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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Tolok Nataliy Borisovna
Dissertation idias: Research of structures and development of interactive ekspertno-search system of the legal information ... more in detail 2000
Lagutina Nadezhda Stanislavovna
Dissertation example: Research of structure of oscillations in slaboneodnorodnyh networks nejronov, Described by the differential equations with delay ... more in detail 2003
Mashevskiy YUriy Vycheslavovich
Doctoral dissertation: Research existing and development of new software of protection of the information from the dynamic and static analysis ... more in detail 2004
Nikitchenko Inna Igorevna
Dissertation abstracts: Research of temperature parametres podkombinezonnogo spaces of the deep-water diver as object of system of autocontrol of temperature of an artificial inhabitancy ... more in detail 2003
Tkachenko Evgeniy Ivanovich
Dissertation sample: Research of thermal tasks for the environments with change of a modular state on the basis of the fresh wording of the lower boundary condition ... more in detail 2006
SHer Arnold Petrovich
Dissertation thesis: Research of test methods of diagnostics and development on their basis of algorithms of processing of the oceanologic information for tasks of fishery forecasting ... more in detail
Vitcentiy Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Research of technological safety on a basis Indistinct models for technical diagnostics of states HTP ... more in detail 2008
Hyun En Mok
Dissertation proposal: Research of accuracy of operation of navigation system at automatic planting of the civil plane to not equipped airdrome ... more in detail 2004
Nguen Kuang Vin
Dissertation topics: Research of accuracy of homing guidance in the conditions of interferences and manoeuvre of the object in the presence of nonlinearities in a handle outline ... more in detail 2006
Stavtcev Stanislav Leonidovich
New dissertation idias: Research of three-dimensional boundary tasks about debite systems of imperfect chinks in kusochno-non-uniform layers ... more in detail 2003
Fetisov Dmitriy Anatolevich
Dissertation idias: Research of controllability of affine systems with zero dynamics ... more in detail 2006
Karmanov Anatoliy Vycheslavovich
Dissertation example: Research of the controlled Finite markovskih chains with the incomplete information and its application to calculation of metrics of reliability of difficult systems ... more in detail 2005
Rashodchikov Aleksandr Pavlovich
Doctoral dissertation: Research of controlled elastic pneumocameras for automation of technological operations ... more in detail 2003
Nguen Nang Van
Dissertation abstracts: Research of stability and optimisation of systems of aeration of mines ... more in detail 1995
Ponomareva Alina Sergeevna
Dissertation sample: Research of stability of difference circuits for some tasks of semiconducting technology ... more in detail 2005
Smetanin M. M.
Dissertation thesis: Research of physical and chemical properties potash and kamennosoljanoj pylej for the purpose of development of a quality monitoring and resources pyleulavlivanija. ... more in detail
Bustilo Dias Mario Maurisio
Phd dissertation: Research of physical and technical principles of creation of the device for the analysis of a state of a surface of a tooth and diagnosing ... more in detail 2006
Suhinetc ZHanna Arturovna
Dissertation proposal: Research of functional devices of computer facilities and control systems on the basis of chain models ... more in detail 2006
Golubev Anton Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Research of characteristics and perfection of customisation of channels of the regulation realised by controllers as a part of program-technical ASUTP complexes of power units ... more in detail 2005
Mamaeva Sargilana Nikolaevna
New dissertation idias: Research of characteristics of electron-optical systems with field cathodes methods of mathematical modelling ... more in detail 2008
Ashmetkov Igor Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Research of evolution pulsovyh of waves on the column of elastic vessels ... more in detail 2003
Borisovskiy Pavel Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Research of evolutionary algorithms of solution of some tasks of digital optimisation ... more in detail 2005
Gusev Andrey Ivanovich
Doctoral dissertation: Research of electrical characteristics of thin-film electroluminescent capacitors in indicator devices ... more in detail 2004
Eremenko YUriy Ivanovich
Dissertation abstracts: Research of efficiency of intellectual handle in metallurgy ... more in detail 2005
Atabekov Rustam Rahimovich
Dissertation sample: Research of efficiency of usage dekorreljatcii and a partial error-checking in systems of data transfer with multifrequency modems ... more in detail
Abdulradh Oday Abdullatif
Dissertation thesis: Research of efficiency of multicomputer systems with usage dekompozitcionnoj of model of the organisation of distributed calculations ... more in detail 2005
Lyu Lyn
Phd dissertation: Research of efficiency of parallel calculations on a cluster of the Moscow power institute: Technical university ... more in detail 2007
SHlyupkin Aleksandr Sergeevich
Dissertation proposal: Research of efficiency of application of the international model of ionosphere IRI-2001 for forecasting of characteristics VCh of a radio communication ... more in detail 2006
Inshakov YUriy Zaharovich
Dissertation topics: Research, the analysis and handle of processes of fire safety and risks of ecological consequences of effect of fires on environment ... more in detail 2008
Talasov Beder
New dissertation idias: Research, Simulation modelling and optimisation of one class of digital technological processes ... more in detail

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