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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Semenov Aleksey Borisovich
Dissertation idias: Aljumomatrichnye aggregates with disperse ceramic napolnitelem SiC in processes and triboparah a dry friction ... more in detail 2005
Egorova Ekaterina YUrevna
Dissertation example: Silica-alumina ceramic materials on the basis of natural raw materials of Siberian region ... more in detail 2007
SHkurakova Elena Anatolevna
Doctoral dissertation: Aljumofosfatnye coverings for enamel lining of ware from aluminium ... more in detail 2004
Polykov Aleksandr Mihaylovich
Dissertation abstracts: Amorphous teflons AF - new materials for organophilic pervaporatcii ... more in detail 2005
Tarasov Sergey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: the Analysis of the stand - alone and on-line oscillatory movements in LCRG-oscillators with the distributed parametres ... more in detail 2001
Ramin Hoi
Dissertation thesis: the Analysis of base schemes of optical systems of variable increase ... more in detail 2004
Krasovskiy Ivan Ivanovich
Phd dissertation: the Analysis of interaction of electroinstallations with environment and working out of actions of increase of their reliability ... more in detail
Nemirovskiy Mark Rahmilevich
Dissertation proposal: the Assaying of interrelation of phase transformations at deformation, Plasticity and durability ehrozionnostojkih SCH-MP steels for the purpose of forecasting of their office properties ... more in detail
Lukashov Igor Vladislavovich
Dissertation topics: the Analysis of sights domestic bibliotekovedov first half of XX-th century on the status of a library science. ... more in detail 1996
Lobachev Vladimir Viktorovich
New dissertation idias: the Analysis vibroakusticheskih performances of tape cars for a clap and working out of actions for their improvement ... more in detail
Melenteva Olga Nikolaevna
Dissertation idias: the Analysis of influence of destabilising factors on efficiency diagrammoobrazovanija in a digital antenna lattice ... more in detail 2006
Melenteva Olga Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: The Analysis of influence of destabilising factors on efficiency diagrammoobrazovanija in a digital antenna lattice ... more in detail 2006
Korobitcin Nikolay Anatolevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Analysis of influence of parametres of gas-turbine installations on To base of the converted aero-engines on efficiency of their activity in an independent mode and as a part of power stations ... more in detail 2008
Kopilova Galina Nikolaevna
Dissertation abstracts: the Analysis of influence of seismicity on a mode of thermal waters ... more in detail 1992
Boldirev Dmitriy Vycheslavovich
Dissertation sample: the Analysis of influence of temperature fields of the smooth-bore bent pipes teploobmennyh devices on their thermal characteristics and durability ... more in detail 2004
Epifanskay Elena YUrevna
Dissertation thesis: the Analysis of influence of price and not price factors on estimations of competitive strength of production: On an example of branches of the machine industry making the cars and the equipment for other branches ... more in detail 2007
Genov Anatoliy Anatolevich
Phd dissertation: the Analysis of possibilities of development and creation of global multipurpose satellite communication systems ... more in detail 2000
Risev Pavel Valerevich
Dissertation proposal: the Analysis of occurrence of chaotic modes in electropower systems with several generators ... more in detail 2007
Gabdullina Elvira Riytovna
Dissertation topics: the Analysis vosproizvodstvennyh processes of macroeconomic system on the basis of dynamic models and nejrosetevyh technologies for acceptance of administrative solutions ... more in detail 2008
Brizhin Aleksandr Alekseevich
New dissertation idias: the Analysis of time methods of an estimation of spectral characteristics broadband doplerovskih signals ... more in detail 2003
Ustinova Irina Georgievna
Dissertation idias: Time-series analysis at a random number of the measurements given during the moments ... more in detail 2000
Eusebio Nsue Obiang
Dissertation example: the Analysis of geometrically nonlinear deformations of high-rise buildings ... more in detail 2002
SHubnikov Vladislav Germanovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Analysis of geometrical descriptions of difficult objects on the basis of the algebraic equations of the higher usages, their processing and visualisation ... more in detail 2002
Elzarook Faradzh Ahmed
Dissertation abstracts: the Analysis of hydrodynamic properties and heightening of power indexes of multistage pumps of small rapidity ... more in detail 2008
Petrynin Aleksey YAkovlevich
Dissertation sample: The Analysis of primary factors of operation and perfection of process of functioning of park of diesel ship propulsive plants ... more in detail
Mazov Bogdan Lvovich
Dissertation thesis: the Analysis of global stability of movement of two-mass controlled systems a method of several functions of Lyapunov ... more in detail 2004
Alekseenko Maksim Gennadevich
Phd dissertation: the Analysis of city radio paths and a substantiation of requirements to characteristics of antennas of base stations of systems of a cellular transmission ... more in detail 2004
Soldatova Kristina Valerevna
Dissertation proposal: the Analysis of movement of gas in a clearance " Covering disk-case "a centrifugal compressor step numerical methods and recommendations about projection ... more in detail 2007
Terehov Vladimir Konstantinovich
Dissertation topics: the Assaying of defects borirovannogo a course and working out on its ground of technics borirovanija details of cars ... more in detail
Baharev Nikolay Petrovich
New dissertation idias: the Analysis of dynamics and working out of an impulse source of seismic oscillations with an inductive-dynamic drive for prospecting operations ... more in detail

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