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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Pasternak Ilona Anatolevna
Dissertation idias: the Structurally functional characteristic of a thyroid gland during the various periods of children's age (on materials of autopsies of the Chelyabinsk regional pathoanatomical bureau) ... more in detail 2008
CHernousova Anna Rustmovna
Dissertation example: the Structurally functional condition of cardiovascular system of a HIV-infected of patients against highly active antiretrovirusnoj therapies ... more in detail 2007
Medvedeva YUliy Nikolaevna
Doctoral dissertation: the Structurally functional condition of heart at a metabolic syndrome at women in a surgical climacterium [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Galitcina Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Structurally functional and immunovospalitelnye markers of an atherosclerosis at patients with the broken tolerance to a glucose and a diabetes of 2nd type ... more in detail 2006
Eganyn Emma Varshamovna
Dissertation sample: Structurally functional changes in the timiko-lymphatic apparatus after an oncotomy (Experimentally-morphological research) ... more in detail
Stepakina Ekaterina Ivanovna
Dissertation thesis: Structurally functional changes of a brain at the congenital Hydrocephaluses at children ... more in detail 2004
ZHidkova Dary Alekseevna
Phd dissertation: Structurally functional changes of a left ventricle at recipients of a renal allotransplant and the factors influencing their dynamics ... more in detail 2008
Badaeva Saglar Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: Structurally functional changes of a myocardium at advance of chronic renal insufficiency [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
SHmirin Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Dissertation topics: Structurally functional changes colonic and a rectum according to their ultrasonic research at sick chronic constipation ... more in detail 2004
Galisheva Zily Klimovna
New dissertation idias: of Structurally functional change of cardiovascular system at children of teenage age with an arterial hypertensia ... more in detail 2007
Zaharova| YUliy Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: Structurally functional changes of heart and efficiency of antihypertensive therapy at a combination of an arterial hypertensia and abdominal adiposity at women in perimenopauze ... more in detail 2008
Goritcina Violetta Evgrafovna
Dissertation example: Structurally functional changes of heart at sick arterial hypertensia and at experimental animals at acute stress, And also possibilities of their medicamental correction ... more in detail 2007
Harchenko Vladimir Vasilevich
Doctoral dissertation: Structurally functional features of various zones of a mucosa of a nasal cavity of the person in norm and at some forms of an inflammatory pathology ... more in detail 2004
Kuznetcova Vera Valentinovna
Dissertation abstracts: Structurally functional features of heart at persons of young age with a dysplasia of a connecting tissue at an arterial hypertonia and a hypotension [Electron Resource] ... more in detail
Kazantceva Larisa Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Structurally functional indicators of heart, dysfunction of an endothelium at patients with the chronic renal insufficiency, receiving a hemodialysis, And recipients of a renal graft [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Lyubarskay YUliy Olegovna
Dissertation thesis: Structurally functional consequences of a nephrectomy, Made on ehlektivnym to indications at a cancer ... more in detail 2006
Gavrilyuk Vasiliy Petrovich
Phd dissertation: Structurally functional properties of erythrocytes at an acute pancreatitis ... more in detail 2008
Nichik Tatyna Evgenevna
Dissertation proposal: Structurally functional characteristics of kidneys at patients with an arterial hypertensia and a moderate proteinuria ... more in detail 2008
SHerbak Liana Nodarovna
Dissertation topics: the Structurally functional analysis of gene LMP1 of a virus of Epstein-Barr at sick of a nasopharynx cancer ... more in detail 2003
Lishenko Oksana Viktorovna
New dissertation idias: Structurally-cytochemical criteria of activation nejtrofilnyh leucocytes at sick of a myocardial infarction ... more in detail 2006
CHuprinenko Lyudmila Mihaylovna
Dissertation idias: Structurally-cytochemical signs of functional activity nejtrofilnyh leucocytes at an iron deficiency anaemia ... more in detail 2006
Ektova Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Strukturnofunktcionalnoe a condition of the left auricle and a right ventricle at an idiopathic hypertensia [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Kupov Sergey Sergeevich
Doctoral dissertation: Structurally-resonant therapy in treatment of fractures of bones (clinico-eksperimentlnoe research) ... more in detail 2008
Gizatullina Elvira Rafikovna
Dissertation abstracts: Structural and biomechanical features of a mucosa of a gum ... more in detail 2006
Arsentev Igor Nikolaevich
Dissertation sample: Structural and functional changes of a duodenum at a pancreatonecrosis (experimental research) [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Kibitov Aleksandr Olegovich
Dissertation thesis: Structural and functional features of a gene tirozingidroksilazy and congenital predisposition to alcoholic dependence ... more in detail 2004
Komelskih Kseniy Aleksandrovna
Phd dissertation: Structural changes of a brain at sick of an arterial hypertonia according to a magnitno-resonant tomography: Influence of medicamental treatment ... more in detail 2008
Vologirov Aslan Safarbievich
Dissertation proposal: Structural changes of a cortex of frontal area of the big brain of the person from a birth till 20 years ... more in detail 2004
Dublev Andrey Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Structural changes of a metabolism and oxygen balance of patients at coronary shunting in the conditions of an artificial circulation ... more in detail 2008
Grybina Nataly Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Structural changes of peripheric arteries - early prediktor an atherosclerotic lesion of coronary arteries at asymptomatic recipients of an allogenic graft of a kidney ... more in detail 2008

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