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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Loptev Andrey Viktorovich
Dissertation idias: Optiko-computer methods of the assaying of the forming Materials ... more in detail 2004
Belehov YAroslav Sergeevich
Dissertation example: Optiko-electronic diagnostic of structure of single-cristal semiconductors with application The vejvlet-analysis ... more in detail 2007
CHernih Denis Aleksandrovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Optiko-electronic monitoring system of critical bucklings of the large-sized end plates ... more in detail 2008
Gyunter Sergey Viktorovich
Dissertation abstracts: Optiko-electronic system of registration of functional diseases of a gullet ... more in detail 2006
Belykov Mihail Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Optiko-electronic technology and control facilities biological activity of seeds ... more in detail 2008
Pnev Aleksandr Borisovich
Dissertation thesis: Optiko-electronic measuring systems on a basis kvaziraspredelennyh fiber-optical Bragg sensing transducers ... more in detail 2008
Borisov Mihail Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Optiko-electronic devices of automatic identification of protective properties of hologrammes ... more in detail 2003
Tomskiy Konstantin Abramovich
Dissertation proposal: Optiko-electronic devices for measurement of photometric sizes ... more in detail 2004
SHirobokov Aleksandr Mihaylovich
Dissertation topics: Optiko-electronic devices for ecological monitoring and liquidation of ecological accidents ... more in detail 2004
SHilin Aleksandr Nikolaevich
New dissertation idias: Optiko-electronic monitoring systems of geometrical parametres of jackets of rotation in the course of them formoobrazovanija ... more in detail 2003
Afanasev Aleksandr Alekseevich
Dissertation idias: Optiko-electronic control devices of forming solutions in manufacture gidrattcelljuloznyh fibres and films ... more in detail
Aleev Rafil Muhtarovich
Dissertation example: Optiko-electronic processing techniques and Means of increase of dependability and safety of objects of pipeline transport of power resources ... more in detail 2003
Sipin Evgeniy Viktorovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Optiko-electronic device of detection of an initial stage of development of lift-off in gazodispersnyh systems ... more in detail 2007
Romasenko Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: Optimal adaptive identification of dynamic systems with set up model on an example of periodic processes ... more in detail 2004
Serikov Sergey Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: the Optimum adaptive control system of electric drives of pendant conveyors ... more in detail 2004
Livshitc Igor Lvovich
Dissertation thesis: Optimal investment and dividendnaja a policy of firm ... more in detail 2003
Matyuhin Aleksandr YUrevich
Phd dissertation: Optimum compensation of phase jitters in digital transmission systems ... more in detail 2004
Fadeenkov Oleg Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Optimal routeing at handle of struggle against forest fires ... more in detail 2006
Erohin Vladimir Ivanovich
Dissertation topics: Optimal matrix correction of incompatible systems of the linear algebraic equations and improper tasks of linear programming ... more in detail 2005
Kondratenko Petr Antonovich
New dissertation idias: Optimum model of certification of manufactures ehlektroradioizdelij and military-oriented materials ... more in detail 2003
Saleh Ali Rashid
Dissertation idias: Optimum signal processing at totally-mixed poligaussovyh models of fluctuations ... more in detail 2006
Simakin Ily Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: Optimum architecture of process of restoration of the equipment of an electrorolling stock (On an example of traction drives) ... more in detail 2003
Viktorov Vasiliy Andreevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Optimum organisation ehnergotehnologicheskoj schemas of burning of a liquid organic waste ... more in detail 2008
Udod Viktor Anatolevich
Dissertation abstracts: Optimal on resolution linear filtering of maps ... more in detail 2002
Borisenkov Aleksey Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Optimum time-multiplexed processing of binary signals in channels with an intersymbol interference at peremezhenii code digits ... more in detail 2003
Smishlyev Pavel Vycheslavovich
Dissertation thesis: the Optimal control system of universal heat chambers ... more in detail 2004
Lugov Evgeniy Evgenevich
Phd dissertation: Optimum specialisation of the sawing enterprises in sections of developed saw-timbers ... more in detail
Efimov Evgeniy Borisovich
Dissertation proposal: Optimum phase selection of short circuits in transmission lines ... more in detail 2002
Belferman Mihail Usherovich
Dissertation topics: 0 ... more in detail
CHkoniy Valentina Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Optimum use of space of knowledge in intellectual systems of navigation ... more in detail 2004

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