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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Tugarev Arkadiy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation idias: cadmium Influence on morfofunktcionalnye characteristics of erythrocytes ... more in detail 2003
Korneva Svetlana Mihaylovna
Dissertation example: Influence kalana (Enhydra lutris) on frame of neritic assemblages in the Russian waters ... more in detail 2007
Vihorev Petr Gennadevich
Doctoral dissertation: Influence kaldesmona on character of interaction of a myosin and an actin ... more in detail 2003
Kandrashina Tatyna Fedorovna
Dissertation abstracts: Influence kapsulirovanija cotton plant seeds the polymerous compositions on their germination ... more in detail
Purich Nataliy Konstantinovna
Dissertation sample: Influence of carotin of microbialogic synthesis on reproductive function of sows ... more in detail
Pomelov Anatoliy Vasilevich
Dissertation thesis: Influence kinetina on efficiency of wheat in various conditions of cultivation ... more in detail
YAsyukevich Viktor Viktorovich
Phd dissertation: Influence climatic both ecological factors on allocation and development of transmitting agents and originators of a malaria of the person to terrains of the CIS countries ... more in detail 2006
Radovetc Anna Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: Influence of climatic changes on dynamics of number of larvae of folding molluscums in a plankton of bay Minonosok ... more in detail 2007
Zaparozhtceva Oksana Ivanovna
Dissertation topics: Influence klimatogeograficheskih residing conditions on functional and morfometricheskie parametres of erythrocytes at giperglikemii ... more in detail 2007
Rusanova Elena Petrovna
New dissertation idias: Influence of the cloned fragment of DNA containing a determinant of stability to aktinomitcinu, On biosynthesis makrotetrolidov ... more in detail 2000
Martinova Vera Valentinovna
Dissertation idias: Influence of fluctuations of salinity on growth, Power and fish-breeding qualities molodi fishes ... more in detail 2003
Lobachev Evgeniy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Influence of fluctuations of ecological factors on embrionalno-larval development amphibious ... more in detail 2008
Fateev Aleksandr Valentinovich
Doctoral dissertation: combination Influence anestetikov on a state lipidperoksidatcii blood at patients IBS at operative treatment ... more in detail
Zotova Elena Anatolevna
Dissertation abstracts: Influence of the combined influence of electromagnetic radiance and chemical reagents on biological systems ... more in detail 2007
Kondratenko Rodion Valerevich
Dissertation sample: Influence komenovoj acid and its derivatives on sinapticheskuju plasticity and system antioksidantnoj protection in gippokampe rats at stress ... more in detail 2005
CHaplinskiy Vycheslav Valentinovich
Dissertation thesis: complex Influence korrigirujushchih means for a state of oporno-impellent function and a hemodynamics of children with tortuosities of a column in the conditions of a specialised boarding school ... more in detail 2004
Mardasheva Olga Mihaylovna
Phd dissertation: Influence of the complex fodder additive of whey hydrolyzed, enriched laktatami (SGOL-1-40), On physiological indicators and working capacity of sports horses ... more in detail 2007
Abdurahmonova Zulfiy Gaibovna
Dissertation proposal: Influence kompleksonatov iron and zinc on fiziologo-biochemical parametres of a cotton plant ... more in detail 2002
Zavaltceva Olga Aleksandrovna
Dissertation topics: Influence kompleksoobrazujushchih ionic forms shlamov galvanic effecting on gramineous cultures in the juvenile season of their development ... more in detail 2006
Orlova Olga Evgenevna
New dissertation idias: Influence of components of a nutrient medium on growth and synthesis of capsular polysaccharide Haemophilus influenzae b ... more in detail 2004
Garashenko Sergey Vasilevich
Dissertation idias: Influence of fodder stress at full starvation on vistceralnye functions at dogs and correction of stresses-reactions tciklosilolom ... more in detail 2003
Madishev Ilgiz SHamilovich
Dissertation example: Influence of fodder phosphate and biologically awake materials on exchange processes and efficiency of growing pigs ... more in detail 2004
Vizulina Viktoriy Igorevna
Doctoral dissertation: Influence of short-wave superhigh-frequency magnetic radiance on a biological potency of microorganisms ... more in detail 2008
Minich Irina Borisovna
Dissertation abstracts: Influence of red low-energy luminescent radiance on a morphgenesis and balance ehndogennyh hormones of plants ... more in detail
Minich Irina Borisovna
Dissertation sample: Influence of red low-energy luminescent radiance on a morphgenesis and balance ehndogennyh hormones of plants ... more in detail 2005
Mayorova Oksana Gennadevna
Dissertation thesis: Influence kremnijorganicheskogo a preparation cherkaz on fiziologo-biochemical and productive indicators of young growth of pigs ... more in detail 1999
Pustovoyt Petr Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Influence krioprotektorov and freezings of erythrocytes on reologicheskie properties of blood ... more in detail
Muhacheva Elena Sergeevna
Dissertation proposal: Influence lektina Paenibacillus polymyxa on some metabolic processes Animals ... more in detail
Muhacheva Elena Sergeevna
Dissertation topics: Influence lektina Paenibacillus polymyxa on some metabolic processes of animals ... more in detail 2004
Gorelnikova Elena Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Influence lektina bacilluses on tcitokinovuju activity of phagocytes ... more in detail 2006

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