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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Merezhko Olga Evgenevna
Dissertation idias: Biological features and economic-valuable signs of kinds of an apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) In the conditions of steppe region the Orenburg range ... more in detail 2008
Firsov Gennadiy Afanasevich
Dissertation example: Biological features of maples (Acer L.) Strange in Leningrad and its vicinities ... more in detail
Valitckay Alla Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Biological features of tick Ixodes persulcatus P. Sch., promoting activization of the connatural locuses kleshchevogo ehntcefalita in the Tyumen range ... more in detail 2003
Mursalimova Gulnara Ramilevna
Dissertation abstracts: Biological features of clonal stocks and sorto-podvojnyh combinations of an apple in the conditions of steppe region Southern Urals Mountains ... more in detail 2008
Avdeeva Zinaida Alekseevna
Dissertation sample: Biological features kultivarov Fragaria L. In the conditions of Orenburg Priuralja ... more in detail 2007
CHich Saida Kimovna
Dissertation thesis: Biological features of wood kinds of family gorechavkovyh Northwest caucasus (the Gentian razdelnochashechnoj and svertcii Georgian) ... more in detail 2004
Osipova Nataly Petrovna
Phd dissertation: Biological features of a microflora at purulent complications of a sharp pancreatitis (In the conditions of the combined chemotherapy) ... more in detail 2004
Davlatov Sayfudin Hayridinovich
Dissertation proposal: Biological features of some evergreen kinds of sort Berberis L. Strange in the Dushanbinsky botanic garden ... more in detail 2004
Fershalova Tatyna Dmitrievna
Dissertation topics: Biological features of some kinds of a sort a begonia (Begonia L.) in hothouse culture and interiors ... more in detail 2008
Boyrskih Irina Georgievna
New dissertation idias: Biological features of representatives Lonicera caerulea L. s I. ... more in detail 2004
ZHukova Irina Germanovna
Dissertation idias: Biological features of reproduction of a peony polukustarnikovogo (Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.) Engrafting ... more in detail 2008
Tedeeva Albina Ahurbekovna
Dissertation example: Biological features of the zoned kinds of peas in maturing and cleaning in foothill conditions RsO-Alanija ... more in detail
Kolyda Nina Anatolevna
Doctoral dissertation: Biological features of North American arbours and bushes, strange on the south of Primorski Krai ... more in detail 2004
ZHarinova Nina Vadimovna
Dissertation abstracts: Biological features shtammov Yersinia Pestis and a state ehpizooticheskoj activity of the central-Caucasian high-mountainous connatural locus of a plague ... more in detail 2004
Lyubun Elena Valentinovna
Dissertation sample: Biological approaches to clearing of bedrocks and the reservoirs polluted by products destruktcii of yperite and ljuizita ... more in detail 2004
Darkov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: Biological consequences of influence on seeds of some cereals and a melliferous bee of a constant magnetic field of a high tension ... more in detail 2004
ZHitniy Boris Grigorevich
Phd dissertation: Biological resources of the White sea. Theoretical and applied bases of their restoration and rational use ... more in detail
TCagova Emma Anatolevna
Dissertation proposal: Biological resources of an apple for effecting of ecologically safe products ... more in detail
Erdakov Lev Nikolaevich
Dissertation topics: Biological rhythms and synchronisation principles in ecological systems ... more in detail 2003
CHuyko Oleg Mihaylovich
New dissertation idias: Biological properties vaccine shtammov viruses infectious bursalnoj illness and a herpes of turkeys: Methods of joint cultivation and designing of a bivalent vaccine ... more in detail 2008
Abramzon Oleg Moiseevich
Dissertation idias: Biological properties of originators and their correction at sharp purulent diseases of lungs and pleurae ... more in detail 2004
Senina Tatyna Vasilevna
Dissertation example: Biological properties and differential diagnostics burkholderij, important in medical practice ... more in detail 2004
Dagdanova Ayuna Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Biological properties cellular (PrP c) and infectious (PrP Sc) prionovogo a protein in vitro and it immunotcitohimicheskaja detektcija in cultures of cages ... more in detail 2002
Kvasova Nataly Anatolevna
Dissertation abstracts: Biological properties of the elementary Blastocystis hominis and their influence on intestine microecology ... more in detail 2002
Vyzovay Anna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Biological properties rizosfernogo shtamma Pseudomonas fluorescens and its derivatives marked by gene Z-gljukuronidazy ... more in detail 2007
Bragina Irina Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Biological properties simbiontnoj skin microfloras at a primary physiognomy [the Electronic resource] ... more in detail
Danilova Albina Afanasevna
Phd dissertation: Biological properties of chernozem vyshchelochennogo at perennial minimisation of machining ... more in detail 2006
Gataullin Ayrat Gafuanovich
Dissertation proposal: Biological properties shtammov Bacillus subtilis, perspective for building new probiotikov ... more in detail 2005
Ochilova Ragna Amirynovna
Dissertation topics: Biological properties shtammov K. pneumoniae and S. aureus, secured in the form of monocultures and associations, at dysbacterioses of an intestine at children with bronholegochnoj a pathology ... more in detail 2004
Grivennikov Sergey Igorevich
New dissertation idias: Biological functions of the factor of a necrosis of tumours, Produced by separate kinds of cages of immune system ... more in detail 2004

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