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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Kartashova Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation idias: Interaction respiratory and lokomotornogo patterns at arbitrary and is reflex invoked shagatelnyh locomotions ... more in detail 2005
Nikonova Ekaterina YUrevna
Dissertation example: Interaction ribosomnogo squirrel L1 with ribosomnoj and template-RNA ... more in detail
Lazarenko Valentina Vasilevna
Doctoral dissertation: Interaction cardiovascular and tcitokinovoj systems at students with various level of physical activity at psychoemotional stress ... more in detail 2007
Belykova Elena Ivanovna
Dissertation abstracts: Interaction simpato-adrenalovoj and gipotalamo-was pituitary-nadpochechnikovoj systems in initcialnom the stress season ... more in detail
Matusovskay Galina Gennadevna
Dissertation sample: Interaction tvitchina zapiratelnyh muscles of molluscums with fibrilljarnym ... more in detail 2008
Smirnov Aleksandr Alekseevich
Dissertation thesis: Interaction of transport protein 1 and coat protein at translational activation poteksvirusov ... more in detail 2008
Kirillov Stanislav Viktorovich
Phd dissertation: Interaction acceptor RNA with ribosomes Escherichia coli ... more in detail
Ilysh Lyudmila Vasilevna
Dissertation proposal: Interaction of three kinds Black Sea dinoflagelljat in the admixed cultures ... more in detail
Lisenko Irina Vladislavovna
Dissertation topics: Interaction of heavy metals with components of awake silt And their allocation kaltcievymi stuffs ... more in detail 2005
Kudryshova Nataly Vasilevna
New dissertation idias: Interaction photoactivated and fosforilirujushchih 5 '-amidofosfatov mononucleotides with enzymes of template synthesis of nucleic acids ... more in detail
SHakirzynova Anastasiy Vycheslavovna
Dissertation idias: Interaction holinergicheskih and purinergicheskih mechanisms of regulation of spontaneous quantum secretion of a mediator in nervimuscular bond of a frog ... more in detail 2005
Pereverzev Mihail Olegovich
Dissertation example: Interaction of cytochrome C and awake forms of oxygen ... more in detail 2003
Gusarova Veronika Nikolaevna
Doctoral dissertation: Interaction of the person with the nature on an example of feral auks and beasts ... more in detail 2006
Kartel Nikolay Aleksandrovich
Dissertation abstracts: Interaction of an alien genetical stuff (DNA) with a genome of the higher plants ... more in detail
Toptikov Valentin Anatolevich
Dissertation sample: Interaction ehkzogennoj gomologichnoj DNA with the isolated cellular kernels from corn sprouts ... more in detail
Laugalis Feliksas Alfonsovich
Dissertation thesis: Interaction of effects of touch and central electrical stimulation in a visual cortex of a rabbit ... more in detail
Kukalev Aleksandr Sergeevich
Phd dissertation: Interaction of a nuclear actin and NaP57/diskerina with squirrels, Specificly connecting sattelite DNA ... more in detail 2004
Solovev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Dissertation proposal: Gene interactions at infraspecific and a distant hybridization and transgenoze ... more in detail 2007
Dronova Tatyna Alekseevna
Dissertation topics: Mutual relation of components ehndokrinnoj systems in norm and at diseases of members of digestion ... more in detail 2004
Vylova Galina Petrovna
New dissertation idias: Mutual relations of hydrobionts various taksonov at ihtiopatologicheskom monitoring of reservoirs of Sakhalin ... more in detail
Menko Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: Mutual relations of mushrooms and kollembol at early stages of decomposing vegetative opada ... more in detail 2007
Inkina Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Mutual relations of components in bobovo-gramineous agrophitocenosises in steppe region the Oksko-Don lowland ... more in detail 2005
Inkina Elena Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Mutual relations of components in bobovo-gramineous agrophitocenosises in steppe region the Oksko-Don lowland ... more in detail 2005
Sultanova Nina Nikolaevna
Dissertation abstracts: Mutual relations proliferativnoj and functional activity of a thyroid gland at an amphibian metamorphosis. (Experimental research) ... more in detail
Sergievich Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: Interrelations kognitivnyh abilities with research activity, an emotionality and motivatsionno-power indicators (Experimental research) ... more in detail 2004
Rumyntceva Elvira Rimovna
Dissertation thesis: Interrelations between hormonal and immune systems at long-term acclimatisation of an organism of women to skorostno-power influences in weightlifting ... more in detail 2005
Bogdanovich Raisa Nurislamovna
Phd dissertation: Interrelation biochemical and immunohimicheskih processes with synthesis trofoblasticheskogo b-1 glikoproteina at physiological and pathological pregnancy ... more in detail
Ovchinnikov Kirill Valerevich
Dissertation proposal: Interrelation of variability of a warm rhythm and psychophysiological indicators at persons with different phylum of vegetative excitatory system ... more in detail 2006
Pishalnikov Roman YUrevich
Dissertation topics: Interrelation between frame and features of optical spectra svetosobirajushchih complexes of purple bacteria ... more in detail 2003
Fedorova Elena Mihaylovna
New dissertation idias: Interrelation of position in a kernel and functional regulation of genes and transgenes in interfaznyh kernels Drosophila Melanogaster and cultivated cages of mammals ... more in detail 2008

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