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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Dmitriev Andrey Sergeevich
Dissertation idias: management efficiency Increase by a city heating ... more in detail 2000
Polynina Irina Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: Increase of efficiency of functioning of branch circuits of areas with small density of loadings (On an example of Joshkar-Olinsky electrical networks) ... more in detail 2004
Zadkova Elena Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Increase of efficiency of functioning of a relaying and automatics for the purpose of maintenance of a load stability of the enterprises of process production ... more in detail 2008
Burtasenkov Dmitriy Gennadevich
Dissertation abstracts: Increase of efficiency of cenralized heat supply by use of thermal pumps ... more in detail 2006
Aliomarov Aliomar Gazimagomedovich
Dissertation sample: Increase of efficiency of operation of the equipment of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION at the expense of introduction of the automated monitoring system and operative diagnostics of a condition of units ... more in detail 2005
Anahov Ily Pavlovich
Dissertation thesis: Increase of efficiency of operation of systems of turnaround water supply TEhS on the basis of removal and prevention of formation of thermobarrier adjournment on trumpet surfaces of condensers ... more in detail 2008
Lukin Maksim Vasilevich
Phd dissertation: Increase Efficiency of operation of systems of a heating on the basis of updating teploobmennyh surfaces with use of surface-active substances ... more in detail 2008
Konstantinova Elena Georgievna
Dissertation proposal: Increase of efficiency of electrosupply of oil and gas complexes ... more in detail 2006
Denisenko Oleg Grigorevich
Dissertation topics: Increase of efficiency of electrosupply at asymmetry of a network and consumers ... more in detail
Plotnikov Vladimir Vitalevich
New dissertation idias: efficiency Increase ehnergoispolzovanija in teplotehnologicheskoj to the scheme of reception of hydroperoxide izopropilbenzola in phenol and acetone co-production ... more in detail 2003
Sidorenko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Dissertation idias: Suppression konduktivnyh hashes in electrical networks The sailing charter enterprises ... more in detail 2006
Kulikov Sergey Gennadevich
Dissertation example: Suppression konduktivnyh hashes on a fault-to-ground current in networks from 6 to 35 kV with the insulated neutral ... more in detail 2008
Krishan Zigurd Pavlovich
Doctoral dissertation: Construction of dynamic models of optimum development of networks of electropower systems ... more in detail
Krishan Zigurd Pavlovich
Dissertation abstracts: Construction of dynamic models of optimum development of networks of electropower systems. The appendix ... more in detail
Abdellatif Naseri
Dissertation sample: Construction of perspective automatic excitation controllers of powerful synchronous generators on the basis of the theory robastnogo managements of methods NZ-optimizatcii ... more in detail 2002
Parinova Irina Vladimirovna
Dissertation thesis: Construction of settlement models zazemlitelej in the conditions of the Far North ... more in detail 2005
SHempelev Vycheslav Anatolevich
Phd dissertation: the Approached methods of qualitative stability study of electropower systems ... more in detail 1993
Stenin Valeriy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation proposal: Appendices of a thermodynamic method to the decision of problems of an energy conservation ... more in detail 2006
Zaika Roman Aleksandrovich
Dissertation topics: Application of genetic algorithms for dostoverizatcii teleinformation in EhEhS ... more in detail 2005
Garyev Aleksandr Andreevich
New dissertation idias: Application of detander-generating units for a formance gain and reliability of work of compressor stations in system of transport of gas ... more in detail 2008
YAkimchuk Nikolay Nikolaevich
Dissertation idias: Application of a method of phase co-ordinates for the analysis of out-of-balance conditions of electropower systems ... more in detail 2000
Muzika Dmitriy Filippovich
Dissertation example: Application of the operated compensated converters in electric power systems ... more in detail 2006
Ravzhindamba Davaanym
Doctoral dissertation: Application of operated shunting chokes for optimisation of modes of operation of an electric power system of Mongolia ... more in detail 2003
Ignaykin Anatoliy Ivanovich
Dissertation abstracts: Application of installations of a longitudinal capacitive compensation in branch circuits of the industrial enterprises with rezkoperemennoj loading ... more in detail
Satanin Vladislav Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Application of devices of indemnification of a reactive power for optimisation of modes and stability of an intersystem transit electricity transmission 330 kV the Kola atomic power station - Lenenergo ... more in detail 2005
Antipov Albert Ivanovich
Dissertation thesis: Problems ehnergopotreblenija processes of preparation of production of oil deposits ... more in detail 2006
Magomedova Alla Vitalevna
Phd dissertation: the Forecast of erosive processes and transport of deposits ... more in detail
CHemezov Aleksey Veniaminovich
Dissertation proposal: Forecasting of emissions of hotbed gases in power And an estimation of actions for their reduction ... more in detail 2003
Beznosova Diana Sergeevna
Dissertation topics: dynamics Forecasting warmly - and ehnergopotreblenija under the influence of climatic measurements and an estimation of emissions of hotbed gases ... more in detail 2005
Viharev Aleksey Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: Forecasting of change of parametres maslosoderzhashchej isolation of mains transformers taking into account influence of sealing knots by results of operational monitoring ... more in detail 2004

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