employment with children of preschool age ... more in detail 1999
Polko Gennadiy Mihaylovich
Dissertation abstracts: the Substantiation of a technique of training to technical actions in struggle kuresh ... more in detail 2004
Sudar Viktoriy Valerevna
Dissertation sample: the Substantiation of a technique of physical training of children at adaptation to conditions of preschool educational institution ... more in detail 2004
Nikolaeva Oksana Olegovna
Dissertation thesis: the Substantiation of optimum skorostno-power training loadings of sportsmen in broad jumps ... more in detail 2007
Boykova Mayy Vladimirovna
Phd dissertation: the Substantiation of system "horseman-horse" with the account somatometricheskih indicators for management of training process of sportsmen-konnikov ... more in detail 2000
Kolkutin Anatoliy Mihaylovich
Dissertation proposal: the Substantiation of means and methods of industrial physical training for workers of titano-magnesian manufacture ... more in detail
Ney De Lukka Mekking
Dissertation topics: the Substantiation of structure and base components of system of the professional Formations on physical training in Brazil ... more in detail 2008
Marynov Boris Ivanovich
New dissertation idias: the Substantiation of testing loadings in ehtapnom the control of preparation of runners on average and long distances ... more in detail
Sokolov Evgeniy Evgenevich
Dissertation idias: the Substantiation of tests and criteria of is professional-applied physical and mental readiness of firemen-gazodymozashchitnikov ... more in detail
CHerepov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: the Substantiation of efficiency of application of circular training in physical training of children of the senior preschool age ... more in detail 2002
Faradzheva Nataly Andreevna
Doctoral dissertation: the Substantiation of efficiency of fizkulturno-improving employment with children of 5-7 years ... more in detail 2004
Osinovskay Lyudmila Mihaylovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Way of life of the schoolboy as object of humanistic education in system of vocational training of the teacher ... more in detail 2003
Pytnitckiy Aleksey Nikolaevich
Dissertation sample: Is figurative-schematic presentation in training to general scientific lexicon of English language of students of technical colleges (With application of computer technics) ... more in detail 2000
Suvorova Dina Vadimovna
Dissertation thesis: Formation in the spirit of the world in the USA and Germany: ... more in detail 2008
Hahubiy Elena YUrevna
Phd dissertation: Formation of adults in the USA (the Modern condition and development prospects) ... more in detail 1999
Rasulova Zumrat Magomedovna
Dissertation proposal: Formation and education in imamate Shamilja ... more in detail 2000
Uzdenova Sony Baymurzaevna
Dissertation topics: Formation and pedagogical thought of people Karacha and Circassia, XIX - the end of XX centuries ... more in detail 1997
Kvashnina Lyudmila Nikolaevna
New dissertation idias: Formation and religious-moral education on Arkhangelsk the North in XVIII-XIX centuries ... more in detail 1999

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