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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Kuznetcova Ekaterina Gennadievna
Dissertation idias: Repressing serovodorodno-uglekislotnoj to corrosion and navodorozhivanija became a number of inhibitors ... more in detail 2008
Sizova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Dissertation example: Search of paths of reception Polycyclic amides and amines-semiproducts for synthesis polinitraminov ... more in detail 2007
Taranenko Elena Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Polymeric composites on the basis of the thermosetting oligomers, Modified by organosilicone aethers ... more in detail 2008
Alifanov Evgeniy Vycheslavovich
Dissertation abstracts: Polymeric roofing and waterproofing materials with the high maintenance of products of the secondary processing of rubber, Not demanding vulcanizations ... more in detail 2004
Krasheninnikova Irina Gennadevna
Dissertation sample: Polymeric suspensions of medical and biologic appointment with a narrow particle size distribution ... more in detail 2007
Ivanov Vycheslav Pavlovich
Dissertation thesis: the Polyolefin thermoplastic elastomeric compositions with the increased static endurance ... more in detail 2005
CHistoedova Inna Anatolevna
Phd dissertation: Multifunctional thin films of non-metallic connections of tantalum ... more in detail 2005
Pervov Nikolay Valerievich
Dissertation proposal: Poliehtilentereftalatnye track membranes with the set form of pores and metal sample materials on their basis ... more in detail 2006
Obraztcov Vladimir Vasilevich
Dissertation topics: Reception aljuminevyh coagulants from a waste of the machine-building enterprises ... more in detail
Serdan Anhel Anhelevich
New dissertation idias: Reception of amorphous fine-grained silicon dioxide from natural hydrothermal solutions ... more in detail 2008
Solovev Evgeniy Alekseevich
Dissertation idias: Reception of hydrogen and nanovoloknistogo carbon selective catalytic pyrolysis of easy hydrocarbons ... more in detail 2008
Buy CHong Han
Dissertation example: Reception of high-octane automobile benzines with the depressed maintenance of aromatic hydrocarbons ... more in detail 2008
Agilar Kaseres Kristobal
Doctoral dissertation: Reception digidrofosfata potassium a conversion method ... more in detail 2004
Lyhin Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: Reception of dimethyl aether from synthesis gas on the basis of methanol production ... more in detail 2008
Sagdeeva Elvira Gilfanovna
Dissertation sample: Reception of dynamic thermoelastoplastics on a basis butadien-nitrilnyh rubbers and polyolefins with use of the modified carbon ... more in detail 2003
Fedorov Maksim Borisovich
Dissertation thesis: Reception and research of fibrous and film materials on a basis poligidroksibutirata ... more in detail 2009
Rumyntceva Ekaterina Vycheslavovna
Phd dissertation: Reception and research of granulouse sorbents on a basis hitozana ... more in detail 2008
Kazakov YUriy Mihaylovich
Dissertation proposal: Reception and research of dynamic thermoelastoplastics on a basis shinnogo devulkanizata/SKI-3/Polypropylene ... more in detail 2002
Muhina Olga YUrevna
Dissertation topics: Reception and research of properties of the activated carbon fibrous materials with a various cellular structure ... more in detail 2003
Parashuk Viktor Viktorovich
New dissertation idias: Reception and research of properties polymeric nanofiltratcionnyh membranes for division of organic ... more in detail 2008
Skurihin Aleksandr Arkadevich
Dissertation idias: environments Reception and research of electrochemical behaviour of the acidifyed metals acidifyed and thermoexpanded black leads modified by metals ... more in detail 2008
Tubolkin Aleksandr Evgenevich
Dissertation example: Reception and modifying of thin polymeric compositions in rotorno-pulsatsionnyh devices in a mode of self-oscillations ... more in detail 2006
Streltcov Stanislav Gennadevich
Doctoral dissertation: Reception and application of catalytic membranes of dehydrogenation of propyl hydride ... more in detail 2007
Kutergin Andrey Sergeevich
Dissertation abstracts: Reception and properties of granulouse sorbents on the basis of natural aljumosilikatov ... more in detail 2007
Krushevskiy Georgiy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: Reception and properties of electro-insulating varnishes for enamel lining of wires ... more in detail 2008
Popova Olga Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: Reception of intermetallic systems Al-Fe - (Ni, Co) by means of a contact exchange ... more in detail 2008
SHashkina Galina Alekseevna
Phd dissertation: Reception covering calcium-phosphatic a microarc method. Structure and properties of a biocomposite on the basis of the titan about calcium-phosphatic coverings ... more in detail 2006
CHapskay Anastasiy YUrevna
Dissertation proposal: Reception of ceramic pigments on a basis shpinelej a method of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis ... more in detail 2007
Bondar Lidiy Arsenofeevna
Dissertation topics: Reception of a coagulant of the raised basicity for water treatment ... more in detail
Hegay Lyudmila
New dissertation idias: Reception of coke from shiht on the basis of coals of the Karaganda basin ... more in detail

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