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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Karataev Gennadiy Ivanovich
Dissertation idias: Mobile genetical elements Bordetella pertussis and their role in regulation of genes of virulence of the originator of a whooping cough. ... more in detail 2008
Belyeva Elena Spartakovna
Dissertation example: Mobile genetical elements Drosophila melanogaster features of localisation and the transpositions correlating with change of a phenotype ... more in detail
Markovskiy Aleksey Nikolaevich
Doctoral dissertation: Models of flat vortical flows and an ecology problem ... more in detail 2005
Dubova Evgeniy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Modelling of antigene drift of viruses of a flu And (HINI), secured from feral auks ... more in detail
Grohlina Tatyna Ivanovna
Dissertation sample: Modelling of interaction of caffeine with nucleic acids a method of molecular mechanics ... more in detail 2007
Pelipenko Oleg Nikolaevich
Dissertation thesis: Modelling of influence of an ambient temperature on a thermal field of a layer of a skin with a pathology of veins ... more in detail 2005
Kurbatova Anna Igorevna
Phd dissertation: Modelling of influence of outliers of the enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy on wood biogeocenoses ... more in detail 2006
Greshilova Nataly Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: Modelling of geographical variability of phytomass and year production of woods of the Yenisei meridian (On an example svetlohvojnyh breeds) ... more in detail 2003
Richkov Georgiy Nikolaevich
Dissertation topics: Modelling of hydration of proteins on the basis of calculations of the area of the surface accessible to solvent ... more in detail 2007
Kornilov Vasiliy Vycheslavovich
New dissertation idias: Modelling of dynamics of monolayers of polynonsaturated lipids ... more in detail 2004
Ryzanova Lyudmila Sergeevna
Dissertation idias: Modelling of dynamics nejro-glialnyh of ensembles ... more in detail 2007
Benkova Anna Viktorovna
Dissertation example: dynamics Modelling net-efficiency coniferous in limens tcirkumpoljarnogo the ring and an average taiga ... more in detail 2003
Gerus Dina Evgenevna
Doctoral dissertation: Modelling and registration introgressivnyh of processes between some kinds of sort Elymus (Poaceae) ... more in detail 2008
Rechkina Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Modelling of individual antigenic determinants of proteins of a virus of a hepatitis With by means of technology fagovogo of the display, Analysis of their antigene and immunifacient activity ... more in detail 2005
Suhno Anatoliy Sergeevich
Dissertation sample: Modelling of an infection contamination, Invoked by a virus of hepatitis C, at mice ... more in detail 2007
Paramonova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Dissertation thesis: Modelling of mechanisms of polarisation of phosphates of calcium ... more in detail 2008
SHepetova Vera Anatolevna
Phd dissertation: Modelling of the migratory mechanism of nickel, Cadmium and zinc in superficial waters ... more in detail 2006
Katlinskiy Anton Vikentevich
Dissertation proposal: Modelling of the directed reactance of the immune answer by materials of a various parentage ... more in detail
Arefeva Oksana Anatolevna
Dissertation topics: Modelling polisaharid-polisaharidnogo interactions in processes of aggregation of bacteria Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 and adsorptions on wheat roots ... more in detail 2006
Kudrykov Anton Vasilevich
New dissertation idias: efficiency Modelling nektaroproduktivnyh (agro) ecosystems ... more in detail 2007
Sapronova Alla Vycheslavovna
Dissertation idias: Modelling of process of transmission of protons in ion channels of biomembranes and related vodorodsvjazannyh frames ... more in detail 2004
TCiganov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: Modelling of processes of an aerobic bioscrubbling of sewage by awake silt ... more in detail
Zary Irina Valerevna
Doctoral dissertation: Modelling of processes of a bioscrubbling of sewage in systems with immobilizovannoj a microflora ... more in detail
Kolbina Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Modelling of processes of interaction of evoljutsionno-ecological self-organisation and a craft on an example mendelevskoj odnolokusnoj populations ... more in detail 2006
Bukin YUriy Sergeevich
Dissertation sample: Modelling of processes of molecular evolution at various scenarios of speciation ... more in detail
Domogatskay Anna Sergeevna
Dissertation thesis: Modelling of processes of transmission of albuminous moleculas at proteoliticheskoj destruktcii matriksa fabrics with the depressed circulation ... more in detail 2003
Ozarenko Oksana Alekseevna
Phd dissertation: Modelling of processes of the periodic Cultivations of microorganisms ... more in detail 2004
Ozerenko Oksana Alekseevna
Dissertation proposal: Modelling of processes of periodic cultivation of microorganisms ... more in detail 2004
Inshakov YUriy Zaharovich
Dissertation topics: Modelling of processes of ecological influence of fires on environment ... more in detail 2003
Trushkina Irina Riksibaevna
New dissertation idias: Modelling of allocation 134 Cs in system bedrock-plant at inokuljatcii barley seeds shtammami associative bacteria ... more in detail 2001

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