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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
SHugaipova Zulfiy Munirovna
Dissertation idias: Continuity in training to algebra elements in 1-6 classes ... more in detail 2000
Ahmetshina Elmira Gabdullovna
Dissertation example: Continuity in development of art culture of the person in system: "preschool educational institution - school - high school" ... more in detail 2000
Ahmetshina Elmira Gabdullovna
Doctoral dissertation: Continuity in development of art culture of the person in system: " Preschool educational institution - school - high school "(Means FROM) ... more in detail 2000
Larina Nataly Ivanovna
Dissertation abstracts: environment Continuity in formation of concepts at pupils of initial and incomplete average Schools ... more in detail 2000
Guselnikova Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Continuity doprofessionalnoj preparations of pupils of the senior classes in system "school-high school" ... more in detail 2000
Salenko Mihail Aleksandrovich
Dissertation thesis: Continuity of is musical-historical preparation of the teacher of music (Pedagogical college - pedagogical high school) ... more in detail 2000
Smirnova Tatyna Sergeevna
Phd dissertation: Continuity at training to the mathematician in system "high school - military-economic high school" ... more in detail 2000
Smirnova Tatyna Sergeevna
Dissertation proposal: Continuity at training to the mathematician in system "high school - military-economic high school" ... more in detail 2000
Gaysin Ilgizar Timergalievich
Dissertation topics: Continuity of system of continuous ecological formation ... more in detail 2000
Simdynkina Elena Evgenevna
New dissertation idias: Continuity of technology of training in system"lycje-university"(On an example of teaching of physical and mathematical disciplines) ... more in detail 2000
Baychorova Alita Aslanbekovna
Dissertation idias: Continuity of traditional norms of moral education of children of the younger School age at the mountain people (On an ethnopedagogics material karachaevtcev) ... more in detail 2000
Barishnikova Nataly Gennadevna
Dissertation example: Continuity of formation of educational activity of students of a teacher training University (On a material of studying of linguistic disciplines) ... more in detail 2000
Botasheva Halimat Hasanovna
Doctoral dissertation: Continuity of ethnocultural traditions mezhpokolennyh relations in pedagogics karachaevskogo the people ... more in detail 2000
SHatohin Georgiy Grigorevich
Dissertation abstracts: Transformation of system of improvement of professional skill of teachers of average vocational training ... more in detail 2000
Nikolskay Olga Lazarevna
Dissertation sample: Overcoming of didactic difficulties as a condition of development of creative potential of the teacher ... more in detail 2000
Voronin Igor YUrevich
Dissertation thesis: Overcoming of interpersonal conflicts in a sports command ... more in detail 2000
Kalashnikov Valentin Andreevich
Phd dissertation: Overcoming of contradictions of a modern comprehensive school in activity of municipal controls by formation ... more in detail 2000
Pavlova Inna Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: Teaching of a course of business English language in the senior classes of schools with profound studying of a foreign language ... more in detail 2000
YAkshin Evgeniy Ivanovich
Dissertation topics: Teaching of mathematics in the conditions of national schools Hunts-Mansijskogo of autonomous region (On an example 5 - 6 classes) ... more in detail 2000
Turebaeva Bayn Zarlikovna
New dissertation idias: Case phenomena as formation means kulturovedcheskoj The competence at training to Russian of pupils of the senior classes of the Kazakh school ... more in detail 2000
Zubova Irina Ivanovna
Dissertation idias: the Applied orientation of system of problems of the physical maintenance at training to the mathematician in high school ... more in detail 2000
Radchenko Pavel Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Application of innovative technologies in training of students of colleges of law (On an example of courses "Criminal law" and "Criminal trial") ... more in detail 2000
Bashkatova YUliy Viktorovna
Doctoral dissertation: Application of new information technologies in studying of the theory of functions of a complex variable ... more in detail 2000
TCvelay Irina Anatolevna
Dissertation abstracts: Application of new information technologies at studying obshchetehnicheskih disciplines ... more in detail 2000
Semenova Olga Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Application of pedagogical technologies in teaching of special disciplines in proflitcee (On a discipline example "Technology of electric welding by fusion) ... more in detail 2000
Zemlykov Aleksandr Egorovich
Dissertation thesis: the Principle of communication of education with a life in history of the Chuvash school and pedagogics ... more in detail 2000
Kudinov Vitaliy Alekseevich
Phd dissertation: Principles of construction and use of expert training systems in a course "Theoretical bases of computer science" ... more in detail 2000
Kanaev Dmitriy Borisovich
Dissertation proposal: Principles of creation and application of electronic toolkit in management of pedagogical process ... more in detail 2000
Anshakova Vera Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Prirodosoobraznyj the approach in training of a course of the general chemistry in the higher school ... more in detail 2000
Belentcov Sergey Ivanovich
New dissertation idias: the Problem of civil education in Russian pedagogics and school in the end of XIX - the beginning of the XX-th centuries ... more in detail 2000

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