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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Gamaliy Vladimir Vasilevich
Dissertation idias: Technical training of all-rounders taking into account a generality of coordination structure of movements in separate kinds track and field athletics desjatiborja ... more in detail
Knyzeva Tatyna Igorevna
Dissertation example: Technical training at the initial stage of training to tennis of children of 5-6 years on the basis of the biomechanical analysis ... more in detail
Baranov Evgeniy Vadimovich
Doctoral dissertation: Technical training of pupils ... more in detail 2006
Suvorov Vladimir Vycheslavovich
Dissertation abstracts: Technical training of young football players on the basis of the account of structure of competitive activity ... more in detail 1996
Dychenko Nikolay Grigorevich
Dissertation sample: training Means in system of complex education of the musician (to problem statement) ... more in detail
Dychenko Nikolay Grigorevich
Dissertation thesis: training Means in system of complex education of the musician (to problem statement). The appendix ... more in detail
Solomin Andrey Leonidovich
Phd dissertation: Technical designing as means of formation of informative independence of teenagers in additional education establishments ... more in detail 1998
Bannikov Vladimir Anatolevich
Dissertation proposal: Technical creativity as means of formation of professional competence of the future teachers of technology in the course of their preparation in pedagogical high school ... more in detail 2008
Aleksandrov Aleksey Anatolevich
Dissertation topics: Technical creativity of students as means of improvement of quality of their vocational training ... more in detail 2006
Fedeneva Rita Mihaylovna
New dissertation idias: Tehnologizatcija as the factor of perfection of administrative activity of managers of formation ... more in detail 2000
Fitina Lyudmila Nikolaevna
Dissertation idias: Tehnologizatcija corrections konditcionnoj physical readiness of younger schoolboys ... more in detail 2000
Gasanbekova Elena Magomedovna
Dissertation example: Tehnologizatcija process of training to the mathematician at faculties with not main mathematics (On an example of tehnologo-economic faculty) ... more in detail 2004
Tomin Vitaliy Vycheslavovich
Doctoral dissertation: Technologies of interaction as the factor of development of speech activity of students ... more in detail 2006
Trifonova Elena Avenirovna
Dissertation abstracts: Technologies of interaction of the teacher and pupils in modern school education ... more in detail 2002
Bezborodova Svetlana Valentinovna
Dissertation sample: Technologies of an intensification of educational process in educational institution ... more in detail 2008
CHotchaeva Fatima Abuk-Alievna
Dissertation thesis: Technologies of use of national traditions on facultative employment in initial classes ... more in detail 2000
Skripko Anatoliy Dmitrievich
Phd dissertation: Technologies konditcionnoj and sports preparation in system of physical training of pupils and Students ... more in detail 2004
Rybichkina Galina Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: Technologies of training as means of development of communicative qualities of the future teachers (On a training material to English language) ... more in detail 2001
Gurina Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation topics: Technologies of training to the physicist of pupils of classes of a humanitarian profile ... more in detail 2001
Barishnikova Galina Vladimirovna
New dissertation idias: Technologies of preparation of students-zaochnikov of not language high school to independent work in the course of foreign language studying ... more in detail 2006
Preobrazhenskay Inna Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: Technologies of positioning of educational services in activity of pedagogical collectives ... more in detail 2004
ZHernosek Anna Mihaylovna
Dissertation example: Technologies of application of employment by step-aerobics in improving training ... more in detail 2007
SHapovalova Larisa Ivanovna
Doctoral dissertation: Technologies of development of conceptual thinking of pupils of an elementary school (On a material obuch. grammat. To the party inojaz. Speeches) ... more in detail 1998
SHakurova Zumeyra Munirovna
Dissertation abstracts: Technologies of realisation of continuity of vocational training of experts in system ssuz-high school (On an example of power specialities) ... more in detail 2002
Saykina Lyudmila Vasilevna
Dissertation sample: Technologies of welfare animation in the course of correction deviantnogo behaviour of teenagers ... more in detail 2007
Grigorov Sergey YUrevich
Dissertation thesis: Technologies of welfare activity as the factor of formation of spiritually-moral qualities of the person of cadets of military schools ... more in detail 2008
Kurilovich Nadezhda Vasilevna
Phd dissertation: Technologies of is social-pedagogical support as means of activization of older persons in establishments of social protection of the population ... more in detail 2004
Azizova Samera Magomedganievna
Dissertation proposal: Technologies of mental work as the factor of formation at students of aspirations to self-realisation in their educational activity ... more in detail 2005
Kurneshova Larisa Evgenevna
Dissertation topics: Technologies of management of regional programs of development of the general education ... more in detail 2004
Kurbatov Oleg Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: Technologies of management of special preparation of women-pryguny threefold at a stage of sports perfection ... more in detail

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