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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Logacheva Mariy Dmitrievna
Dissertation idias: Features of frame hloroplastnogo a buckwheat genome (Fagopyrum esculentum (L.) Moench) and an assessment of possibility of application coding and not coding hloroplastnyh sequences in phylogenetic analysis ... more in detail 2008
Korobova Larisa Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: Features of a succession of microbic assemblages in chernozems of Western Siberia ... more in detail 2007
Halilova Elmira Arsenovna
Doctoral dissertation: Features of daily allowances and seasonal rhythmes of activity of twilight and night hexapods in various high-rise belts of Dagestan ... more in detail 2006
Dzhanimanov Nodar Beniaminovich
Dissertation abstracts: Features of thermal properties of cages and cellular frames of an osteal brain and blood of patients lejkozom ... more in detail
ZHuravlev Aleksandr Evgenevich
Dissertation sample: Features of technogenic transformation of bedrocks at building and operation of underground storehouses of gas ... more in detail 2003
Ivanova Inna Viktorovna
Dissertation thesis: Features of flow of adaptable processes at children of school age depending on a morfo-functional state of an organism and under the influence of environmental influences ... more in detail 2005
Denivarova Nataly Aleksandrovna
Phd dissertation: Features of toxic action 2,4,6-trinitrotoluola on shtammy Escherichia coli ... more in detail 2006
Artemov Aleksey Vycheslavovich
Dissertation proposal: Features of transmission of kernels at nucleocytoplasmic hybrids Saccharomyces cerevisiae ... more in detail 2004
Lukanina Svetlana Nikolaevna
Dissertation topics: Features of transport of a potassium in thin and distalnom department of a thick intestine of rats in conditions tceolitnoj diets ... more in detail 2004
Alimov Aleksandr Petrovich
New dissertation idias: Features of transport tetratciklina sensitive and steady shtammami ESCHERICHIA COLI ... more in detail
Ovchinnikova Mariy Fedorovna
Dissertation idias: Features of transformation of humic materials in different conditions of land tenure: on an example of dernovo-podsolic bedrock ... more in detail 2007
Smirnova Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Features of transformation of a soil integument in region intensive anthropogenic influence ... more in detail
Smirnova Nataly Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Features of transformation of a soil integument in region intensive anthropogenic influence ... more in detail 2005
Avdeev Nikolay Viktorovich
Dissertation abstracts: Features of trophic specialisation of different ecological bunches of euro-Siberian bee Apis mellifera mellifera L. ... more in detail 2006
Maharinetc Galina Grigorevna
Dissertation sample: Features of an uglevodno-phosphoric exchange at thoroughbred and pomesnyh animals in the course of growth and development ... more in detail
CHudinov Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Dissertation thesis: Features of an uglevodno-power exchange of osteal grafts at replacement of defects of the inferior jow in experiment ... more in detail
CHeremuha Elena Gennadevna
Phd dissertation: Features of carbohydrate metabolism at valuhov at different doses of cadmium in a ration ... more in detail 2003
Urmantceva Valentina Vasilevna
Dissertation proposal: Features of a hydrocarbonic exchange different shtammov cultures of fabrics of a sugar beet ... more in detail
Volgina Tatyna Nikolaevna
Dissertation topics: Features of destruction metallo - and chlorine-containing pesticides zhidkofaznym a mean ... more in detail 2007
Andreeva Irina Nikolaevna
New dissertation idias: Features of phages and a lysogeny of nodule bacteriums of a soya (Rhizobium japonicum) ... more in detail
Romanov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Features of a fauna and the population of auks Vladimir opolja ... more in detail 2003
SHerstneva Olga Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Features fenotipicheskoj variabilities Dictyla humuli (Fabr.) (Heteroptera, Tingidae) in the conditions of Central Russian forest-steppe ... more in detail 2004
Strochenko Irina Eduardovna
Doctoral dissertation: Features of physiology of the reproductive season of women in the conditions of chronic influence of chemical factors of medium of low intensity. Pathes of increase of acclimatisation ... more in detail 2004
Miheeva Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Features physiological and immunomorfologicheskih indicators of blood at young growth simmentalskogo golshtinizirovannogo cattle in different radiating regions the Oryol range ... more in detail 2005
Marchuk Vladimir Anatolevich
Dissertation sample: Features of physiological functions at students with short-sightedness and the factors defining its development ... more in detail 2005
Korol Vladimir Vycheslavovich
Dissertation thesis: of Feature of physiological interaction of trace substances and phytohormones in a plant of a potato ... more in detail 2003
Leonteva Anna Borisovna
Phd dissertation: of Feature physiological and morfofunktcionalnogo of a state of children of 6-10 years of the socially-rehabilitation centre ... more in detail 2004
Dolgova Irina YUrevna
Dissertation proposal: of Feature of the physiological status of women and men at ehkstrakorporalnom a fertilization ... more in detail 2006
Kazakov Aleksey Vitalevich
Dissertation topics: of Feature of the physiological status of calfs, Grown up in different temperature conditions with appointment of new biological preparations ... more in detail 2005
Burkova Nataly Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Features physical and a sexual development at young men with a miscellaneous somatotipom, living in Kirov ... more in detail 2004

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