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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Krilov Viktor Andreevich
Dissertation idias: Clinical and psychological features, Daily profiles of arterial pressure at an arterial hypertonia on a workplace at experts of a camera profile ... more in detail 2004
Sergeev Aleksey Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: Clinical and psychophysiological features of a headache of a strain at teenagers with a somatic pathology ... more in detail 2008
Arhipova Irina Viktorovna
Doctoral dissertation: Clinical and rehabilitational aspects of alienations at women with the diagnosis "a mammary gland cancer" at a stage of surgical treatment ... more in detail 2008
SHpakov Aleksandr Valerevich
Dissertation abstracts: Clinical and socially-psychological features of a female alcoholism in ethnic popupljatcijah Southern Urals Mountains ... more in detail 2006
Boeva Alevtina Viktorovna
Dissertation sample: Clinical both socially-psychological characteristics suitcidentov and methods of short-term crisis psychotherapy (on materials obshchebolnichnoj a medical network) ... more in detail 2004
Verhodanova Tatyna Valerevna
Dissertation thesis: Clinical and social factors of formation of aggressive behaviour sick of schizophrenia ... more in detail 2007
Al-Hasan Uasfi Hosni Ali
Phd dissertation: Clinical and structurally functional features of cardiovascular system and quality of a life at persons of young age with prolapsom the mitral valve at various levels of arterial pressure ... more in detail 2007
Buzinovskiy Igor Pavlovich
Dissertation proposal: Clinical and structural features of system of the specialised otorhinolaryngological help in a confrontation ... more in detail 2004
Frolov Nikolay Anatolevich
Dissertation topics: Clinical and medicolegal aspects of damages of jaws ... more in detail 2007
Gubanova Marina Nikolaevna
New dissertation idias: Clinical and technological aspects of perfection of activity of service of blood of the subject ... more in detail 2008
Vasileva Lyudmila Vasilevna
Dissertation idias: Clinical and is functional-morphological changes in parodonte at military men of Land forces at complex treatment parodontita and a parodontosis ... more in detail 2006
Kim Eduard Feliksovich
Dissertation example: Clinical and surgical aspects of an intravital donorship of fragments of a liver ... more in detail 2008
Ivanova Elena Lvovna
Doctoral dissertation: Clinical and electroencephalographic criteria of the forecast of consequences periventrikuljarnoj lejkomaljatcii at not full-term children ... more in detail 2004
Batueva Nataly Grigorevna
Dissertation abstracts: Clinical and ehtnokulturalnye characteristics of persons with the alienations, made aggressive illegal actions (on Republic Buryatiya materials) ... more in detail 2007
Koval Anzhelika Petrovna
Dissertation sample: Clinical researches in stomatology: Medical features and social demands ... more in detail 2007
Ovchinnikov Sergey Valentinovich
Dissertation thesis: Clinical features of an alcoholism at young women with deviantnym behaviour ... more in detail 2008
Rodionov Anton Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Clinical features of an arterial hypertensia and optimisation of the differentiated approaches to therapy at patients with a primary hyperaldosteronism ... more in detail 2004
Zikova Olga Alekseevna
Dissertation proposal: Clinical features of a hepatitis And at water flashes both sporadic cases of disease and efficiency of metabolic therapy [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Pribitkov Aleksey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation topics: Clinical features of depressive disorders of neurotic level in the postnatal period ... more in detail 2006
Gerasimenko Svetlana Sergeevna
New dissertation idias: Clinical features and diagnostics of pyoinflammatory diseases of a skin and umbilical ranki at newborn children ... more in detail 2008
Van YUnpn
Dissertation idias: Clinical features and complex treatment of patients with oligodedrogliomami and oligoastrotcitomami hemicerebrums ... more in detail 2007
Troitckay Irina Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: Clinical features and neurovegetative disturbances at teenagers, Sick of a bronchial asthma ... more in detail
Selihova Marianna Valerievna
Doctoral dissertation: Clinical features and a pathogenesis of the early period of illness Parkinsona, the differentiated approach to treatment ... more in detail 2004
Medvedeva Larisa Valentinovna
Dissertation abstracts: Clinical features and indicators of secretory immunity at children with a bronchial asthma ... more in detail 2006
Dankovtceva Elena Nikolaevna
Dissertation sample: Clinical features and polymorphism of genes of system of a hemostasis, endothelial factors and reguljatornyh fibers at patients with early and late development of ischemic illness of heart ... more in detail 2005
Lozovetckay Mariy Vycheslavovna
Dissertation thesis: Clinical features and forecasting of a current family nepolipoznogo a colon cancer ... more in detail 2006
SHakirova Regina Mursalimovna
Phd dissertation: Clinical features and raprostranennost a chronic heart failure in Republic Tatarstan ... more in detail 2006
SHaylieva Lyuaza Osmanovna
Dissertation proposal: Clinical features and a condition of a bronchial tree sick of a bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive illness of lungs in a combination to a hyperoxaluria [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Butikov Vladimir Petrovich
Dissertation topics: Clinical features and daily profiles of arterial pressure at an arterial hypertonia, Not complicated and complicated by a cerebral stroke ... more in detail 2004
Kidrasova Nuriy Faukatovna
New dissertation idias: Clinical features and risk factors of formation of posttraumatic stressful disorders at minors condemned ... more in detail 2007

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