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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Sailov Rahib Aga-gyul ogli
Dissertation idias: the Choice and a substantiation of parametres of devices on mechanisation of process of formation of revolts of a crude cotton ... more in detail
Nguen Fam Kuang Tu
Dissertation example: the Choice and a substantiation rational planirovochnyh and technical decisions on underground building in To Hanoi, SRV ... more in detail 2005
Kozlov Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Choice and a substantiation of technical complexes of travelling cars for industrial railways ... more in detail 2003
Fam An Tuan
Dissertation abstracts: the Choice and a substantiation of effective methods of building of motor transportation tunnels in the largest cities of Vietnam ... more in detail 2006
Oleynikov Aleksandr Anatolevich
Dissertation sample: 0 ... more in detail
Vinokurov Vladimir Grantovich
Dissertation thesis: the Choice and an estimation of variants of transportation of export production of metallurgical combines in a transport corridor ... more in detail 2003
Knyzev Pavel Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: the Choice and an estimation of sources of electrosupply of the remote farming areas ... more in detail 2005
Boldakov Aleksandr Ivanovich
Dissertation proposal: the Choice and an estimation of technology of data processing in the MANAGEMENT information system (on an example of large building associations) ... more in detail
Baydakov Oleg Sergeevich
Dissertation topics: the Choice and an estimation of technological parametres of an injection of a soil file for strengthening precast reinforced-concrete obdelok transport tunnels ... more in detail 2006
Sabadash Aleksey Vladislavovich
New dissertation idias: the Choice and working out of the effective "know-how" of flange bolts with a shaped head of type "TORX" on the fundamentals kvalimetricheskoj estimations ... more in detail 2005
Andreev Valentin Viktorovich
Dissertation idias: the Choice and shaping of the successful "know-how" of thorns protivoskolzhenija on the basis of additive kvalimetricheskoj models ... more in detail 2008
Dolgov Denis Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: the Choice of intensive technological modes of building of reinforced earthwork structures in difficult engineering conditions ... more in detail 2006
Latipov Rashit
Doctoral dissertation: the Choice of compact both powder metal materials and quality management of coverages at hardening and restoration of details electrocontact privarkoj ... more in detail 2007
Gritcenko Irina Vladimirovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Choice of competitive production for adaptation of a machine-tool constructing factory to market requirements ... more in detail 2004
Sapozhnikov Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Dissertation sample: the Choice of the constructive scheme and parametres of the car-platform for transportation of automobile semitrailers ... more in detail 2003
Kykk Kirill Valterovich
Dissertation thesis: the Choice of the constructive scheme and parametres of a bearing design of a railway platform for transportation of large-capacity containers ... more in detail 2007
Purtov Andrey Robertovich
Phd dissertation: the Choice of design data of an end-effector for removal snow nakatov and ice from concrete coverages ... more in detail 2002
Basirov Ruslan Ramilevich
Dissertation proposal: the Choice of constructive elements of the car of especially small class by criterion of comfort of the air environment in salon ... more in detail 2005
Lepnev Petr Ivanovich
Dissertation topics: the Choice of a construction and key parametres of a double-rotor end-effector of a dredge-kanalokopatelja for building of channels with abrupt slopes ... more in detail
SHaytanova Irina Konstantinovna
New dissertation idias: the Choice of directions of modernisation of universal rail cars-platforms ... more in detail 2005
Skutin Aleksandr Ivanovich
Dissertation idias: the Choice of a direction of a line of the railway in close conditions of flat district ... more in detail
Marchenko Andrey Petrovich
Dissertation example: the Choice of defining parametres of the combined diesel engine with system of secondary use of warmth ... more in detail
Nguen Doan Fuk 0
Doctoral dissertation: the Choice of optimum variant TEhS in electric power systems taking into account an emergency reserve ... more in detail
Gavryutin Andrey Valerevich
Dissertation abstracts: the Choice of optimum time of endurance unloaded from nuclear ehnergoustanovok irradiated fuel ... more in detail 2008
Berikov Vladimir Borisovich
Dissertation sample: the Choice of optimal complexity of a class of logical decision functions in tasks of the analysis of varied data ... more in detail 2006
Grigoreva Nataly Sergeevna
Dissertation thesis: the Choice of the optimum strategy of a design rule check of the designer documentation in machine industry ... more in detail 2004
Magdi Rauf Marzuk Roman
Phd dissertation: the Choice of optimal algorithms of regulating systems in the conditions of the indistinct Information ... more in detail 2008
Lylin Vladimir Petrovich
Dissertation proposal: the Choice of optimum geometrical parametres of pairs a friction for the purpose of improvement of performances of a thermal condition and working capacity of a clutch of ganging of a tractor ... more in detail
Bugaev Aleksandr Vasilevich
Dissertation topics: The Choice of optimum methods of the organisation of work of industrial transport systems (on metal works example) ... more in detail
TCipin Aleksandr Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: the Choice of optimum parametres and automation of a mode of sliding pressure of powerful generating sets ... more in detail 2005

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