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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Nazarov YUriy Viktorovich
Dissertation idias: the Medicolegal characteristic of fire damages of 10 mm the rubber bullets shot from revolver R1 (experimental research) [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Musin Eldar Hasenovich
Dissertation example: the Medicolegal characteristic of damages from the gas weapon by elastic shells of traumatic action [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Poplavskiy Andrey Eduardovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Forensic medical examination as a subject of the social conflict ... more in detail 2004
Putintcev Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Dissertation abstracts: the Forensic medical examination of gravity of harm to health at traumas of area of a hip joint [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Zoroastrov Maksim Olegovich
Dissertation sample: Medicolegal aspects of dynamics and genetic bases samotcbijstv at inhabitants of the Tyumen region ... more in detail 2006
Ivshin Ily Valerianovich
Dissertation thesis: Medicolegal aspects of professional crimes of medical workers against a life and health [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Pozdeev Aleksey Rodionovich
Phd dissertation: the Medicolegal analysis of clinico-pharmacological defects of the medical help to the patient in premortalnyj the period ... more in detail 2008
Hristoforova Olga Valerevna
Dissertation proposal: the Medicolegal expert analysis of complications after intraarticulate introduction of some medical products ... more in detail 2006
Potapova Olga Muratovna
Dissertation topics: Medicolegal value ploidometricheskogo researches of cells of a mucosa of a stomach at mors from a hypothermia ... more in detail 2006
Kireeva Elena Andreevna
New dissertation idias: Medicolegal definition of prescription of fractures of ribs ... more in detail 2008
Rusakova Tatyna Ivanovna
Dissertation idias: Medicolegal definition of prescription of damages of a lien, prichinenyh stupid subjects [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Lapteva Mariy Igorevna
Dissertation example: the Medicolegal establishment of prescription of a stupid mechanical trauma of soft tissues (morfometricheskoe research) ... more in detail 2007
Baybulatov Timur Dalelovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Medicolegal establishment of mechanisms of formation of fractures of short tubular bones of a brush at various kinds of a traumatising firm stupid subjects ... more in detail 2005
Klopina Tatyna Sergeevna
Dissertation abstracts: a judicial-psychiatric estimation according to the item 22 UK the Russian Federation a mental condition of the persons who have made sex offences ... more in detail 2008
Berseneva YUliy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: a judicial-psychiatric estimation accused persons suffering by organic disorder (clinico-nejrofiziologicheskoe research) ... more in detail 2004
TCiro Inna Vycheslavovna
Dissertation thesis: a judicial-psychiatric estimation of gravity of harm to health at alienations at victims ... more in detail 2004
Korzun Dmitriy Nikolaevich
Phd dissertation: judicial-psychiatric examination of persons with the organic alienations, made property transactions ... more in detail 2004
Lazareva Irina Igorevna
Dissertation proposal: judicial-psychiatric criteria of application of the item 22 UK the Russian Federation to minors with organic alienations [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Umanskiy Mark Stanislavovich
Dissertation topics: Suicidal behaviour and the characteristic of alcoholics of late age ... more in detail 2007
ZHabo Elena Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Suicidal tendencies at the alcoholics who have transferred a craniocerebral trauma ... more in detail 2004
Solynik YUliy Anatolevna
Dissertation idias: Superselective \Nb-BLOCKERS in treatment of ischemic illness of heart at 2nd type sick of a diabetes ... more in detail 2004
Akopov Grigoriy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Suprakoronarnoe prosthetics at the stratifying aortic aneurysm with aortal insufficiency ... more in detail 2008
YAkovlev Georgiy YUrevich
Doctoral dissertation: Supratentorialnye of a cavernoma, sochetannye with epileptic attacks: Clinic, diagnostics, treatment ... more in detail 2004
Anosov Dmitriy YUrevich
Dissertation abstracts: Suspensions ilovyh sulphidic muds of lake Hansky as an ingredient of out-patient regenerative treatment sick of chronic prostatites [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Zukova Nataly Viktorovna
Dissertation sample: Articulate a syndrome in population of countrymen of Krasnoyarsk region: the clinico-epidemiological characteristic ... more in detail 2008
Markova Nataliy Gennadevna
Dissertation thesis: the Articulate syndrome at the widespread rheumatic diseases combined with a diabetes [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Makarov YUriy Sergeevich
Phd dissertation: Daily intragastralnoe pH-monitoring in an estimation of variants of a clinical current of a peptic ulcer of a duodenum and antisecretory activity of inhibitors of a proton pomp ... more in detail 2004
Umanskay Inna YUrevna
Dissertation proposal: Daily monitoring of arterial pressure and correction of psychosomatic disorders at women in perimenopauzalnom the period [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Alieva Amina Magomedovna
Dissertation topics: Daily monitoring of parametres of functioning of cardiovascular system at persons aged is more senior 55 years with an arterial hypertensia ... more in detail 2004
Andreeva Elena Ivanovna
New dissertation idias: the Daily profile of arterial pressure and optimisation of therapy of an arterial hypertensia at sick diabetes [the Electron resource] ... more in detail

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