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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Bagreeva Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: the Istoriko-comparative analysis of psychological practice in penitentciarnyh establishments of the Scandinavian countries and Russia ... more in detail
Vishegorodtceva Svetlana Olegovna
Dissertation example: the Historical analysis of development of musical psychology in the XX-th century ... more in detail 2001
Ivanova, Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: History and a modern condition of the system approach in domestic psychology ... more in detail 2005
Kuznetcova Elvira Ahmatbagizetovna
Dissertation abstracts: History of studying of a phenomenon of a synesthesia ... more in detail 2005
Kuleshova Lyudmila Nikolaevna
Dissertation sample: History of domestic psychology of education, 60th years XIX - 60th years HH centuries ... more in detail 1999
Noskova Olga Gennadevna
Dissertation thesis: History of psychology of work to Russia, 1917-1957 ... more in detail 1998
Meshalkina Nataliy Borisovna
Phd dissertation: History of working out of problems of a psychohygiene in Russia ... more in detail 1999
Samodelov Vladimir Gennadevich
Dissertation proposal: Personnel resources of region (the Socially-psychological condition and optimisation ways; On materials administratively-hozjajstvenny ... more in detail 2002
Aksenova Elena Anatolevna
Dissertation topics: Personnel competition as the factor of organizational development ... more in detail 2002
Kulik Anastasiy Andreevna
New dissertation idias: the Picture of the world of persons, Gone through earthquake ... more in detail 2008
ZHdanovich Anastasiy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation idias: Career orientations in structure of the professional JA-concept of students ... more in detail 2008
Nikolenko YUliy Sergeevna
Dissertation example: Kategorialnaja structure and the maintenance of an image of money at students of Far East region ... more in detail 2007
SHiman Vera Adolfovna
Doctoral dissertation: Kategorialnaja structure of an image of the world of the doctor who is engaged in east medical experts ... more in detail
Trubetckoy Aleksey YUrevich
Dissertation abstracts: the Category of reputation in sociopolitical communications ... more in detail 2006
Onuchin Andrey Nikolaevich
Dissertation sample: Causal atributcija in construction of an image of the contemporary at senior pupils ... more in detail 1999
Mihaylova Irina Viktorovna
Dissertation thesis: Causal atributcija and samoatributcija in difficult vital situations ... more in detail 2007
Dalgatov Magomed Magomedaminovich
Phd dissertation: Causal atributcii of achievements as the factor of efficiency of educational and pedagogical activity ... more in detail 2006
Balanev Dmitriy YUrevich
Dissertation proposal: Cybernetic reduktcionizm in psychology in a context of the istoriko-system approach ... more in detail 1999
Sirtcev Aleksey Vitalevich
Dissertation topics: Clinico-psychological mechanisms of destructive behaviour at teenagers with disharmony of mental development ... more in detail 2003
Klochkova Lyubov Valentinovna
New dissertation idias: Clinico-psychological features of consciousness of alcoholics ... more in detail 1993
Safadi Hassan
Dissertation idias: Clinico-psychological features of mental working capacity at poor schoolboys with a delay of mental development ... more in detail 1998
Trifonova Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Clinico-psychological factors of disturbance of mental adaptation and quality of a life sick of an achrestic diabetes ... more in detail 2004
Ilina Lyudmila Nikolaevna
Doctoral dissertation: Clinico-psychological factors, Forming a stammering ... more in detail 2002
Beskova Dary Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Clinico-psychological characteristics of external and internal borders of a corporality ... more in detail
Malish Nataly Davidovna
Dissertation sample: Clinico-psychological characteristics and specificity of family education of girls-teenagers with disturbances in genesial system ... more in detail 2004
Ostapenko Anastasiy Viktorovna
Dissertation thesis: Clinico-psychological characteristics of the person of participants of local wars and them protectively-sovladajushchego behaviour ... more in detail 2007
Pytakova Galina Viktorovna
Phd dissertation: Clinico-psychological studying of features of the person of teenagers with impellent disturbances of a various genesis ... more in detail 2000
Vasileva Nina Vasilevna
Dissertation proposal: Clinico-psychological research of aggression of the person ... more in detail 1998
Surovtceva Alfira Kasimovna
Dissertation topics: Clinico-psychological research of quality of a life sick of depressive disorders ... more in detail
ZHivitca Olga Vasilevna
New dissertation idias: Kognitivnaja differentcirovannost and obuchaemost younger schoolboys and teenagers ... more in detail 2004

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