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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Pulyevskiy Denis Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Research of the is intense-deformed condition of increased systems taking into account nonlinear creep of a material ... more in detail 2007
Nabokov Aleksandr Valerevich
Dissertation example: Research of the is intense-deformed condition of the base from waterlogged clay ... more in detail 2004
Govind Prasad Lamichhane
Doctoral dissertation: Research of the is intense-deformed condition of crossed compartments of thin envelopments by a method of global elements ... more in detail 2007
Hassan Ahmed Mohamed Vagialla
Dissertation abstracts: Research of the is intense-deformed condition of rectangular slabs of an average thickness, Located on the elastic base and forces subject to action in a median plane ... more in detail 2007
SHehovtcov Aleksey Sergeevich
Dissertation sample: Research of the is intense-deformed condition of the is compressed-bent bearing rod elements of wooden mesh domes and perfection of their central connections ... more in detail 2008
Savinova Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation thesis: Research of the is intense-deformed condition of a bed of a conic crusher and perfecting of its construction ... more in detail 2004
Hoperskiy Gennadiy Grigorevich
Phd dissertation: 0 ... more in detail 1998
SHubert Irina Mihaylovna
Dissertation proposal: Research The is intense-deformed condition tcentrifugirovannyh ring racks ehstakad at compression with torsion ... more in detail
Lozbinev Vladimir Pavlovich
Dissertation topics: Research of a tension and working out of a technique of optimum projection of orthogonally supported thin-walled spatial systems of bodies of freight cars ... more in detail
SHahvorostov Aleksey Ivanovich
New dissertation idias: Research of the is intense-deformed condition trubobetona on straining cement ... more in detail 2000
Makarov Anton Sergeevich
Dissertation idias: Research of infringements of structure of silicon, Arising at himiko-mechanical lapping ... more in detail 2000
Astashenko Vladimir Ivanovich
Dissertation example: Research of hereditary influence of metallurgical factors on processes of structurization of steels at thermal handling tjazhelonagruzhennyh car details ... more in detail 2007
Deev Vladislav Borisovich
Doctoral dissertation: Exploration of hereditary influence of mix material on properties of silumins and working out resursosberegajushchej technics of reception of leakproof casts ... more in detail 2001
Nguen Min Tuan
Dissertation abstracts: Research of scientific and technical problems of effect kumuljatcii in charges of small and midget diameter ... more in detail 2007
Lukynov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Research nejropodobnyh networks, Working with average value of a stochastic stream ... more in detail 2000
Komartcova Lyudmila Georgievna
Dissertation thesis: Research nejrosetevyh and hybrid methods and technologies in intellectual decision support systems ... more in detail 2003
Matveev Vladimir Nikolaevich
Phd dissertation: Research of some tasks with oscillating and self-oscillatory processes ... more in detail 2003
YAstrebov Arseniy Konstantinovich
Dissertation proposal: Research of some problems teplomassoperenosa in steam films methods of the molekuljarno-kinetic theory ... more in detail 2004
CHernydev Igor Nikitich
Dissertation topics: Research of some classes of organic compounds of elements 6A groups as inhibitors of acid corrosion of iron and steels ... more in detail 2005
Skvarnik Evgeniy Svytoslavovich
New dissertation idias: Research of some models of risk on the basis of the asymptotic analysis and numerical methods ... more in detail 2005
Satin YAkov Aleksandrovich
Dissertation idias: Research of some average characteristics of stochastic models ... more in detail 2007
Pashkov Andrey Alekseevich
Dissertation example: Research of nonlinear processes of interaction ehlektronov with fields of resonators of hybrid and generating devices klistronnogo type ... more in detail 2007
Vyzmina Elena Andreevna
Doctoral dissertation: Research of nonlinear processes of conduction in reactive ... more in detail 2007
Novozhilov Mihail Olegovich
Dissertation abstracts: Probing of nonlinear modes of superpower microwave amplifiers on mnogorezonatornyh klystrons ... more in detail 2001
Nassar Muhannad
Dissertation sample: Research neodnorodnostej a magnetic field by means of visualisation ehkvipotentcialej fields on magnitno-resonant tomographs ... more in detail 2002
Li Keng Hi
Dissertation thesis: Research of heterogeneity of wave front, Formed in difraktcionnom the interferometer ... more in detail 2004
Armeev Denis Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Research of continuous management by phases of regime parametres for maintenance of a transient stability of electric systems ... more in detail 2003
Basurov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Exploration of non-uniformity of the thermal and is intense-deformed conditions of a strip and working rolls for the purpose of perfection of a master schedule hot proskating rinks ... more in detail 2003
Akimov YUriy Dmitrievich
Dissertation topics: Research of a nonstationary condition of a pumping out of adsorbed steams in vacuum cars and installations ... more in detail
Ilves Andrey Gennadevich
New dissertation idias: Research of transients in p-i-n CdTe detectors x-ray and emanation scale ... more in detail 2005

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