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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Anoshkin Roman Valerevich
Dissertation idias: Demographic safety of Smolensk area: theoretical and applied aspects of geographical analysis ... more in detail 2008
Filina Elena Petrovna
Dissertation example: the Demographic situation in the Penza area: regional features, tendencies, development prospects ... more in detail 2007
Bubnova Olga Gennadevna
Doctoral dissertation: Deficiency of structures amfibolov both micas from amfibolitov and crystal shales arhejskogo a complex of the Kola super-deep well ... more in detail 2006
Muratov Aleksandr Borisovich
Dissertation abstracts: Deformations of a channel of Kara Kum canal ... more in detail 2004
Melnikova Valentina Ivanovna
Dissertation sample: Deformation parametres of earth crust of the Baikal rift zone on seismological data ... more in detail 2008
Karelina Irina Vladimirovna
Dissertation thesis: Deshifrirovanie physicomechanical properties gruntov under digital images at mechanical influences on the soil bases ... more in detail 2005
Garsiy Blanko Rolando
Phd dissertation: Activity of Communist party of Cuba on patriotic and internationalist education of youth ... more in detail
ZHilchuk Ivan Anatolevich
Dissertation proposal: The Diagnosis and the forecast of landing characteristics of visibility with glissady decrease in fogs of mountain district ... more in detail 2006
Bochkin Sergey Pavlovich
Dissertation topics: the Diagnosis and the forecast of duration of difficult meteorological conditions ... more in detail 2006
Dykov Sergey Aleksandrovich
New dissertation idias: the Diagnosis and the forecast of level of pollution of atmosphere (On an example of Voronezh) ... more in detail 2004
Andrianov Gennadiy Nikolaevich
Dissertation idias: the Diagnosis of oceanologic conditions methods of the multidimensional statistical analysis ... more in detail 2005
Soloveva Mariy Sergeevna
Dissertation example: Diagnostics large-scale ionosfernyh indignations of a seismic origin of probing low-frequency signals ... more in detail 2008
Bogomolov Oleg Valentinovich
Doctoral dissertation: Diagnostics nagruzhennosti and a resource of rotors of pumping units under indications of gauges of deformations of integrated type ... more in detail 2007
Fakhire Akbar
Dissertation abstracts: Diagnostics pasturable digressii dry steppes of the Central Mongolia ... more in detail 2004
Kadigrov Nikolay Evgenevich
Dissertation sample: Diagnostics of evolution of geophysical processes in systems of monitoring of environment ... more in detail 2006
YUkin Grigoriy Arkadevich
Dissertation thesis: Diagnosing, the operative control and optimisation of operating modes of gas-processing units ... more in detail 2003
Ashepkov Mihail YUrevich
Phd dissertation: Dilatatsionno-wave influence on oil seams dynamics of operation shtangovogo the pump ... more in detail 2003
Grenaderova Anna Valentinovna
Dissertation proposal: Dynamics of bogs of Krasnoyarsk and Minusinsk forest-steppes ... more in detail 2005
Nosov Mihail Aleksandrovich
Dissertation topics: Dynamics of a water layer at strong seismic movements of an oceanic bottom (the Tsunami, moretrjasenija and the related phenomena) ... more in detail 2003
Zadonina Nataly Vitalevna
New dissertation idias: Dynamics of time variations of intensity of dangerous natural processes and geoinformation approaches to their forecasting ... more in detail 2005
Kobilkin Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Dynamics of geosystems Selenginsky srednegorja in pozdneneoplejstotcenovoe time ... more in detail 2007
Ermakov Stanislav Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Dynamics of gravitatsionno-capillary waves at ocean in the presence of films Surface-active agents ... more in detail 2008
ZHirenko Galina Nikolaevna
Doctoral dissertation: Dynamics of demographic processes in Stavropol Territory ... more in detail 2005
Voropaev Sergey Ivanovich
Dissertation abstracts: Dynamics and interactions of eddy structures in stratified / a rotating liquid ... more in detail 2003
YAralidarani Nabiollah
Dissertation sample: Dynamics and a modern condition hvojno-shirokolistvennyh woods of the Moscow area (On an area Naro-Fominskogo example) ... more in detail 2004
Klimov Dmitriy Sergeevich
Dissertation thesis: Dynamics and a sustainable development ehtnogeosistem ... more in detail 2006
Klimov Dmitriy Sergeevich
Phd dissertation: Dynamics and a sustainable development ehtnogeosistem: on an example ehtnogeosistem the Kalmyk people of Russia and an American Indian tribe jute the USA ... more in detail 2006
Gledzer Aleksey Evgenevich
Dissertation proposal: Dynamics konechnomernyh geophysical currents and influence of various mechanisms of viscosity ... more in detail 2004
Kovalev Evgeniy Erevich
Dissertation topics: Dynamics shallow ustevogo a river beach Volga according to space shootings ... more in detail 2005
Vasilev Aleksandr Alekseevich
New dissertation idias: Dynamics of sea coast in kriolitozone the Western sector of the Russian Arctic regions:Na an example of Kara sea ... more in detail 2004

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