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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Vasilchenko Aleksandr Mihaylovich
Dissertation idias: Decrease in low-frequency vibration on a workplace of the machine operator at use of crawler tractors in winter conditions ... more in detail 2006
Bochkarev Viktor Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Lowering of formation of toxic and aggressive ejections in leaving gases of steam and gas generators by soft rotational burning hard topliv ... more in detail
Grigorev Igor Vladislavovich
Doctoral dissertation: Reduction of negative influence on soil of wheeled skidders a substantiation of conditions of their movement and the process equipment ... more in detail 2006
Levin Vadim Leonidovich
Dissertation abstracts: 0 ... more in detail
Elkin Oleg Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Decrease in peak requirement for the technician and a manpower at production of plant growing in the conditions of Western Siberia ... more in detail 2006
Fedorova Olga Alekseevna
Dissertation thesis: Decrease in damageability of grain at harvesting of grain crops at the expense of preliminary thrashing of grain mass ... more in detail 2003
Isaev Vasiliy Evgenevich
Phd dissertation: Lowering of errors of handling on lathes with ChPU on the basis of simulation of dynamic system in technological preprocessor SAP ... more in detail 2007
Kirillov Sergey Viktorovich
Dissertation proposal: Decrease in an error of the account of the electric power in systems of electrosupply with prevailing nonlinear loading ... more in detail 2006
Kopilov Andrey YUrevich
Dissertation topics: Lowering of an error of a roughness, naklepa and residual voltages at vibroudarnoj to handling of details ... more in detail 2004
Soshnikov Sergey Aleksandrovich
New dissertation idias: Decrease in fire danger of short circuits in electroinstallations of objects of agriculture ... more in detail 2008
Ivanov Aleksey Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Decrease in fire danger of processes of a pneumatic transport and a dispersion of firm materials by neutralisation of a static electricity ... more in detail 2006
Mihaylova Elena Dmitrievna
Dissertation example: Decrease in fire danger of synthetic textile materials ... more in detail 2003
Eremina Tatyna YUrevna
Doctoral dissertation: Decrease in fire danger of building designs and materials at the expense of application of effective fireproof means ... more in detail 2004
Tabakin Evgeniy Morduhovich
Dissertation abstracts: Decrease in porosity of joints at a fusion welding of thin-walled shells from Dispersionno-strengthened oksidami steels ... more in detail 2008
Naumov Igor Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Decrease in losses and improvement of quality of electric energy in village distribution networks 0,38 kV by means of symmetrizing devices ... more in detail 2002
Saltikova Svetlana Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Decrease in losses of cobalt at pirometallurgicheskoj to processing of sulphidic medno-nickel ores ... more in detail 2005
Vasilev Nikolay Valerevich
Phd dissertation: Decrease in losses of electric energy in a network 0,38 kV, caused by nonlinearity hothouse obluchatelnyh installations, By modernisation puskoregulirujushchej equipments ... more in detail 2008
Vasilev Vladimir Andreevich
Dissertation proposal: Lowering of losses of energy in a hybrid drive of the car at the expense of influence reduction pulsatcionnoj a component of torque DVS and applications of the rational circuit ... more in detail 2007
Marchenko Aleksandr Petrovich
Dissertation topics: Decrease in soil impurity in onions heap-repki at machine harvesting ... more in detail 2006
Pitalev Aleksey Vasilevich
New dissertation idias: Decrease in an industrial traumatism in farming industry at maintenance of mashinno-tractor assemblies by visibility perfection ... more in detail 2004
Belin Aleksey Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: dust formation Decrease at explosive passing of mine workings ... more in detail 2003
CHuykova Irina Sergeevna
Dissertation example: Decrease in a radio-activity of building materials ... more in detail 2002
Karsedo Ferrer Serhio Gonsalo
Doctoral dissertation: Lowering of expenditure of fuel by automobile petrol explosion engines in the conditions of Cuba ... more in detail
SHuvaeva Irina Mihaylovna
Dissertation abstracts: Drop of fuel consumption by cars during the winter period by optimisation of a mode of warming up and perfection of norms ... more in detail 2005
Voronova Valentina Valerevna
Dissertation sample: Decrease in risk of dangerous situations at the factories of electric power industry on the basis of studying of infringements by the personnel of demands of normative and technical deeds ... more in detail 2007
Pantyuhin Aleksandr Ivanovich
Dissertation thesis: risk Decrease travmirovanija machine operators in agrarian and industrial complex by perfection of system of an engine firing of internal combustion ... more in detail 2006
Bunova Elena Vycheslavovna
Phd dissertation: Lowering sazhesoderzhanija in the completed gases of a tractor diesel engine at the expense of improvement of conditions smeseobrazovanija and combustion ... more in detail 1996
Edukov Dmitriy Alekseevich
Dissertation proposal: Decrease in speed of wear process of tooth gearings of tractor transmissions by application magnitogidrodinamicheskoj processings of rastitelno-mineral lubricant ... more in detail 2009
Lopatin Oleg Petrovich
Dissertation topics: Lowering of the maintenance of oxides of nitrogen in the completed gases of a tractor diesel engine 4Ch 11,0/12,5 (D-240) at operation on natural gas by application retcirkuljatcii the completed gases ... more in detail 2004
YAkovlev Vadim Vycheslavovich
New dissertation idias: maintenance Lowering Hard particles in the completed gases of a diesel engine ... more in detail 2004

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