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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
CHepurnoy Anatoliy Ivanovich
Dissertation idias: Dynamics of crushing devices and a resource of stabilisation of loading kormouborochnyh combines ... more in detail 2005
SHupletcov Anton Valerevich
Dissertation example: Dynamics of multi-channel systems of impulse conversion of energy in the automated systems of the analytical control ... more in detail 2003
Fomina Anzhella Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Dynamics of a turbulent track behind a towed body in linearly stratified ... more in detail 2005
Koksharov Dmitriy Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: environment of Speaker of elastic sensitive units of sensors of control systems ... more in detail 2007
Kashenko Ily Sergeevich
Dissertation sample: Dynamics of the equations of the first order with The big delay ... more in detail 2006
Koroleva Olga Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Dynamic adapting in multifront tasks Stefana ... more in detail 2006
Aleshkin Anton Sergeevich
Phd dissertation: Dynamic model of processing and perkoljatcii stochastic data in networks with the arranged and casual structure ... more in detail 2008
Syutin Aleksey Viktorovich
Dissertation proposal: Dynamic model of handle of projects on creation of computer tutors ... more in detail 2003
SHpitcer, Vladimir YAkovlevich
Dissertation topics: Dynamic models of degradation of the equipment of nuclear servers at operation phases and output from maintenance ... more in detail 2005
Bizyev Mihail Nikolaevich
New dissertation idias: Dynamic models and algorithms of restoring of dynamically distorted signals of measuring systems in a sliding mode ... more in detail 2004
Iosifov Dmitriy YUrevich
Dissertation idias: Dynamic models and algorithms of restoring of signals of measuring systems with an observable vector of co-ordinates of a state ... more in detail 2007
Lukmanov Nail Flerovich
Dissertation example: Dynamic models of brave insurance with the casual period of accumulation ... more in detail 2007
Dombrovskiy Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: Dynamic models of handle of an investment briefcase in the non-stationary financial market with the registration tranzaktcionnyh costs and limitations ... more in detail 2008
Zotin Dmitriy Vitalevich
Dissertation abstracts: Dynamic modes of functioning of high-speed subsystems impulsno-moduljatsionnogo type as a part of control systems of technological processes ... more in detail 2002
SHalaev Maksim Pavlovich
Dissertation sample: the Dynamic analysis and diagnostics of a state of an IP-network ... more in detail 2005
SHirokov Sergey Viktorovich
Dissertation thesis: the Dynamic analysis rotornyh systems with support of a liquid friction on the basis of vejvlet-transformation of vibrating signals ... more in detail 2007
YAroslavtcev Dmitriy Valerievich
Phd dissertation: Dynamic synthesis of organizational structure of industrial firm on the basis of the self-organising mechanism ... more in detail 2008
Grechishkin Pavel Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Dynamic modelling of interaction of the equipment of the mechanised clearing face ... more in detail 2005
Ro T Kyun
Dissertation topics: Dynamic modelling of firms of business at an innovative predesign stage with a view of forecasting ... more in detail 2007
Sabitov SHamil Rustmovich
New dissertation idias: Dynamic modelling of functional structure of productions ... more in detail 2004
Pytigorskay Olga Nikitichna
Dissertation idias: Dynamic modelling of epidemic processes in inhomogeneous population ... more in detail
Koritova Marina Valerevna
Dissertation example: Diofantovy algorithms at processing and To transmission of video data ... more in detail 2007
Sobolev Vladimir Ivanovich
Doctoral dissertation: discretely-kontinualnye mathematical models in algorithmic and program resolution of problems of suppression of vibrations of constructions and the equipment ... more in detail 2003
SHusterman Igor Leonidovich
Dissertation abstracts: Is digital-logic methods of decision-making in informational medical diagnostic systems ... more in detail 2004
Kaysheva Galina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: Is digital-logic regulators with minimisation of duration of working off of system produktcionnyh rules and the raised accuracy: On an example of systems of automatic control of technological processes in the chemical industry ... more in detail 2008
Ershova Evgeniy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: Is digital-continuous forecasting models of coefficient of extract of oil (On an example of deposits of Western Siberia) ... more in detail 2003
Korzakov Aleksandr Anatolevich
Phd dissertation: Digital modelling of rigidity of joined surfaces at the automated estimation of accuracy of the process equipment ... more in detail 2004
SHirokov Oleg YUrevich
Dissertation proposal: Digital Fourier transform neehkvidistantnyh time rows ... more in detail 2004
Kolesnikov Gennadiy Nikolaevich
Dissertation topics: Digital models of mechanical and biomechanical systems with one-sided links ... more in detail 2004
Bespolitov Oleg Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: Digital orthogonal conversions with shumopodobnymi basic functions ... more in detail 2006

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