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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Nesterova Svetlana Valentinovna
Dissertation idias: Formation of cultural space of a city of Barnaul in XVIII - the beginning of XX century ... more in detail 2000
Kireeva Tatyna Valentinovna
Dissertation example: Formation of the cultural environment of ensemble of country business school ... more in detail 2007
Simonyn Eleonora Gamletovna
Doctoral dissertation: Formation of an image of a science in the West European culture ... more in detail 2008
Dusaeva Enzhe Midhatovna
Dissertation abstracts: Formation of an image Frantciska Assizsky in the West European culture XIII - n. XIV centuries ("Legenda maior" Bonaventury and a cycle of frescos Dzhotto in Top church Assizi) ... more in detail 2004
Kuchumova Ekaterina Valentinovna
Dissertation sample: Formation of a legal discourse in the Russian culture of the end of the XX-th century ... more in detail 2003
Derybin Dmitriy Igorevich
Dissertation thesis: Formation of the Soviet art intelligency in higher educational institutions of Moscow and Petrograd ... more in detail 2005
Skorbenko Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Phd dissertation: Formation sotciokulturnogo operational invarianta in activity of the journalist ... more in detail 2003
Askerova Lyudmila Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: tolerance Formation in religion and art culture of the West European Education and Romanticism: XVIII - nach. XIX centuries ... more in detail 2006
Alekseeva Ekaterina Viktorovna
Dissertation topics: Formation of valuable representations in English and Russian publicism of 2nd half XVIII century ... more in detail 2005
Starigina Anna Vasilevna
New dissertation idias: display Forms sobornosti and ehshatologizma as lines of Russian national consciousness in the literature and folklore ... more in detail 2003
Gubareva Olga Viktorovna
Dissertation idias: Forms reprezentatcii mythological model of culture in Russia of the end XIX - first half XX centuries ... more in detail 2006
Belyeva Evgeniy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Forms sotciokulturnogo church and state interactions ... more in detail 2004
U Suk Eng
Doctoral dissertation: Piano program music in a cultural history (the Problem of interaction of arts) ... more in detail 2003
Mazikov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Dissertation abstracts: the Piano performing art in cultural space of a postmodernism ... more in detail 2008
Iglamova Adely Ahmetovna
Dissertation sample: Piano ispolnitelstvo as a culture phenomenon ... more in detail 2006
Giniytova Elena Vladimrovna
Dissertation thesis: the Photo as a way problematizatcii a corporality in modern culture ... more in detail 2007
Vasileva ZHanna Vladimirovna
Phd dissertation: a fashion Photo in culture of Russia of boundary XX-XXI centuries ... more in detail 2008
Totisheva Svetlana Sergeevna
Dissertation proposal: Phraseology in traditional culture of Khakases (the Lingvokulturologichesky analysis) ... more in detail 2004
Ivanskay Irina Vladislavovna
Dissertation topics: the French culture in Russia Peter I epoch ... more in detail 2007
SHalotkina Nadezhda Alekseevna
New dissertation idias: the French cultural anthropology of the XX-th century: tendencies and prospects ... more in detail 2007
Kufen Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation idias: Frenchmen and Russian in the end of XVIII - first half XIX centuries: dynamics of mutual perception of cultures ... more in detail 2003
Astafeva Lyubov Evgenevna
Dissertation example: Functions of dialogue of cultures in genesis znamennogo a singsong ... more in detail 2007
Alferova Nataly Vasilevna
Doctoral dissertation: portrait Functions in Russian culture ... more in detail 2006
Rud Nataly Petrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Functioning of mythological consciousness nivhov in rituals, musical folklore and an ornament, the end XIX - the XXI-st century beginning ... more in detail 2003
Sergazina, Karligash Tolegenovna
Dissertation sample: Hlystovstvo as a cultural-historical phenomenon: On a material of communities of first half XVIII century ... more in detail 2005
Sitova Eleonora Valerevna
Dissertation thesis: the Choreographic art and children: aesthetic and moral aspects of education ... more in detail 2001
Lezhneva Tatyna Mihaylovna
Phd dissertation: Choral art as the factor inkulturatcii persons ... more in detail 2006
Kuzmina Albina Semenovna
Dissertation proposal: Hristianizatcija the radical people of the Obsky North: cultural urological aspect ... more in detail 2003
Zemskova Vera Ivanovna
Dissertation topics: Christian a basil: Architecture and ideology ... more in detail 2006
Plehanova Elena Olegovna
New dissertation idias: Christian/pagan in dialogue of cultures of Vjatsko-Kamsky region ... more in detail 2002

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