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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Davidova Svetlana Viktorovna
Dissertation idias: Conceptual designing of devices of three-dimensional holographic memory on the basis of hologrammes Fure ... more in detail 2006
Rimareva Nataly Valerevna
Dissertation example: Conceptual questions of creation of system of legal regulation of informational safety in the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2005
Lisitcina Lyubov Sergeevna
Doctoral dissertation: the Concept and methodology of handle of development of educational process on preparation of competent graduates by resources of a network intelligence system ... more in detail 2008
Kutcko Pavel Pavlovich
Dissertation abstracts: Coordination handle of firms, Creating electronic component base of double assignment ... more in detail 2008
Nasibullin Fidus Gadelynovich
Dissertation sample: Koordinirovannoe handle of difficult technological process: On an example of oil refining production ... more in detail 2000
Suhodoev Mihail Sergeevich
Dissertation thesis: the Root analysis and synthesis of systems with interval parametres on the basis of topmost characteristic polynomials ... more in detail 2008
Mihaylov Anton Konstantinovich
Phd dissertation: the Corporate intelligence system of the oil and gas company for handle of industrial activity ... more in detail 2008
Postnikov Aleksandr Ilich
Dissertation proposal: the Corporate intelligence system of production management ... more in detail 2003
Kalinin Petr Dmitrievich
Dissertation topics: the Corporate distributed telecommunication system for the passport registration of citizens of Russia ... more in detail 2005
Ignatova Irina Gurgenovna
New dissertation idias: the Corporate electronic informational environments of support of scientifically-educational activity on the basis of the protsessno-role approach ... more in detail 2005
Galtcev Aleksandr Sergeevich
Dissertation idias: Correction of programs of adapting in handle of system effects of alcohol [the Electronic resource] ... more in detail
Ushakova Nataly Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: Correction of digital space maps on the basis of verifying modelling ... more in detail 2004
Moiseenko Aleksandr Vasilevich
Doctoral dissertation: Correlations and fraktalnye properties of equilibrium processes in the nuclear physics and the physicist of particles ... more in detail 2007
ZHukova Marina Nikolaevna
Dissertation abstracts: Koehvoljutcionnyj algorithm of solution of challenges of optimisation ... more in detail 2004
Valishina Diana Maratovna
Dissertation sample: Koehffitcientnye return tasks for the equations of parabolic type and their ... more in detail 2004
Kamenetckiy Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Dissertation thesis: application Criteria of absolute stability and instability of control systems with non-stationary nonlinearities ... more in detail
CHardin Ivan Sergeevich
Phd dissertation: Linguistic korpusy with marking on the basis of a dependency grammar and their application at automatic parse ... more in detail 2004
Hon Valeriy Borisovich
Dissertation proposal: the Lingware of the automated databanks uzkopredmetnogo assignments ... more in detail
Kuvshinov Aleksey Alekseevich
Dissertation topics: Logiko-algebraic modelling and synthesis of intellectual systems of power supplies of electronic and computing resources in element basis universal and power reljatorov ... more in detail 2004
Vityev Evgeniy Evgenevich
New dissertation idias: Logiko-likelihood methods of extract of knowledge from data and computer knowledge ... more in detail 2006
Demin Aleksandr Viktorovich
Dissertation idias: the Logiko-likelihood method of extract of knowledge and its application in forecasting and handle tasks ... more in detail 2008
Marlov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: the Logiko-linguistic integrator of Russian-speaking texts for an intelligence system in building ... more in detail 2004
Biryuleva Nadezhda Vasilevna
Doctoral dissertation: Logiko-linguistic forecasting of an economic state of firm ... more in detail 2005
SHundeev Aleksandr Sergeevich
Dissertation abstracts: Logiko-language resources of automation of productions ... more in detail 2005
Sentyurina Anna Ionovna
Dissertation sample: Logical Models for handle of technological processes ... more in detail
YAnkovskay Anna Efimovna
Dissertation thesis: Logical tests and resources kognitivnoj schedules in the complex of intellectual systems ... more in detail 2001
Kulik Boris Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: the Logical analysis of systems on the basis of the algebraic approach ... more in detail 2008
Zolotarev YUriy Nikolaevich
Dissertation proposal: Logical and optimisation modelling for synthesis of technology with an air conditioning ... more in detail 2004
Bliznova Olga Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Logical modelling of systems with series-parallel structure ... more in detail 2004
Vinokurskiy Dmitriy Leonidovich
New dissertation idias: Local model of calculation poljarizuemostej, dispersing constants van-der-vaalsovogo interactions C8, C10 And volume characteristics of some chips ... more in detail 2006

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