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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Pishik Igor Izrailevich
Dissertation idias: Dating of wood of a long staying by not destroying methods ... more in detail 2004
CHernov Mihail Efimovich
Dissertation example: the Gauge kapsulnogo type for the oxygen control in contours JaEhU with heat-carriers lead and lead-bismuth ... more in detail 2005
Limanova Nataliy Igorevna
Doctoral dissertation: Sensors of mechanical values, Invariant to destabilising factors ... more in detail 2006
Davidov Andrey Vasilevich
Dissertation abstracts: Two approaches to calculation tunnel obdelok, algorithms of programs, work researches obdelok in elastic, elastic-plastic and elastic-viscous ... more in detail 2003
Polykov Vladislav Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: Movement of a railway train with essential nelinejnostjami in mezhehkipazhnyh interfaces on a way of any spatial configuration ... more in detail
Mednikov Aleksandr Feliksovich
Dissertation thesis: Movement of interphase surfaces HE-II - steam in capillaries and at boiling on focus globe heaters ... more in detail 2007
Melik-Sargsyn Gurgen Samsonovich
Phd dissertation: Two-ambiguous square conversions and their usage for designing of surfaces and compression of the graphics information ... more in detail
Rubtcova Varvara Petrovna
Dissertation proposal: Two-dimensional numerical modelling of processes of physics of explosion and blow by method SPH on the basis of solution of task Rimana ... more in detail 2001
Muhamatshin Ily Anisovich
Dissertation topics: Dvuhzvennyj the converter of frequency with the raised power characteristics for electric drives and electrosupply systems ... more in detail 2004
Uhlinov Dmitriy Igorevich
New dissertation idias: Two-co-ordinate vihretokovye converters of mechanical values with microprocessor correction of a conversion function ... more in detail 2006
Alekseenko Anatoliy Grigorevich
Dissertation idias: Two-regime control systems of processes in production of synthetic fibres ... more in detail
Dashevskiy Valeriy Anatolevich
Dissertation example: the Two-section reaping apparatus for soya harvesting ... more in detail
Geydarov Elshad Hanlar ogli
Doctoral dissertation: Two-level methods of parametrical identification ... more in detail 1962
Temirova Liliy Gumarovna
Dissertation abstracts: Two-level modelling of digital evolutionary processes in the conditions of uncertainty ... more in detail 2004
Safiulina Alfiy Minerovna
Dissertation sample: Diphasic aqueous systems with polyethylene glycol and their application for purification of phosphatic salts from impurities of uranium and of some other metals ... more in detail 2002
Arestenko YUriy Pavlovich
Dissertation thesis: Diphasic puzyrkovyj a stream and pulsations of temperatures at its movement in elements of heat power installations ... more in detail 2006
CHesnokov Andrey Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: environment Two-story trosovaja dome system on the elliptic plan ... more in detail 2004
Kurilin Ily Vasilevich
Dissertation proposal: Dvuhehtapnye algorithms of filtering and segmentation of colour maps ... more in detail 2006
Bobrov Vadim Sergeevich
Dissertation topics: Dehydrogenation of propyl hydride with use of catalyticly-active inorganic membranes ... more in detail 2004
Livanova Olga Viktorovna
New dissertation idias: Degradation of mechanical properties and rupture strength parametres ferrito-perlitnyh and perlitnyh steels at long operation ... more in detail 2006
Solovih Aleksandr Ivanovich
Dissertation idias: Deactivation and stabilisation aljumoplatinovyh catalysts at koksootlozhenii in hydrocarbonaceous ... more in detail 2005
Pugach Roman Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Deactivation kataliticheskih blocks of neutralizers of the completed gases of diesel engines and definition of periods of their regeneration ... more in detail 2004
Edhazi Tibor
Doctoral dissertation: dSbFubn environments of catalysts of synthesis of ammonia at their operation in industrial columns ... more in detail
Milyeva Larisa Grigorevna
Dissertation abstracts: Dezaktivizatcija catalysts fluorides in the course of oxide oxidation are grey (IV) ... more in detail
Kuzmenko Nataly Viktorovna
Dissertation sample: Desintegration pyleporoshkovyh agglomerates and depositions by a shock wave with Electromagnetic excitation ... more in detail 2007
SHapovalov Sergey Nikolaevich
Dissertation thesis: moving load Action on a girder laying on the elastic base with variable parametres ... more in detail 2004
Vorozhtcov Anatoliy Gennadevich
Phd dissertation: Real nagruzhennost transport metallurgical bridge cranes and questions of calculation of their flying girders on limiting conditions ... more in detail
Pak Ekaterina Radikovna
Dissertation proposal: Dekompozitcionnoe production management of ammoniac saltpeter ... more in detail 2003
Margamov Aleksandr Valerevich
Dissertation topics: Dekompozitcionnye algorithms koordinirovannogo handles of multiply connected ... more in detail 2007
Semenova Marina Mihaylovna
New dissertation idias: object Decomposition of models of multitempo controlled systems ... more in detail 2006

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