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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Goloduhina YUliy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation idias: Optimization and a rational choice of tactics of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with trubno-peritonealnym barreness [the Electronic resource] ... more in detail
Pokrovskay Nataliy Vasilevna
Dissertation example: Optimization and stochastic modelling of an adaptive control system by firm ... more in detail 2007
Leskov Evgeniy Evgenevich
Doctoral dissertation: Optimization and handle of membrane systems ... more in detail 2008
Korelina Tatyna Valerevna
Dissertation abstracts: Optimization and handle of specialised medical aid to the population of locale on the basis of information technologies ... more in detail 2004
Hoteev Viktor Vitalevich
Dissertation sample: Optimization investment and The credit policy of firm ... more in detail 2007
ZHevnov Denis Anatolevich
Dissertation thesis: Optimization of usage of water security resources on the basis of modelling and GIS ... more in detail 2006
Veretennikova Irina Nikolaevna
Phd dissertation: Optimization of usage of material resources in Financial and economic agglomerations ... more in detail 2000
Koltcov Andrey Sergeevich
Dissertation proposal: treatment Optimization in urological practice on a basis klassifikatsionno-prognosticheskogo modelling and a rational choice ... more in detail 2006
Tarasova Viktoriy Andreevna
Dissertation topics: Optimization of paths of movement commodity-material assets in the integrated chain of deliveries of industrial-building ... more in detail 2008
Demidov Aleksey Vycheslavovich
New dissertation idias: Optimization of methods of spectral modelling of processes of deformation of polymeric materials ... more in detail 2006
Lentin Ily Nikolaevich
Dissertation idias: Optimization of a search engine of the dokumentno-oriented database management systems ... more in detail 2000
Vstavskay Elena Vladimirovna
Dissertation example: complex Optimization of multi-channel regulation of thermal modes in production of polymeric products ... more in detail 2006
Tihomirova Svetlana Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Optimization of multicomponent digital systems on the basis of solution of the automatic equations ... more in detail 2008
Vishnykova YUliy Nikolaevna
Dissertation abstracts: Optimization of multiple loop systems of automatic control by thermal processes by a method of many-dimensional scanning ... more in detail 2006
Smolkin Evgeniy Borisovich
Dissertation sample: Optimization of monitoring of medical frames and employment of graduates of medical high school at regional level with usage of computer technologies ... more in detail 2008
Dmitrievskiy Mihail Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: Optimization of some algorithms of restoring of fields of geological and geophysical parametres ... more in detail 2003
Knyzeva Tatyna Nikitichna
Phd dissertation: Optimization of educational process of average professional educational institution with usage of universal remedies of a CAD ... more in detail 2003
SHumakov Sergey Mihaylovich
Dissertation proposal: Optimization of an object code for processor architectures with parallelism support at level of ... more in detail 2002
Hoang CHung Kien
Dissertation topics: commands Optimization of volume power watching hydrodrives on speed and on accuracy of a mode of tracing ... more in detail 2006
Sushenko Sergey Petrovich
New dissertation idias: Optimization of operational characteristics of a data network with packet switching ... more in detail
CHepurnay Evgeniy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation idias: Optimization of an estimation of quality of rendering of medical aid in a city stomatologic polyclinic with usage of information technologies ... more in detail 2008
Dang Van Ui
Dissertation example: Optimization of parametres of sea transport complexes in conditions Socialist Republic Vietnam ... more in detail 2006
Ivanov Pavel Viktorovich
Doctoral dissertation: Optimization of parametres of priemo-transferring path OCDMA of a communication system ... more in detail 2001
Ha Nguen Bin
Dissertation abstracts: Optimization of parametres of processes of designing, working off and trials of the technical complex on reliability on the basis of informational-system formalising ... more in detail 2006
Gumbinas Albertas YUozovich
Dissertation sample: Optimization of parametres of the radio relay equipment on digital RRL taking into account interferences from opposite direction signals ... more in detail 2003
Tereshin Mihail Alekseevich
Dissertation thesis: Optimization of parametres of radio-electronic circuits in frequency area ... more in detail
Gorbachev Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Optimization of parametres of system of tool support automated stanochnyh systems in individual and small-scale production ... more in detail 2005
Smirnova YUliy Leonidovna
Dissertation proposal: Optimization of parametres of system of recognition of objects on dalnostnym to portraits in an impulse laser location ... more in detail 2006
Elkin Andrey Vycheslavovich
Dissertation topics: Optimization of park of motor transportation and loading resources at firms of brewing branch taking into account non-uniformity of consumption of finished goods ... more in detail 2006
Osipova YUliy Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Optimization of transient regimes of operation of inductive heating installations of methodical operation ... more in detail 2007

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