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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Taranuhin Andrey Grigorevich
Dissertation idias: the Expression of alarm proteins apoptoza in nonapeptidergicheskih hypothalamus neurones ... more in detail 2003
Belousov Pavel Vasilevich
Dissertation example: Ehksterernye and reproductive features of males of the Altay mirror carp ... more in detail
Ondar Aziymaa Ayk-Hevna
Doctoral dissertation: the Ex-Tragenetichesky information as one of the causes ehmbrionalnoj death rates at pigs ... more in detail 2005
Gaev Vadim Valerevich
Dissertation abstracts: phytogenesis Extracts as factors of correction of psychophysiological infringements ... more in detail
Krivoruchko Aleksandr YUrevich
Dissertation sample: Ehkstraplatcentarnaja regulation of intercellular interactions trofoblasta in norm and at a hypoxia ... more in detail 2007
Grishin Anatoliy Viktorovich
Dissertation thesis: Ehkstrahromosomnaja ribosomnaja DNA at yeast ... more in detail
Averynov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Ehkstrahromosomnye DNA of yeast-saharomitsetov ... more in detail
Nesterenko Aleksandr Grigorevich
Dissertation proposal: Extreme properties of vektorno-matrix ecological models ... more in detail 2006
Matyuhin Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Ehktoparazity and symbiotic mikroartropody auks in the conditions of a megacity ... more in detail
Mulugeta Nasser Seid
New dissertation idias: Ehktoparazity large horned livestock (volosoviki and louses) and working out of measures of struggle against them ... more in detail 2002
Panas Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Ehktoparazity hens and arthropods of poultry-farming premises of Leningrad region ... more in detail 2004
Tuniev Sako Borisovich
Dissertation example: Ehktotermnye backboned the Sochi national park: taksonomicheskij structure, zoogeography and preservation ... more in detail 2008
SHvir#va Anna Konstantinovna
Doctoral dissertation: Ehlasmoterii the south of the Eastern Europe ... more in detail
SHvireva Anna Konstantinovna
Dissertation abstracts: Ehlasmoterii the south The Eastern Europe ... more in detail 2005
Stalbovskiy Aleksey Olegovich
Dissertation sample: Electrical and sokratitelnye properties gladkomyshechnyh cages inferior pishchevodnogo a sphincter in the conditions of paravariation pH ... more in detail 2004
Kocherezhskay Irina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: Electrical and structural parametres of erythrocytes in kriozashchitnyh solutions, Containing poliehtilenoksid ... more in detail
Ozerova Elena Sergeevna
Phd dissertation: Electrical properties seaweed Chlorella pyrenoidosa in an action assessment pentahlorfenola on a functional state of cages ... more in detail
Ozerova Elena Sergeevna
Dissertation proposal: Electrical properties seaweed Chlorella pyrenoidosa in an action assessment pentahlorfenola on a functional state of cages ... more in detail
CHetkauskayte Anolda Vitautovna
Dissertation topics: Electrogene adenozintrifosfataza and transgidrogenaza cages Escherichia coli ... more in detail
Tyunytkina Anna Anatolevna
New dissertation idias: Electrogene reactions in a pigment-albuminous a complex of a photosystem 2 ... more in detail 2007
Ayrapetyn Sinerik Nersesovich
Dissertation idias: Electrogene sodium pompe and its functional value in normal ability to live of a neurone ... more in detail
Pochekutov Aleksey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Ehlektrodiffuzionnye gradients of concentrations of ions and their use for division of biologically awake materials ... more in detail 2003
Kubryk Oleg Vitalevich
Doctoral dissertation: Electrokardiografichesky and ehlektroehntcefalograficheskie korreljaty perceptions kardioritma ... more in detail 2005
Prynishnikova Olga Alfonsovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Electromiografichesky characteristic slozhnokoordinatcionnyh movements ... more in detail 2003
CHuhareva Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Electromiografichesky korreljaty reactance and plasticity of the central and peripheric neuromotor frames at persons with consequences of a pozvonochno-spinal trauma ... more in detail 2007
Pozdnykov Artem Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: Electromiografichesky characteristics of the central and peripheric frames of the neuromotor device of the inferior finitenesses at operative correction of an axis of a column at patients with displasticheskim a scoliosis of 3rd and 4th degree [the Electronic resource] ... more in detail
Pogorelova Valentina Nikolaevna
Phd dissertation: Elektronno-zondovoj a microanalysis of concentration of elements (Na, Cl, K) in a muscular cage of an isolated heart at gipoksicheskoj deehnergizatcii ... more in detail 2004
Repin Nikolay Vasilevich
Dissertation proposal: Elektronno-microscopic studying of character of crystallisation at freezing of water solutions krioprotektorov and some cages ... more in detail
Morozova Kseniy Nikolaevna
Dissertation topics: Elektronno-microscopic research of assemblage of a nuclear envelope and nuclear porovyh complexes in growing ootcitah amphibians ... more in detail
Gushina Elena Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Electronnomikroskopichesky researches of morphology and a morphgenesis of some arbovirusov, secured in terrain USSR, in cages of an intestine and sialadens of pincers and cages of cultures of fabrics ... more in detail

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