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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Gulyukina Nina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation idias: Test technologies in system of intensive adaptation of first-year students (On an example of a course of mathematics of technical university) ... more in detail 1999
Filimonov Aleksandr Alekseevich
Dissertation example: Test technologies of quality assurance of knowledge of cadets of military high school ... more in detail 2006
Bayramova ZHanneta Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: the Test control of knowledge as means of the organisation of educational activity of students ... more in detail 1999
TCareva Galina Vycheslavovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Test control as means of the organisation of independent work of students of a technical college in humanitarian subjects ... more in detail 2004
Efremova Nadezhda Fedorovna
Dissertation sample: Test quality assurance of educational achievements in formation ... more in detail 2003
Nohrina Nataly Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: the Test control at training spetcdistciplinam in establishments nachalnogoprofessionalnogo formations ... more in detail 1999
Ashkinova Lyubov Petrovna
Phd dissertation: the Test control sformirovannosti spelling literacy on Russian of pupils of an elementary school ... more in detail 1998
Sokunova Svetlana Feliksovna
Dissertation proposal: Tests and criteria of endurance in the theory and practice of preparation of sportsmen of high qualification ... more in detail 2003
Kalashnikova Svetlana Georgievna
Dissertation topics: Tests as a control device behind quality Educational achievements of younger schoolboys on Russian ... more in detail 2006
Biberina Alina Viktorovna
New dissertation idias: Tests as means of check of level of preparation of pupils on ancient history and the Middle Ages ... more in detail 2000
Pushkarev Aleksandr Eduardovich
Dissertation idias: Tests on the physicist as one of control facilities informative activity of pupils ... more in detail 1999
Mykinchenko Evgeniy Borisovich
Dissertation example: Technics of run on average distances and its interrelation with physical preparation ... more in detail
Fedyunin Ivan Viktorovich
Doctoral dissertation: Technics of execution and a training technique tvistovym a somersault of progressing complexity ... more in detail 1998
Melkonyn Albert Avetisovich
Dissertation abstracts: Technics of jerk at weight-lifters of various qualification and process of its formation ... more in detail
Musenova Elmira Aufatovna
Dissertation sample: Technicians of nejro-linguistic programming as means lichnostno the focused training of senior pupils: On an example of educational area "Chemistry" ... more in detail 2008
Tihomirov YUriy Nikolaevich
Dissertation thesis: Tehniko-tactical preparation in the Greek-Roman struggle of young sportsmen depending on morfofunktcionalnyh properties of an organism ... more in detail 2007
Kosilova Nadiy Mubinovna
Phd dissertation: Tehniko-tactical preparation of female commands on ice hockey ... more in detail 2004
Plehanova Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: Tehniko-tactical preparation of sportsmen-orientirovshchikov in the preparatory period ... more in detail 2004
TCoy Sergey Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Tehniko-tactical preparation sumoistok ... more in detail 2008
SHifrin Aleksandr Semenovich
New dissertation idias: Tehniko-tactical preparation of young fighters in connection with change of rules of competitions and taking into account spectator interest ... more in detail 2003
Ivasev Viktor Zaharovich
Dissertation idias: Tehniko-tactical Preparation of young football players taking into account a versatility of competitive actions ... more in detail 2001
Li CHzhon Ki
Dissertation example: Tehniko-tactical characteristics competitive sparringa in thehkvondo versions VTF ... more in detail 2003
YUdin Vladimir Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: Tehniko-technological problems as means of activization of informative activity of pupils of average TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGES ... more in detail
SHevchenko Denis Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: Technical and physical preparation of sportsmen of paraglider pilots at an elementary education stage ... more in detail
TCarikov Boris Andreevich
Dissertation sample: Technical training of basketball players on the basis of an individualization of process of training ... more in detail 1999
Goltcov Aleksandr Petrovich
Dissertation thesis: Technical training of volleyball players on the basis of use of system of new training devices ... more in detail
Petryev Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Technical training of highly skilled swimmers with use of the automated training complex ... more in detail 1998
Magomedov Ruslan Rasulovich
Dissertation proposal: Technical training of mountain tourists on the basis of purposeful development of function of a vestibular mechanism ... more in detail 1998
Mihaylov Vladimir YAkovlevich
Dissertation topics: Technical training of oarsmen-academists in a class of singles ... more in detail
Krasilshikov Aleksandr Konstantinovich
New dissertation idias: Technical training of oarsmen-bajdarochnikov taking into account the individual Features of coordination of movements ... more in detail

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