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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Ta Ba Hing 0
Dissertation idias: the Supply with information of programs of scientific and technical progress in Socialist Republic Vietnam ... more in detail
Lega Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: the Supply with information of programming of social and economic development of recreational locales (On an example of Sochi) ... more in detail 2000
Malihina Irina Vycheslavovna
Doctoral dissertation: the Supply with information of process of forecasting at handle of availability index of product of ship constructions on the basis of the device of the theory of indistinct sets ... more in detail 2006
Kutpanov Berik Satinbaevich
Dissertation abstracts: a managerial process Supply with information the underwater robot-rescuer ... more in detail 2006
SHabaev Ruslan Rafikovich
Dissertation sample: the Supply with information of processes of diagnosing for an estimation of availability index of product at handle gazoturbinnymi engines ... more in detail 2007
Ostapchuk Vitaliy Georgievich
Dissertation thesis: the Supply with information of decision-making processes at handle of maintenance service of courts taking into account implementation of information technologies ... more in detail 2007
Tihomirov Aleksandr Konstantinovich
Phd dissertation: the Supply with information of managerial processes and an estimation of availability index of product of ship means at their maintenance ... more in detail 2005
CHirkovskiy Vsevolod Evgenevich
Dissertation proposal: the Supply with information of managerial processes by quality of regenerative services on repair shop ... more in detail 2004
Andronov Valeriy Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: the Supply with information of the decision of problems of social and economic development of municipal union ... more in detail 2003
Zavylov Nikita Markovich
New dissertation idias: the Supply with information of system of automated management by locale: On the Municipal union example "the Vyborg area of Leningrad region" ... more in detail 2001
Egorova YUliy Vadimovna
Dissertation idias: a decision support system Supply with information in public health services on the basis of formalising of a professional knowledge ... more in detail 2008
Lebedeva Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: the Supply with information of system of preoperative prediction of a state of structures in gerniologii ... more in detail 2007
Naumov Valeriy Vasilevich
Doctoral dissertation: Data support of a control system by quality at the industrial enterprises ... more in detail 2006
Lukomskay Olga YUrevna
Dissertation abstracts: the Supply with information of a control system of organizational readiness of a vessel ... more in detail 2003
Bayndina Zlata Viktorovna
Dissertation sample: the Supply with information of creation and support of electronic tutorials with specialised schemes of data ... more in detail 2006
Gennadinik Viktor Borisovich
Dissertation thesis: the Supply with information of management of preservation of the environment of regional level ... more in detail 2004
Buchinskiy Vitaliy Anatolevich
Phd dissertation: the Supply with information of handle of risks of economic operations in social and economic systems ... more in detail 2004
Bahitova Zily Radikovna
Dissertation proposal: the Supply with information of administrative solutions in the company of service services of oil and gas extraction industry ... more in detail 2006
Brezhneva Valentina Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Information service: The concept of service development ... more in detail 2007
Kulakova Elena Vladislavovna
New dissertation idias: Information behaviour of experts: Essence and studying ways ... more in detail 2000
Pashaev Fayz Aladdin ogli
Dissertation idias: Informational handle of financial and economic activity of firm and its development on set of conciliatory proposals ... more in detail 2003
Demynyuk Anton YUrevich
Dissertation example: Information CALS-technologies by working out of industrial production of assortment BUD on a basis glitcinata zinc ... more in detail 2002
Pavlov Aleksandr Olegovich
Doctoral dissertation: Information aspects of recognition of short circuits in transmission lines in the appendix to protection of distant reservation ... more in detail 2002
Zimnuhova ZHanna Evgenevna
Dissertation abstracts: Information and procedural models of support of decision-making for the automated system of technological preparation of manufacture of products from metals ... more in detail 2008
Averbuh Mihail Leonidovich
Dissertation sample: Informational models of multilevel image processing ... more in detail 2004
YUdin Aleksandr Sergeevich
Dissertation thesis: Informational Plans of a statistical acceptance inspection in mass production ... more in detail 2004
Raykova Galina Anatolevna
Phd dissertation: Information requirements and resource maintenance of experts of library sphere ... more in detail 2005
Strukova Nataly Leonidovna
Dissertation proposal: Information requirements of businessmen (a studying and maintenance Problem) ... more in detail 1997
Gabdrahmanova Venera Mashutovna
Dissertation topics: Information requirements of experts-energetikov ... more in detail 2000
Sungatullina Alfina Faritovna
New dissertation idias: Information resources of library of high school as object of management ... more in detail 2006

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