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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Galkin Vladimir Ivanovich
Dissertation idias: Research of dynamic loads and a choice of design data rolikoopor mine belt conveyors. ... more in detail 1975
Karapetyn Marina Rafalovna
Dissertation example: Research of dynamic properties of adaptive systems with the identifier for compensation of controllable indignations ... more in detail
Latipov Kamil Musalimovich
Doctoral dissertation: Research of dynamic characteristics gazodizelnogo the drive ... more in detail 2008
Zinovev Konstantin Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: Research of dynamic characteristics of capacitor systems of ignition GTD in a high-frequency mode of generating of digit impulses ... more in detail 2008
Antipov Oleg Igorevich
Dissertation sample: Probing of dynamic characteristics and the determined chaos of pulse voltage regulators ... more in detail 2005
Dytlova Polina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: Research of dynamic characteristics of a drive igolnogo a table for the purpose of lowering vibroaktivnosti multisection igloprobivnyh cars ... more in detail 2004
Atanov Mihail Fedorovich
Phd dissertation: Research of dynamic characteristics raskrojnyh pressov taking into account influence of the stabilised PVC of plates ... more in detail
SHadrin YUriy Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Research of dynamic characteristics of a sensitive element of a micromechanical gyroscope ... more in detail 2005
Solovey Rina Lvovna
Dissertation topics: Research of dynamic viscosity of the new actuation mediums used for realisation of thermal processes of engineering chemistry. ... more in detail 1983
Popov Viktor Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: Research dynamic nagruzhennosti transmissions of the wheel car with slugged automatic transmission on operation operating modes ... more in detail
Kasatkina Elena Gennadevna
Dissertation idias: Probing of the diode balance frequency multipliers ... more in detail 2006
Ivanov Sergey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Research of reliability of results of the metrological analysis of information-measuring systems with use of imitating modelling ... more in detail 2004
Potapenko Nadezhda Viktorovna
Doctoral dissertation: Arc discharge Research in mercury steams in three-electrode intervals with the heated cathode and design durable mercury tiratronov ... more in detail 2006
Laptev Viktor Ivanovich
Dissertation abstracts: Research of disease by caries in locale, the analysis and an estimation of influence of the fluorinated power supply on karioznyj process for children ... more in detail 2008
Andreev YUriy Zaharovich
Dissertation sample: Research of relations of characteristics ZhRDMT by thrust 50. . 400N on fuel AT+NDMG from key parametres of a bicomponent coaxial swirl-type burner and veil spray nozzles ... more in detail 2004
Velichko Andrey Sergeevich
Dissertation thesis: Research of tasks and algorithms of dual cuts for solution of the structured linear optimisation tasks ... more in detail 2003
Grebneva Oksana Aleksandrovna
Phd dissertation: Research of tasks and development of algorithms of planning of conditions of carrying out of active identification of pipeline systems ... more in detail 2005
Manakova Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: Research of tasks of optimum control for the nonclassical equations of mathematical physics ... more in detail 2005
Rubanova Nataliy Alekseevna
Dissertation topics: Research of tasks of allocation of firms and development dekompozitcionnyh algorithms of their solution ... more in detail 2006
Armeev Vladimir Fedorovich
New dissertation idias: Research of the task of a choice of the morphological description of the object of an operational administration by a simulation modelling method ... more in detail
Ivanova Svetlana Diadorovna
Dissertation idias: task Research about width The column and its generalisations ... more in detail 2006
Gurkin Nikolay Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: Research of a problem of raise of resolving power and Sensitivity of devices zondovoj a microscopy with reference to diagnostic nanomaterialov ... more in detail 2008
CHernokozhin Evgeniy Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: Research of the task of synthesis of not disseminating bodies ... more in detail 2007
Anoshin Ivan Aleksandrovich
Dissertation abstracts: Research of the task of creation of the exchange rate and its influence on the commodity and currency markets ... more in detail 2004
Solntcev Valeriy Ivanovich
Dissertation sample: Research of grounding properties of the ferro-concrete bases of industrial buildings and working out of norms at their use in the capacity of earths electrode ... more in detail
Molchanova Svetlana YUrevna
Dissertation thesis: Research of laws of management by the asynchronous electric drive with frequency regulation on computer models ... more in detail 2008
Bolatbaev Kazbek Nelevich
Phd dissertation: Exploration of laws of high-temperature hydrochemical oxidising of sulphides of zinc, lead, Gland and working out on their ground of the combined schemes of processing trudnoobogatimyh polymetallic ores ... more in detail 2006
Kositckay Tatyna YUrevna
Dissertation proposal: Exploration of laws and working out of a flow diagramme of an oxidising vatting sulphidic copper promprodukta metallurgical manufacture ... more in detail 2005
Oguretckiy Vladimir Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Research of regularity of change of the maintenance of oxygen in breakage headings of collieries ... more in detail 2006
Litvinov Mihail Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: Research of laws kontcentrirovanija fibers of milk an ultrafiltration and working out of technology of protein milk food ... more in detail 2008

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